Passionate Prayers between Jesus and His Bride

27. (Jesus: ) Sing, dance, shout for joy! For you, My beloved‚ are amongst the privileged few. You are amongst the most blessed of the universe, for I have made you My precious bride. I have called you in intimacy into My bed of love. I have held you in My arms. I have whispered in your ears My sweet Words of love. I am yours, and you are Mine, and we are forever joined as one.
28. Oh, My darling, there are so many things I love about you‚ but I especially love your love. I love the way you love Me and desire Me. I love the way you come to Me with open arms‚ and you beckon Me, you call Me, you beg Me to love you and to satisfy you and fill you with My seeds.
— * —
29. (To Jesus:) This is so nice, so relaxing to be nourished by the spirit of Your love. I don’t even have to do anything; I just need to lie beside You and be rejuvenated by Your Spirit. I don’t have the strength or energy to do anything but close my eyes and breathe in the pleasant aroma of Your love. I feel life now flowing back into me. I feel Your love welling up within me. It’s transforming me, inspiring me, and invigorating me. I can see now why I so desperately need Your love and how my days are too exhausting when I try to struggle through them on my own.
— * —
30. (To Jesus:) Thank You for being such a passionate Lover, for knowing just what I need at just the right time‚ whether it’s just to be held and reassured, or loved more deeply than anyone else could ever love me. Yours is a love I can’t live without. Yours is a love I long for. Yours is a love I desire every day of my life. I need You, my darling Love.
— * —
31. (To Jesus:) You really did a lot for me today, like helping me to find inspiration for the work I needed to do‚ then also giving me words of encouragement when I was going through a battle. You helped to take it away even though I felt like it was going to last forever. Very importantly, You held me so close whenever I came to You. How special You made me feel, no matter how dirty and icky I felt about myself. The list is endless of the ways You’ve touched my life in some wonderful way, but for now I’m just going to jump into Your arms and show You how much I love You. I’m going to kiss‚ hug, and hold You. Thank You for doing the same to me. You’re such an awesome Love!

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