Praise and Prayer and German Tanks!
We call for the help of Michael the Archangel, our mighty defender, and the armies of Heaven to be released on our behalf to fight the Enemy and defeat his plans, and delay him as long as possible from bringing any serious persecution against Your brides, Your children. We call for the Wildcats of Heaven to spring into action and scatter the Enemy’s forces, disrupt him, and cause destruction and confusion in his camp.
42. We know that there is no greater power on Earth or in Heaven than the keys, and we call on them and activate them in full faith, knowing that they will work mighty miracles on our behalf. I call on the key of containment to tie up, bind, restrain and silence those who would wish to harm Your brides. I call on the key of protection‚ that Your children will be safe from the threats of the Evil One. I call on the key of witness, that through any persecution the Gospel will be preached clearly and loudly, so much so that the Enemy will regret he ever mounted an attack against us, because all it succeeded in doing was rescuing more souls from his clutches‚ exposing his lies, and bringing more of Your sheep to a decision for You! Give us boldness and faith and wisdom. Send William Gladstone to help us in defending the faith and having wisdom in our speech.
Let Me inspire your channels with My Words and My thoughts and the things that I desire to hear from My children, and I will pour forth in great abundance and great variety. I long to teach My children how to praise Me from their hearts so that they might find greater joy and greater intimacy with Me.
34. I want them to see that they don’t have to be eloquent or sophisticated. I desire not that they speak to Me as if I am so far away. I don’t want them to feel that they have to weigh their words and be so careful, but I want them to see that they can speak their praise to Me in their own words, in their own language‚ and in a way that will mean the most to them. I long to give many examples so that they may see many ways to praise Me‚ so that they will be set free to praise and praise and praise to their heart’s content!
35. I long to free My children in every way! I long to give them freedom to love Me! I long to give My children such liberty, if they could just receive it and see it and believe it! So give them these praise prayers, these praise prophecies, these praise messages, these declarations, these pledges‚ these words of love to Me. Give and hold not back, for My children long to praise Me, but they need to be set free! They need an example. As you, My queen, have given them other examples of things to say in their love words or their words of consideration‚ so give them examples of words of praise‚ and from these examples they will grow and grow. They will find greater freedom, greater communication with Me‚ and greater anointing.
36. As your children learn to praise Me with more intimacy, with more freedom, with more frequency‚ so will they learn to communicate with Me more naturally. They will become more accustomed to constantly looking to Me, seeking My advice, seeking My words of instruction and thanking Me for their many blessings. This is all part of bringing your children into greater communication with Me. I want them to learn to love Me, to hear My voice, and to praise Me. So the more examples you can give, the better, for examples make the way plain and easy. Examples make the doorknob lower‚ so My children will be more willing to reach out and to open the door and to enter into the new world of the new day—a world of greater freedom, greater anointing, and greater communication with Me.
37. All of this works together, don’t you see?—Loving Me more, hearing from Me more, and praising Me more. All of this works together to bring your children into a closer walk with Me, these My lovely, lovely children of David! How I long for them to have a closer walk with Me! They are willing, they are desirous of this closer walk. It is their heart’s desire. It is their daily prayer, but they need instruction and guidance and an example. So freely give! Let your channels open their praise valves and I will abundantly pour forth words of praise, songs of praise, poems of praise, pictures of praise! There will be something for everybody!
38. Praise is so important! Praise is precious! Praise is valuable! Praise is the way of the Kingdom! Praise is the opposite of the way of the world. The Devil brings his people into bondage through fear and worry and contention and bitterness and murmuring. But I long to bring My children into freedom through praise and thanksgiving! So help them to open their eyes to their many, many blessings by helping them to articulate their praise, and this will bring Me such joy!
39. I find great pleasure in the praise of My children. Just as you find great pleasure in the compliments and praise of your lover‚ so do I find great joy in the praise of My Bride. As you praise Me for My blessings, for My supply, for My protection, for My words of love, for My guidance and instruction, so will I open the windows of Heaven and pour forth all these things in greater abundance!
40. Give My children the examples, the illustrations‚ and I will teach all My children to praise as never before! My people shall be known as a people of praise, prophets of praise. They will be a whirlwind of praise, beautiful and powerful in My sight! So think not that this is a small thing‚ for it is a great and powerful thing! This whirlwind of praise shall sweep the Earth, and in its wake will be showers of blessings! It will be a testimony to all who look upon My prophets of praise, that I honor and reward those who come to Me with praise and honor and glory. (End of prophecy.)

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