Prayer for a Departed Gentleman for Salvation

Can a person be saved after departing this life?  I’m a shoot-first, ask questions later type guy and based off the Bible, it’s obvious God doesn’t want anybody to perish.  He came down to destroy the works of the Devil, the last of which is death.   Please shoot up a prayer for my dear friend, Bertha’s grandpa who just passed away that he will know the Lord and enter in to his Heavenly habitation!
Bertha who is studying art in south Taiwan has a strong relationship with her family and is going through a dark time, please pray their whole family can be filled with the light and love of our Dear Heavenly Savior!

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  1. Of course there is salvation in the spirit World. I had an experience with my dad being saved after he passed anayansi.

  2. God’s power is infinite, death and time have a completely different perspective for him . He can save a person in any dimension and the universe is so vast that there exist dimensions that humans are not aware of. The key to coping with death is to call the Spirit of the departed in, to affirm their existence. I had to cope with the suicide of my soulmate and actually defied and challenged God on a clifftop – but I always knew I was on safe ground because he knew what I was saying to Him. It was like a favourite son criticising a much loved parent who loved them in return. In return I got a lesson that death does not exist if you accept the soul’s immortality, regarding death as an absolute quite frankly leads to unrewarding depression and grief that is founded on so called ‘concrete’ assumptions.


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