Only those who walk by faith alone will be able to continue on in the days of action

With man—that is‚ with your limited strength and ability—there are impossibilities, but when you fully realize your need for Me and you let Me take full control and work as only I can, then all is possible. When you reach the point of letting go of yourself, even though it’s completely contrary to your natural mind, then I can bless you and reward you for that demonstration of trust in Me. Then‚ even though it seems hopeless and you feel weaker and slower and dumber than ever, you still believe that in spite of all that, I will come through for you. The more you reach the point of recognizing your own weakness, the more you know you need Me; and the more you know you need Me, the more you call out to Me and depend on Me. As your need and dependence on Me grows, so does My power within you grow‚ until you reach the point where My Spirit and power rests fully upon you. Then you truly become a new creature in Me‚ one who defies all the odds and can do the impossible!
10. Sit up and take note, My dear ones. Continue on in faith, believing. You can have the confidence that this is the state I want you to be in—feeling you can’t do it‚ feeling in­capable, feeling too weak to continue. Now that you’ve acknowledged you feel so weak, so incapable‚ that you don’t have it in you, that you know nothing, yet you call out to Me, this is when and where we make progress. This is My cue. This is when My Spirit can rest upon you. It’s not until you get to this place that truly great things begin to happen. This is a great thing, because when My Spirit rests upon you, there are no impossibilities to you.
11. Yes, you can’t do it. Be thankful you can’t, for if you could, you would only be able to go so far. But because you can’t, there’s no limit to what you can do‚ because I will have to work through you. I will have to take over. There’s no other option. I will have to come into you, possess you, work within you—and this is when things really start clicking. This is terrific! It’s a wonderful place to be. I know that the thought of being weak and the feelings you experience when you’re sorely tested go against the ­human grain—yet if you didn’t experience these feelings, you would never come to know what it is to walk by faith alone and not by sight.
12. Only those who walk by faith alone will be able to continue on in the days of action. You’ve heard Me say this so many times. You’ve heard David say the familiar verse “Walk by faith and not by sight” over and over. Now you will come to fully realize what this means. So walk on solely by faith and faith alone. Praise Me and thank Me that this is all you can do! You can only walk by faith, but because of this, you receive the greater blessings and the greater rewards. Because of this, I can accomplish My greatest work in you and through you. (End of message from Jesus.)
13. (Mama:) It’s always a little mind-boggling when the Lord explains so clearly how He gains such great strides of progress from our weakness. That concept is so contrary to our natural way of thinking. Man’s nature is to want to be strong, and through that strength, to push forward. But in the message we just read, the Lord is telling us that when we’re feeling weak, helpless, and we know we can’t do anything, that’s when miracles start to happen!
14. I want to draw your attention to a very important excerpt of the above message. Our Lover said: “I’m bringing you to the place of full faith—that place where you continue to try when you don’t feel like trying; when you keep walking forward even though you feel like collapsing; when you refuse to quit even though you don’t have an ounce of strength left in you; when you praise Me with your last breath. This is the place where each of you must be in order for Me to do the impossible through you in this new era of action. When you get to this state where you truly know and accept that without Me you can do nothing, then I am able to come in and take over, and this is when the imposs­ible becomes possible.”
15. So if you’ve been feeling like He described—like you can hardly keep trying, like you’re about to collapse, that you don’t have an ounce of strength left—then that’s just perfect‚ because that’s right where you need to be! He doesn’t want you to stay in that state; He’s going to move you beyond that point because then you’re sufficiently out of the way so that He can dwell within you to the point that there are no impossibilities for you!

32. I have chosen each of you. You are handpicked by Me‚ and I now call you to rise above that which threatens to hold you back. Those of you who have made the choice to follow, I ordain to lead My people in these Last Days. I have given you a new anointing, and now as you take the steps to walk in it, I wish to increase your faith so that you may stand as a testimony to the world that all things are poss­ible with Me. This is why I speak to you at this time about the “impossible” trap, for to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Take note.
33. Never before has the world seen a time like now. Never before has it been so imperative that My called-out ones guard themselves from falling into this pit. Never before has it been so urgent to rise above the impossible. You must not waver, nor give way, nor fall into this trap of Satan. Stick close to Me; I will show you how to steer clear of this hazardous device.

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