Prayer Request for Stephen Lee Nepal Missions

Tomorrow morning, August 30, we will take to the “highways and byways” of Nepal with the sole intent of winning souls, praying and healing those we meet.
It is  a bold move of the Holy Spirit since the Government is clamping down on  Christian missionary activities in the country.
But after praying, we felt it was best to take the fight to the streets , by going outside of Kathmandu and see how God leads us.
We need prayer, as I am mentoring two of the young men who are coming with me. We will travel by motorcycle.
The prayer requests are as follows.
1. Safety and protection as the roads here in Nepal are not well paved or well let and often have holes or not asphalt at all!
2. We are wise as serpents and harmless and doves. Be to be bold and loving. But know when to speak and to be quiet.
3. For wisdom of the Holy Spirit, in how I can help further train these two precious men who are willing to learn as well sacrifice their time and efforts to go with me.
4. For manifestation of miracles and people’s hearts to be open. That those that are with me with be further strengthen by seeing God work and that they will grow  spiritually.
God bless and have a wonderful day Smiley

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        1. no way you’re the 3rd one to say “let’s ride in the Spirit” . . . CONFIRMATION! BTW have been reviewing your prayer sessions with the Lord, they’re incredible! We gotta publish those at some point!

          1. Haha! Just heard Papa say, I am setting you up for the ride of your life. You are about to get right down into the middle of it and although your physical body isn’t there we are going right along for the ride cause we have a job to do to prepare the way.
            Yes, I would love to do that…have to talk privately about that.

          2. whew, amen amen! Listening to Johnny on Iron Show Live, and they’re discussing the next 7 years as this is their 7th anniversary. We’re riding in the Spirit already and lots is happening on the Spiritual Warfare front!


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