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(Jesus speaking:) You ask Me how your prayers get used and what they accomplish when things work out differently than the specific thing you were praying for. I give you a picture of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. As they went into the fiery furnace they didn’t know the outcome, but they were praying I would protect and keep them. But what did they say? “But if not… .” But if not, they were willing to die trusting Me.
60. Such should be the attitude of those who pray for something specific, whether I answer their prayer or not. When they pray‚ they don’t know the final outcome, and if the answer isn’t what they expected, often it’s a great test of faith. Because of their love for Me and their faith in Me, I take those prayers, and when the testing comes I pray for them that their faith fails not. For when My children are faced with such situations in their lives, it is often a crisis of faith for them. It’s a time when the Enemy tries to sift them as wheat. So I take that fervency with which they have prayed and I pray for them.
61. It’s a time when My children must decide if they will follow and believe Me though everything around them points that they shouldn’t. There may not be any “logical” explanation. There may be every indication that I should have answered as they prayed, that I was going to answer as they prayed. They must choose to stand in the midst of seeming defeat and say, “But if not, I will trust Him.”
62. This is the great victory. This is the ultimate gift of love and faith in Me. This is what makes soldiers out of mere men and women. This is when My children take steps into the world of the spirit and embrace the “strange truths” of that which they cannot see.
63. Not one prayer, one promise‚ one moment of desperation in seeking Me is wasted. Not one. For with what measure you mete, it is measured unto you again, pressed down, and running over. Those who have been so tested in this manner—and all My children will be at one time or another—when you arrive in Heaven, you will see that I Myself have interceded on your behalf.
64. As I prayed for Peter, My apostle, so I pray for those who are tested in such a manner‚ and after they are converted they are able to strengthen their brethren as never before. For they can testify to others that we walk by faith and not by sight—that it is faith in the Word that never fails. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but never will My Word pass away.
65. Often when My children are tested in such a manner with prayers that are not answered as they expected‚ depending on the intensity of their prayers, their faith can be sorely tested. Even those who think themselves strong in faith have been buffeted, some even wounded seriously and shaken to the foundation of their faith. It is then that I pray that they will not become totally discouraged and give place to ­despair and allow the Enemy to win by giving up.
66. I pray for their faith in My Word, that though all around them looks contrary to what it should be and it looks like I have forsaken them, the truth is that I have not. What I am doing is demonstrating a practical lesson‚ sometimes learned through tears and heartache, that faith is the victory—the victory that overcomes the world.
67. You are in the world, but not of the world. Your faith is going to be tested more and more as the days of darkness come upon you. You will need to be able to walk by faith and not by sight. You may go through experiences that will appear to you as defeat, but in reality are part of My plan and will bring about victory in the end.
68. So it is with your prayers—they don’t fail. My Word does not fail. Forever it is settled in Heaven. But you must remember that your thoughts and ways are not My thoughts and ways. As the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My thoughts and My ways. You will never be able to fully understand or explain Me. That is a mystery of our love for one another. But you will be glad that you trusted Me. You can be assured that all things will work together for good to you who love Me and whom I have called according to My purpose. You can be assured of that because you have the sure word of prophecy and My written Word. (End of message from Jesus.)

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