Our New Rain Soul Store!

I was greatly honored to speak with Margie Rysner earlier today about this miraculous health tool.  Introducing our new Rain Soul Seed drink store:
Learn about Seed Science “God’s Food:”

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  1. It was a bout 3 yrs ago that I first changed my lifestyle and eating habits to co operate with Father YHVH in the care and maintenance of health. I’m still making adjustments as I learn about more ways to do that. I added Paul Beatty’s advice (from lifesavingfatsteam.com) about 3 yr ago after hearing him speak. Thus I eliminated (as much as possible – amap) sugar -the #1 fuel for cancer, I eliminated (amap) processed carbs – the more processed the worse they are, I returned to cooking with saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, lard, – altho olive oil, peanut oil or grapeseed oil will do in a pinch, and finally added proper ratio of EFA (essential fatty acids) to daily regimen – 1000 mg of pure unadulterated cod liver oil omega 3 , and 3000 mg of Efamol omega 6. Lately I’ve added Kangen water – the machine which generates it is considered a medical device in Japan.

    1. Wow brother thanks for sharing this and for putting me in touch with your sister — I believe we should be doing everything we can to get healthy, it’s definitely a big part of the overall war we are in and bringing Heaven down to Earth — releasing miracles and following His laws as best as possible. You are extremely knowledgable on this and I think it’s good we also get you on a broadcast soon so we can cover this among many other topics!

      1. sounds good – using which method? I know since I talked to you via laptop FB messenger that its camera and mic work….let’s see google hangouts? skype (I”ve never used it yet but added seerfax)? FB messenger? I don’t think google has ported Duo to windows yet but could be wrong+


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