NOTES ON URANTIA: Mourning for What Could Have Been

master_universe_map_by_antifan_real       It is with great regret and disappointment that I write this.  Still, the arrival of this book into my hands comes to me as a sign, as a notice of what my heart truly is searching for.  Answers!  But I still believe the Bible, and the book of Urantia and The Bible have Somewhat Against Each Other.  Truly the Word of God wins again!
I’m listening to the “Evolution” section of the papers – in the Early 60’s.  These papers describe Adam and Eve (Adam is called by a different name) and thus far I find no mention of sin, or the Garden of Eden, or anything.  Just a simple answer to please the scientific mind:  Adam and Eve were the first humans to evolve from the apelike status of their predecessors.
Sorry, buddy, I’m not buying it!  And even if it were true, it basically poo-poos tons of the integral meat of the deep Theology of the Bible, namely:  SIN.  Where is SIN?  It doesn’t seem to exist here.  No Sin, No Reason for Jesus to die for us, hence their alleged Poo-poo-ing of The BLood of Jesus.
I had a lot of hope for The Urantia Cult.  I thought it was a Cool Cult, and actually, I still do.  I find in it many other interesting things to think about, which hardly anyone else had ever said.
I am asking God to show me more about Space and about His Kingdom out there, and how He organizes it, and everything.  So really this book came at a very interesting time in my spiritual life.   However, I won’t be putting much stock in it.  it will be an interesting study, much like watching Starwars or Startrek (Gotta watch those again!)
However, I am pleased to hear about what their followers say, and the way that they emphasize a Relationship with God, and the fact that they aren’t’ accepted amongst New Agers, as they are too “Christian.”  So maybe there is more to them than meets the eye.  The typical Cult Debunker will throw everything in the trash bin,  but I am willing to accept them as maybe, JEhovah’s Witnesses or Mormans.  Heck I believe some pretty crazy stuff too so I better not be too judgmental!  But I am going to stick with the Bible as my foundation.
And the next best thing I’ve found is the MO Letters.  And the next thing after that is whatever hot stuff God shows me – – –  and Jerry Lee The Manifester!!  Hallelujah!  There is much out there to be discovered!  Go and get it!
Here are cool REAL pictures of the universe released by NASA recently.  And don’t forget all the Secret Space stuff our military is involved in that they AREN’T telling ya about!  I will soon write a post about the similarities to the secret Space Programs (Space Command) and the military you see in the game series HALO.
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  1. Hi, You are a real truth-seeker. Good for you! Most people don’t think deeply nor think for themselves. I’ve been reading The Urantia Book for over 30 years and just went to search for the word ‘sin’ in the book by going to:
    Here is the first of many, many paragraphs that discuss sin:
    “2:3.2 How futile to make puerile appeals to such a God to modify his changeless decrees so that we can avoid the just consequences of the operation of his wise natural laws and righteous spiritual mandates! “Be not deceived; God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.” True, even in the justice of reaping the harvest of wrongdoing, this divine justice is always tempered with mercy. Infinite wisdom is the eternal arbiter which determines the proportions of justice and mercy which shall be meted out in any given circumstance. The greatest punishment (in reality an inevitable consequence) for wrongdoing and deliberate rebellion against the government of God is loss of existence as an individual subject of that government. The final result of wholehearted sin is annihilation. In the last analysis, such sin-identified individuals have destroyed themselves by becoming wholly unreal through their embrace of iniquity. The factual disappearance of such a creature is, however, always delayed until the ordained order of justice current in that universe has been fully complied with.”
    Also, you say that the book discusses in great detail the life of Adam and Eve and it does. Their names, as described in the book, are Adam and Eve.
    Here is a paragraph about them. Keep in mind that the Bible story says that Cain went over to the land of Nod to take a wife. How did he do that if Adam and Eve were the first beings on the planet? The book does not say that they evolved. They were divine beings that came to uplift our planet. That was not an easy job and because of Satan their mission failed.
    “39:5.4 It should be apparent that, when an Adam and Eve arrive on an evolutionary world, the task of achieving racial harmony and social co-operation among its diverse races is one of considerable proportions. Seldom do these races of different colors and varied natures take kindly to the plan of human brotherhood. These primitive men only come to realize the wisdom of peaceful interassociation as a result of ripened human experience and through the faithful ministry of the seraphic spirits of brotherhood. Without the work of these seraphim the efforts of the Material Sons to harmonize and advance the races of an evolving world would be greatly delayed. And had your Adam adhered to the original plan for the advancement of Urantia, by this time these spirits of brotherhood would have worked unbelievable transformations in the human race. In view of the Adamic default, it is indeed remarkable that these seraphic orders have been able to foster and bring to realization even as much of brotherhood as you now have on Urantia.”
    Good job on staying open minded. Most people cannot do that. Remember, the TRUTH withstands honest examination.

