Praise the Lord Especially When You Don't Feel Like It

When you don’t feel like it
56. (Jesus:) I understand that there are times when you don’t feel very praiseful and thankful. There are times when you’re hurting or discouraged, when you’re sad or overwhelmed‚ and the last thing you feel like doing at those times is praising Me. It’s natural to have highs and lows in your emotions—that’s the way I made you.
57. But you must also remember that the Enemy tries to capitalize on those emotions and exaggerate them and get you to act on them when it would be in his favor. For example, when you don’t feel like praising Me, he’ll exaggerate those feelings and try all sorts of things to keep you from praising, because he knows that if you were to start, it would mean your victory and his end! Or when you do feel praiseful, he’ll use your pride to hold you back; he’ll remind you about what people might think, or how it might seem pretty uncool to praise Me right then, and he’s probably often successful in his attempts to keep you from praising Me!
58. So while I understand that it’s totally natural and human for you to many times not feel at all like praising Me, I still expect you to do it, and it’s not hypocritical. In those cases it’s simply obedience‚ and obedience brings on My blessings. Even if your praises don’t feel like they’re coming from your heart, because your heart is so sad or battling so much, if you’ll simply start, you’ll soon have real praises in your heart, and little by little the light will come back in and My Spirit will take over. (End of message.)

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