Off Planet Dream with Robot AIs!

This morning I had a conversation with a sister about how wonderful it would be to be engaging the Spirit Realm in full and making use of our spiritual weaponry to serve the Lord.  So often it’s easy to lose sight of our destiny and what we’re capable of during our day to day life surrounded by the present darkness and just overall problems and inconveniences.  What if we could open ourselves up to God to where He could just take us somewhere to work for Him?  I know there are many practical things we can do daily such as praying, meditating and reading the Word as well as getting prophecies, but after we do all we can, the rest is in His court.   Below is a little dream I had this morning followed by my prayer and prophecy.  Assuming there could actually be off planet colonisation programs going on, who is to say we aren’t allowed to be sent on Spiritual journeys to complete certain missions and tasks for our Lord above?   Some of the dream was so cinematic I almost felt I was in a movie, but afterwards when rereading the dream I felt there was a lot of significance to the events.   Finally this afternoon my daughter and I played a new Japanese game about a robot AI girl that needs your help to complete a mission, so perhaps there was more to this than I thought!


I was documenting a journey to an alien planet, making a youtube video about it.   We first saw great waves and nature and this sea and then in the distance, a great city.   I was demonstrating to everyone how everything on other worlds is still somewhat similar to our world, as there are only so many variations of life possible, so there are basic rules and laws that everything tends to follow.

So anyway there we were and there was a whole bunch of people standing on the edge of this shopping center area (somehow everything got colonised pretty fast) and we were standing looking out at the water and out at the distant city.   I remember some of my friends and family were with me, and K was around somewhere.  Suddenly the waves started coming from the water really heavy and some people got caught in them, dragged under water.  I was almost helpless to escape but at last grabbed to the edge of the walkway and held on inch by inch till I got up high enough.   When the waves stopped I jumped back in the water to see if anyone had survived, and unfortunately no one had.  I joined the rest of the people above with K and we walked through the department store, and I cried my eyes out in private so K wouldn’t see. 

Later we were in this big group of researchers who had arrived to . . . well, research and there was both the presence of AI and these extremely dangerous alien beings.   I was given a briefcase that had a female AI inside who was very sentient and wanted to talk and share with me.  I was told it was an older version of the AI robot and yet she was still very very advanced.  I was hoping to use her to do some interviews and kind of pick her brain on things. We had our own separate hotel rooms in this facility and then there was a main dining hall and there were research rooms.   The research rooms had many various kinds of robots sitting there, one was named Rachel.  The head guy was introducing me to many of the different ones they had there, and I wasn’t exactly sure why we were here. 

Then at one point I was trying to explain to the AI I was interacting with all the things it should do to “be human” and quoted the “Be Human” song from Yoko Kanno.

Then we started to experience danger with some people getting killed off by the typical aliens from the Ridley Scott movies.   The rest of the dream all felt extremely dangerous and the head researcher wanted to give me the latest AI mainframe but it was on this laptop that he had.   So then while he was putting it in a small room setting it up suddenly he was killed by an alien from above, after feeling its drool spatter on his head.   The problem I had was then I could not safely get to the laptop without the danger of being eaten by the alien.  So the rest of the dream I was looking for a weapon with which to defend myself, and noticing that the doors were extremely flimsy it was just a joke trying to protect myself without one.  I found this tiny pocket sized macbook and was looking for the settings to turn on “laser” as if they had a gun function inside.  Then I woke up.


Prayer and Prophecy (P+P):

<me> Lord I thank You for this new day, with which to serve you.  It’s a different world we’re in, and there are of course dangers everywhere but there is also love everywhere.  Lord I commit our house and family to You.   I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on You and You are the one who has the plan.   I know You have a plan and are forging us into a new creation  . . .   Just don’t let me miss a beat.  Keep your angels around us and keep showing us new things you’re creating and doing so we don’t lose a vision.  We can’t make it without You Lord!  In you we have peace and not confusion.   If there are robots and aliens and all this stuff then help us to subdue all of it in Your name, and to overtake everything the Enemy is trying to do!

<Jesus> If you are game I can take you into these other worlds to indeed overtake the Enemy and to show you great and mighty things which you know not.

<Me> I release my own way and forsake it.   Help me to live in Your Word alone, to obtain the riches of the Kingdom rather than the temporary stuff down here.

<Jesus> Just come with me, don’t worry about what ‘you have to do’ down below.  There are so many things to embrace that are above.   There is such a grand spectrum of hugeness and beauty you have yet to discover, and sometimes dreams are a portal.   In the world you have the sense of fear and danger but in My presence is fulness of joy.  You just need to maintain your constant position in My presence and know My love for you, and my plans for you which are not evil and not to give you sadness but my complete joy.   You will experience much much more as you open yourself to Me in totality.  Increase in My joy and increase in the knowledge of Me in every place, as a fragrance that needs to extend outward and go to new places, especially as you are meeting those who are in desperate situations.   All the words of My Father and of My own are for you to know unending love and boundless affection from above.   You have so much more to gain and will never be poor if you refuse to let anything come between us to confuse your heart.   There are so many more channels awaiting you in the Spirit Realm and your weapons are more than capable enough of destroying all the Enemy is trying to plant in you by way of fear or any such thing.

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  1. Reblogged this on Gitardood’s Weblog and commented:
    I agree with Mike! Yahshua teach me how to let go of my way to allow you to take me places I’m not open to going at present, that I too may learn how to overtake the Enemy, Heylel ben Shahar, and his forces, and so You can show me great and mighty things I know not now

    1. Finally found this comment! Thank you for reblogging and the message — It’s amazing but it looks like all the words of the prophets are coming true! When we travel in the Spirit we really do engage an ancient foe who hates our guts and I know it can have a massive effect. Bless you today, brother!


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