    1. As I am a newcomer I haven’t finished the whole book yet but I do intend to, and the MP3 helps a lot. Believe me, I WANT to believe the Urantia book, and at the very least I can take it and chew on it and at least say “this is the only puzzle piece available for an interstellar history of God and the Angels.” Then, if something that comes along and fits with the Word of God replaces it, so be it, but until then this may be the only one we have! I have seen the Word of God cut through demon’s flesh, and utterly annaihalate all enemies who tried to withstand it. Afterall, ‘The Worlds were framed by the Word of God’ and so when we imbibe that Word into ourselves, we are directly linked to the Creator. Hats off to the Urantia believers who have stated: “our goal is to bring people into closer relationship with God.” Beautiful! I just have alarm bells go off when certain key things like the BLOOD of Jesus are set aside, or kind of poo-pooed, or evolution is all mixed in there, or people say “oh Satan was defeated in 1985!” If I was Satan, I think I might be very happy to make people think I had perished a while back! Thank you for your time, sir. Also, I was curious, was Star Trek based off The Urantia Book in any way?

  2. I am also a Christian; in fact, I am a minister, who happens to be a long time student of The Urantia Book (as are many others in my circle of acquaintance). I can state with considerable certainty that I have not found either of your discoveries in this blog to be true in my study of The Urantia Book.
    I’ve never found anything MORE thorough and clear in its discussion of SIN than does The Urantia Book. It goes into greater depth and breadth of scholarship on the topic than I’ve found in even the most expansive studies on this topic by other of my favorite Christian Theologians. This book is (as you mention) far more Christian in this aspect than are most or any “New Age” philosophies. SIN, EVIL and INIQUITY are more clearly dissected in these papers than anywhere else I’ve ever found. I also find the New Age religious ideas to be far more antagonistic to my Christian beliefs than was the Urantia Book. In fact, after reading the Urantia Book’s description of the Lucifer Rebellion and especially the Lucifer Manifesto, and the fallout of this ‘war in the heavens’, it seems quite clear to me what is and isn’t SIN in the eyes of God, or how these issues are far more clarified in Jesus’ teachings. I also found Jesus’ ideas about the nature of God and the real nature of FAITH far more thoroughly discussed in the Life and Teachings of Jesus, as described in Part IV of The Urantia Book, especially if you check out the First and Second Teaching Tour papers. These teachings are totally supportive of the Jesus I knew already from my childhood, my Christian upbringing, and confirmation and seminarian studies. It helped me greatly not only in understanding but also clarifying biblical teachings on the issues of SIN, Mercy, Love, the atonement and especially the resurrection, Pentecost and the ascension of our Lord.
    Secondly, I don’t know where you got the idea that Adam (or Adam and Eve) are given different names in The Urantia Book? They are most definitely referred to as Adam and Eve and are discussed in great length there. In fact, for most Christians, or at least several of my friends, the Adam and Eve papers are some of the most inspiring & emotionally appealing of the historical references coordinating Biblical references with Urantia Book teachings.
    It has been my experience that this book far exceeded my expectations to bring clarification to not only my Christian beliefs but also my appreciation for the Bible. It actually brought my Bible to life for me. I now feel far more secure in my appreciation of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and Jesus and his teachings than I did following my experience in seminary (which often brought up more questions than it could answer – and I’m not alone in that experience). One of the challenges, for serious minded Christian Scholars, occurs when we came up against conflicting teachings about the nature of God found in both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible. How do we synthesize these concepts with the ever expanding knowledge we are gaining of the universe and the many other scientific discoveries of our researchers? I’ve been greatly influenced by the work of scientists like Francis Collins (author of “The Language of God” and his research on the Human Genome Project). Science and religion only conflict when we take fundamentalist views of either – the secular materialist, atheist scientist or the fundamentalist ideas that ‘entire’ Bible (even some of the more obviously primitive sections which can’t help but be repulsive to all deep thinking, truly God knowing, sensitive, Jesus followers) must be the inerrant word of God believing Christians. If you study the history of Christianity, the Bible only had the dramatic influence on the majority of believers following the Lutheran rebellion and the influence of Gutenberg. Christianity has evolved and grown with the Bible, but much of it has developed quite separately from the Bible;
    1. Some direction has been instituted by teachers, philosophers or writers in a particular era or place of evangelism (like St. Francis of Asisi)
    2. Whereas some changes were more conspiratorially designed to support those in power at the time in Rome
    3. When the church has been falling behind in numbers or competing with new ideas, change or compromise has sometimes occurred in order to sustain a viable population of believers in a new culture (like the introduction of Christianity in South America by the Spaniards)
    Most Christian Scholars have also been mightily influenced by the discovery of the “Dead Sea Scrolls” during the first few decades of the last century, but these discoveries have taken a long time to filter down to the laity of Christianity. Now rather than causing me to doubt the authentic historical references in the Bible, I find the Bible to be one of the most significant and historically amazing documents in the world.
    Also, and even more importantly, how do we synthesize some of these teachings with the growing experience of the personal relationship with God that we gain as we grow as believers over our lifetime? As clergy we often find working in the kingdom, full time, that we grow far ahead of the teachings we were given in seminary, but have few tools with which to share or speak about these experiences with our parishioners. When we talk amongst ourselves, with other clergy, we find we have these challenges in common. These issues are often the cause of much dissension within the ranks of the administration and clergy of the diverse denominations of Christianity and often end up causing many clergy to leave the church…not because of a lack of belief or faith, but because our faith has outgrown the constricting barriers placed on us by the more staid doctrines of our faith. The ideas in The Urantia Book that TRUTH is living, fluid and expanding, is far more consistent with the experience we gain by living lives dedicated to Christian ministry; far more consistent with the God we come to know and depend upon in our ministry. The Jesus described in Part Four of The Urantia Book is the same Jesus I had come to know and love, and who inspired me to dedicate my life to his service. When I met him again throughout the pages of “the Life and Teachings of Jesus” I recognized him immediately as the Lord of my salvation and faith. The only other Christian folks in my experience, who have been really turned off by The Urantia Book, are those who only gave it a cursory glance or superficial exploration, without actually reading it seriously from cover to cover. So many of their opinions, often reported on various websites, don’t strike me with a great deal of credibility, as they are often tainted by the prejudice of pre-existing expectations, other blogger’s cursory reviews, or criticisms by intentional detractors, rather than by the experience of a full and thorough study of the papers themselves. I personally find the Urantia Book predictions about the future of Christianity to be very relevant, having far reaching implications on the future of humanity. As it says on the last page of the book, 196:3.30 “Be not discouraged; human evolution is still in progress, and the revelation of God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not fail.”

