P + P (Prayer and Prophecy) First time in a while. . .

Praise You Lord, I need to get back into the habit, I’ve been overdoing it on the flesh side, and not spending as much time as I used to meditating and getting “Word Time” as we used to call it.
Open up the Heavens to me, open Your Mind to me, and rather open my mind to Your Mind.  Be my Overmind, Lord, let me be absorbed into all your thoughts and let them pervade over me, as I know they are real and true, and in becoming a part of You I truly find out who I am.
I know the Enemy fears this so greatly, and doesn’t want me to do this, for others might learn how to do it too.  Others are already doing it, and moving mountains, Lord.  Although I haven’t heard of a mountain being cast in the sea yet, I know I will.  I want to be there when it all happens, and when it all comes down.  I want to be there when you show yourself in full.
“Forever, Lord, your Word is established in Heaven.”  And the very “Heavens declare the Glory of God!”
So why am I so concerned with the things of this world?  Lord I know I am way too concerned with them.  Help me to make my life concern You and what You are doing, first and foremost.  You are so excellent and the things You do and cause your servants to do end up changing the whole world.  I know that and I am coming to you, laying everything else down.  I know I’m doing it somewhat publicly here now, too, I just want to make this available.   Still, You can show me if you’d rather keep our times private.  It seems now there is no longer any privacy and at least this way others who want an intimate walk with you too can benefit.
<Jesus> I am here for you always, and you are in the position of having made the declaration of your relationship to Me as My bride, and thus have I given you access to My Courts and My Presence.  This is not a small position but a great one, but always remember that when you decide to be My Bride in this case you are definitely also deciding to be a servant to all.  It’s a thankless job and you will never receive recognition for it in this life, and that’s part of the romance of it all.  Seek Me in the secret place, and seek what you can do for others also in secret, not trumpeting your giving to any.
For I am doing a new thing throughout all the Earth, and My Forces are being mobilized, and you are starting to see the very lines drawn between countries change.  Indeed there will come a time when America is no longer in the picture as far as international politics are concerned.   China will indeed have its way with Taiwan for a time, but then will come a time of My outpouring and cleansing power of My Word and Spirit, and there will be a great unity between My Bride on both Straits.  It’s not going to be a matter of countries anymore but all hell will break loose and its going to be those who wish for freedom and to uphold a righteous standard and those who are giving themselves entirely to darkness.  There will be a war, a very great and terrible war and only those who are close to Me are going to find any solace in this time.  Therefore, come close to Me that you may both comfort yourself and be a comfort to others – for otherwise who can stand that terrible day?  I am with you to uphold you, just include Me in all that you do and wherever you go.  Things are going to happen just exactly as the prophets have said, therefore lay aside all else that would keep you from Me and from walking in unity, and you will be secure.
<me> Lord I commit my way to You, and I don’t know what is to come here but I trust You, and I knwo You have a plan.  Help me to believe all that you have already showed me so I do not lose the vision.  I know You have such a beautiful plan for this planet and you want us to learn Your ways before we go off into space
<Jesus> There is so much already out there for you to discover, both in My Heavenly realm and in the battlefield, if you would only have faith in that which I have already shown you, and do not be carried away with the cares of this world.  I will give you the grace to succeed in all the ventures you are engaged in right now, and you need not fear.  Just walk in My Word and let it permeate your life.  I will give you a special grace to recieve Me at all times, not just when you are listening to it or reading it.   You can find a solace in the presence of My angels who are with you at all times, and if you will call their names their power will be magnified as well.  Remember that you are My Bride and I do love it when you spend time with Me intimately in the bed of love.   Also remember that you are engaged in all kinds of cosmic warfare that would make any movie or comic look silly.  There is more to come, and you will wish you had given it more of your attention when it does finally become unveiled.

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