Praise God, Man!


My Beloved, how I love Thee,
Thou art more than life to me.
My Beloved, how I praise Thee,
As I lift my soul to Thee!
My Beloved, in adoration,
I sing praises unto Thee.
My Beloved, I’m so unworthy,
Yet Thou hast chosen me.

How I love Thee, my Beloved,
My Lord, my Spouse, my King,
Lead and guide me in every way now,
Of Thy glories I do sing.
My Beloved, I will seek Thee,
My Lord, my all in all!
My Beloved, how I want Thee,
To Thee I yield my all.

My Beloved, I kneel before Thee,
In humble serenity.
I am at Thy beck and call now,
Thou art more than life to me!
My Beloved, how I need Thee,
I lay my head upon Thy breast.
How I need Thy arms around me,
In Thee I will take my rest.

(To Jesus with Love 1)

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