Notes on being a supersoldier (From a friend)

I don’t know what it’s like to be you. You feel it’s some kind of exciting to meet someone like me. Nominally, I understand that. Formally, I don’t know what to think.
For the past 15 years, I have been experiencing memory flashbacks of specifically military type.
This memory path began abruptly while I was attending U.C. Berkeley. Out of nowhere, I started to have flashbacks of firing semi-automatic weapons at airborne targets. I also had memories of operating in low-gravity environments.
The waking memories of said operations were so persistent that I mentioned them to my ex-wife. I have mentioned them to my current wife as well. This is past history.
Since the inception, the waking memories of military action have continued without interruption. For weeks, I regather handgun training, and then knife training, and then hand-to-hand fighting. It is constantly changing.
During moments of reflection, I recall methods of combat that ‘no one’ ever taught me. I sense a ruthlessness non-commensurate with my public attitude.
Keep in mind this has been happening for at least 15 years.
Not only recently, but especially recently, I wake up with inexplicable injuries. As I write this, I have a bruised nose, a cut under my left eye, and a mostly-healed gash on my right scapula.
With these injuries, there is never any blood on my hands or in my bed. The gash on my shoulder blade, for instance, was nearly three inches long and (in terms of scabs) bloody enough to suggest violent contact. How did that happen as I slept? I did not open my skin with my fingernails as I slept. It has healed rapidly.
I wake up to injuries, contusions that appear to be two weeks old, sore muscles consistent with intense exercise, cuts and gouges, even black eyes, that have appeared while I slept.
And, there is the rest of it all: temporal displacement, lost time, memory loss, multi-dimensional location, shared bodies, and so on.
I have to tell you that James Rink is only about 60% reliable. I don’t blame him.
He is right on this point: the technologies being used are advanced.
I should get to sleep.

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