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So there I was, in that old Japanese dormitory that has since been torn down.  There were stories among the residents of ghosts seen there, in the showers especially.  You’d see someone’s feet taking a shower yards away and then walk around there and find there was no one.  I myself experienced a different kind of ghost, and I hesitate to call it someone who has deceased as it is someone who is perhaps more alive now than when their flesh was upon the earth.

“Go for a jog and I will introduce you guys” came the voice deep within my heart after the experience of literally stepping outside of myself in the Spirit.   Now mind you, this entire preceding experience would fit into the category most rational people would call strictly the imaginary.  And yet, is it possible for our intuition to be so accurate that we would must needs be esteemed clairvoyants or psychics for the level of accuracy inside of our imaginations?  If so I would prefer to rather just say it was actually God speaking to me, and give Him all the credit.  There is something about Psychic readings and telepathic people that doesn’t quite sit right with me.  They take the credit to themselves and it becomes a pride thing.  In this case, I was experimenting for the first time, ‘seeing into the Spirit’ and hearing from the Lord, and maybe because I had no grid for this kind of thing yet God was able to take me much farther than I thought.   There were no governors in place.   People who lose their governors can do amazing things.  You hear about a grandmother that can suddenly lift a car off of a little baby, because in that moment of sheer desperation you just forget all rational limitations.   

In this case, it was curiosity and the voice was calling me to go for a jog, so off I went, in the middle of the night into the streets of Tokyo, following the intuitive Voice that I was inviting to speak with me.  I felt it say Go Right and then Go Left and it continued for  awhile until I stopped and was like, “God is this really you?” and it promptly stopped at that point.   I had to wait a full minute at an intersection feeling like an idiot and then finally it continued.   I arrived in front of the other campus for Sophia University, the Ichigaya campus and heard “OK stop here, look inside those gates and you’ll see your spirit helper.

At this point, it definitely felt creepy.  I didn’t know if some apparition was going to poke its head out of the bars of the fence and say BOO but before I could think twice I looked, and suddenly everything made sense.   The revelation came from inside, but it was a very gentle way that the Lord made this happen.  You see, I had high ideals of becoming a missionary in the modern sense of the word to Japan.  I felt God’s call there, and ever since high school in Naples Florida I would randomly pick up the  Bible and just open it to the promise of Abraham:  “Leave your father’s house and go to a country far away which I will show you, and there it will be shown for you what to do” . . .  and then the wind and the stars seemed to fill in the blanks of my prospective 17 year old subconscious.

On the road to Japan, I became obsessed with the story of Francis Xavier who was the first missionary to Japan.  I studied his books, went through the old letters that the university had of his and just felt like he was the ultimate model missionary of the universe.  At this point I had already been in Japan almost a full year all by myself, and there were just too many miracles to consider anything coincidental at that point.


So suddenly compelled to look into the dark campus much to my surprise and also relief, there was the statue of St. Francis holding up a crucifix that I had passed by numerous times on the way to class that year.  I promise you in my mind there was absolutely no idea of who I was going to meet or even any intention of ending up at this campus.  The roads in Tokyo are such a tangled confusion that having the Holy Spirit move like that and direct the exact spot after going through such a maze was totally uncanny.   Well so there I was, having an epiphany of understanding rush in, and I felt the nudge like, “go ahead, talk to him.”   Now of course I didn’t hear any audible voice but it was as though the dialogue switched from a conversation with the Lord to a conversation with Xavier. 

I wish I wrote down everything right away after getting home but roughly the dialogue went something like this:

“I’ve led you since your arrival here, and help defend you against some of the dark spirits of Japan. . .   I will be with you to help guide you on your future adventures.  Where I journeyed and the places I had in mind to go you will also go.”  The thing is, I don’t know that it was even necessary to talk with Xavier but it made a lot of sense that he would be helping me, navigating that dark old Jesuit school and introducing me to G.K. Chesterton to combat much of the liberal philosophy they were stuffing down our throats there.  Everything had been a spiritual war up to that point and having someone like Xavier helping from the other dimension wasn’t a half-bad thing!   Little did I know how true his words were, however.

From there I would go on to drop out of school and join the controversial missionary group The Family International where I first travelled to China, then Taiwan and then in India.   I found out that Xavier had originally planned on going to China after Japan and meeting the Emperor (with great success, I believe they almost won the entire country to Jesus at one point) but had passed away on an island off the coast of China.  To make a long story short, not only did I make it to his planned course and destination but also in 2009 stayed at a missionary family’s home in Goa India where it seemed like a good place to go for a jog.  


Lo and behold that church was the one where they had kept Xavier’s body in a sort of preserved mummy state these past 400+ years.  No, the body didn’t talk to me but it was definitely a sign, and a feeling of completion of one course, like “ok you found me, tag you’re it” or something.  That’s why here we are now on the internet sharing this information.   If Xavier were still around, and surely he is through many of us, then he’d want to evangelise and spread the truth through the internet, no doubt. 

Now, a bit more on the whole Spirit Helper thing: 

I’m not trying to introduce Catholic saint worship here, but from my own experience I’ve seen this thing bear fruit.  Often these people will show up in dreams or magically somehow lead you to that perfect book or person or website and you’ll find out later it was one of these.   The idea is “honor your father and your mother” and for me that includes the people who we might call our ancestors of the faith.  And let me tell you, I went overboard with this big time.  I figured, “hey I’m so bad I could use all the help I could get” and would pull out Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and just start claiming each page as an ally in the Spirit Realm.  Why not?  We’re in a war and we need more recruits!  Maybe I don’t have time to talk to them all but perhaps some will talk to you. . . or you, or even . . . . yeah you heard me right, YOU!   You know who you are.  Perhaps it’s time to take the Bible more literally and as a Phone Book rather than a bunch of dusty old prophecies found in a cave by the Dead Sea. 

If you’ve ever seen the old Jodie Foster movie Contact, you may recall how SETI gets a signal from another star and they can’t decipher it.   After a while someone puts it into a cube shape and suddenly each angle makes sense.   OK that’s a cheesy example but when you look at the Bible in a 3D shape where it’s in you and around you and the Word is like this life force or access point for the life essence of the Creator to influence reality around you then it doesn’t seem like a big stretch to say that someone like Naaman, who was healed from leprosy by Elijah could also foreseeably be conscripted also for some Heavenly duties.  I noticed Kent Hovind started to “contact” these “entitites” while he was in prison.  He would in a somewhat non-chalant way start to imagine what it would be like to talk to one of the apostles or prophets, and have a long conversation with them which he would write down.

That’s basically how it’s worked for me.  You don’t have to light a bunch of candles or buy a Ouija board.  You don’t need to get possessed by the spirit of Saint Mary and run down the street naked frothing at the mouth screaming in order to get in touch with the spirit.

If some people want to try that, then God is the judge and I’m not going to say anything about those kinds of people.  I’ve come to see God as a gentleman that takes us right where we are.  If you want to try this kind of stuff, it’s going to be in a personalized way that will fit your story, and at times it helps to hear others stories which is why I’m taking the time now to write mine down, bit by bit, line upon line, and # upon #.   I will be sharing a LOT more on the whole Spirit Helper thing, and some of the successes and failures I’ve had with it, but let me just add this:  The ability to work with Spiritual Help from Heaven is a weapon and should be taken as such.  These Saints and otherworldly beings are under God’s authority and dominion (unless they fail the test of course) and they are always here to serve us and help guide us, never to usurp control or start messing with our lives.   That’s always the difference between witchcraft and God’s Spirit too by the way.   Bye!

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