  3. Greetings! My thanks for your whole-hearted replies and thoughts. I am a newcomer to the Urantia and I think you will be pleased to know that it has been confirmed in my own personal spiritual life with signs following, which I find to be rather alarming considering the rather bizzarre nature of the Book, but perhaps I am in need of humbling in this area and I will take time to study your explanations on the topic and make sure of what I believe on this.
    I am coming from a rather non-orthodox (in the popular usage of the word, not G.K. Chesterton’s) Christian background and so I should be more open minded. Thank you for being quick to find the latest on what is discussed on Urantia. I wish people in the family International were this defendant of the beliefs of Moses David. I will reply again in further detail soon, but alas I must wake up in 5 hours to work a long day tomorrow. Bless you!

  4. Dear Mr. Salars, again thank you for taking the time to explain your faith and share with me how this book has changed your life. It’s amazing to have not even known about this book a week ago, and then find people who are so passionate about their belief! I think we are very alike in many ways, as I feel the same way about my faith in God and the Bible and the other revelations I have been priviledged to find. I certainly hope I can include the Urantia revelations among those! I recieved earlier today: “Test the Spirits,” and “EVERY spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God.” I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to you guys and why I cannot say, but many of the things I have been shown align very interestingly with what you guys have! For instance, the Melchizedek system, and just an overall interstellar history of God’s Works.
    Also having to live in a constant state of spiritual warfare and the pressure of the darkness of this world, I think it’s important to know if the weapon you’re using actually works or not. If demons cower and flee at the words of Urantia then I’m interested! I’ve certainly seen God’s Word, both new revelations and old, cut devils up and chew them up and spit em out! And those revelations include what I have learned through the MO LETTERS (see The Family International) about the Keys of the Kingdom! Not to mention other new revelations, like that of working in close cooperation with our spirit helpers and angels. I want to use the New Weapons, and my only complaint is that they’ve stopped publishing any more new things. This has forced me to start searching around, and that is how I came upon the Urantia Book, as well as some other prophets and seers, such as Jerry Lee The Manifester (actually if you are still searching, too, and love the Urantia book I would definately suggest reading him!~)
    Thank you for your corrections and I would appreciate any checks in the future as I will write any more findings and thoughts on Urantia in the coming days, as I continue on my study through the book! I will focus on my curiousity of wanting to uncover more truth, and not some churchy blind religious spirit of finding fault with each jot and tittle! Blessings!
    Michael Basham


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