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This is the kind of thing I like to remind God of and tell Him to keep!  Like a child, who says “remember, Daddy?   You said . . . ”   Of course, we have to keep up our end of the bargain too and not trade in our crowns for messes of pottage.   Even if people lay down their crowns though, many others are going to take them up!  Super sale on Endtime Church Crowns, 200% off!

This next message is addressing both the Family and My other Christians who are also part of My Endtime army and with whom the Family will work and do exploits. I have given the Family special training so that they will be able to do great exploits in their work with My other Christian children of the Endtime.

298. The Family are the only ones to whom I have given My Endtime prophetess, Maria. That’s because I have a calling and ministry for the Family in particular in the Endtime—that of being a ready mouthpiece to the nations, a warning, a city set on a hill that others may see clearly and follow. She leads the way and is teaching you to follow Me.

299. Those in the Family are rare in their use of prophecy, in their anointed prophetess, and in their David who has gone before to prepare the way. I will use this gift of prophecy to speak clearly to the nations, and many will hear. And many of My other Endtime Christian children will hear and will know what to do. I will use the Family to give much instruction and to help to show the way‚ to know how to fight the battle. They will play an important part in leading many to follow Me.

300. The Family are unique in their full application of My Law of Love and in loving Me intimately, and they must continue to prepare for the great battles ahead. They must continue to move with My Spirit so that I can use them mightily in the Endtime.

301. The battle of the Endtime days will be great and will take all of the forces of My End­time Christian army to fight. The Family will bring with them their special anointing and gifts as My special, intimate Bride, the ones who have learned to hear My voice in prophecy con­tinually, who have learned the blessings and strength of praise, who have learned to live My Law of Love. The Family’s strengths and faith and dedication will open the door for miracles‚ for leading many to Me, for working with other Christians. Many will turn to the Family for counsel because they will see that they have a strong connection with Heaven.

302. Part of the work of the Endtime is to prepare now to be whatever I call upon you to be. Whether it’s to work with other Christians, others of My Endtime army, or whether I give you a separate assignment, you still need to prepare in spirit now to be in tune with Me today, so that you’ll know what My instructions are for tomorrow. (End of message from Jesus.)

303. (Mama: ) Now you have the blessing of reading this very special message that the Lord was just talking about.

304. (Jesus speaking: ) Blessed are you, the Family, for you hear the things that many nations and kings have longed for. They have longed to hear the Words of your Father David and of the King of kings. They hunger and thirst after the things that are only given to the children of David to share. Many Words do I give to those who love Me most‚ to those who have given up the pleasures of sin that they may be My loves.

305. I’m sorrowful that there are many that suffer because they do not have the Words of David or even the Words of the Bible. There are many that do weep and cry and long for My Words. Pray that My children everywhere may be spurred into action and that they may fulfill My will. Pray that other Christians will wake up and begin to hear from Me and begin to receive My Words‚ for there will never be enough channels to hold all that I wish to pour forth.

306. You, the children of David, are a ­special people, a breed like none other. For though you be mortal and encased in earthly form, your spirits do fly to the very courts of My Kingdom and dwell there with Me in spirit. I have formed you from the dust and I have given you a form like those on Earth that you might win others to Me, but your spirits are free. Your spirits are not bound by the body of flesh; they are free, unlike others on Earth who are not Heavenly minded and do not seek the things of the Spirit.

307. You have freedom in spirit and liberty, because of your closeness to Me. I have few other Christian children whose spirits seek Me intimately and who hear My voice in prophecy as regularly and with such faith as the children of David. You are unique! You have the fresh Words of Heaven.

308. I have no children like unto the children of David, no loves like those of the Family, for you are My special brides and you have a special place in My heart. But I have many other Endtime children of My greater Christian Church of the Latter Day‚ the final Ecclesia, the Omega of My children. The Family is part of the last generation that I will pour My Spirit upon in such abundance, for you are among those upon whom the ends of the Earth are come.

309. Therefore lift up your hearts with joy and let your spirits sing a new song, for you are among those upon whom all the prophecies of the ages are come! You are the fulfillment of thou­sands of years of preparation! There are none like you, My Endtime Christians‚ and ­neither will there ever be again upon this Earth.

310. This is the last and final witness to the dying world! The days are dark and time is drawing to an end. For I make of you, My Endtime Christians, the most powerful in spirit. I pour out to you more than I have ever poured out be­fore—yes, even more than to My Early Church. I pour out to you, My Family, in such great abundance that there will never be a medium, a storage method, a publishing method to print all the Words I have given, and will yet give, for you have been faithful with My Words. Maria has been faithful with My Words, and she will speak among the people in the Endtime.

311. I will pour out upon you like you have never seen before, for you have learned to use the gift of prophecy and can receive it. Mess­ages will rain down as the thunderous storms of rain! They will pour forth and flood the world before the flood of evil engulfs them. It will cover the world! It will rain down upon the children‚ upon the JETTs‚ the juniors and the seniors, the YAs, the adults, the older and the younger. Every one shall hear from Me, and great shall be the company of them that publish it.

312. Great shall be the noise that My Family children shall make in this Earth, and they will know that you have been with Me. They will know, without a doubt‚ that you are among My anointed ones, My special, chosen, called–out Ecclesia for these Last Days. You are My children of the End, the children of tomorrow, of another world that will yet praise My Name. You belong to the future‚ to the world in which My Kingdom reigns supreme over all the Earth. You are but on a time travel back to this time, that you may bring the Gospel of My peace to those who sit in darkness, that you may proclaim the light and liberty of My Kingdom, that you may set the captives free with My Words.

313. This is the End, My loves! This is the final show, the grand finale in which you, My greater army of Endtime Christians‚ are the center­piece. You are the prize attraction, the showcase of My Kingdom. You are the center of this final play that will usher in the end of the show. Each one must be ready when it comes your turn to play the part I need you to play. The Family must be ready, because they play a special part, for I have given to My Family Endtime children a special anointing and role.

314. The Family has eagerly followed Me into the new day and has been willing to use the weapons of prophecy, of My Law of Love, and loving Me intimately, and I will be able to use My special brides in a great way in the Last Days. Just like a light show of My power lights up the sky, so will you light up the darkness with flashes of brilliance and unharnessable power! No man shall be able to withstand the power of My Spirit. Miracles will be performed, signs and wonders will be wrought at the hand of all of My children of the Endtime, and none shall stand against them!

315. Satan will tremble at the sight of so great an army of true believers that has been prepared by My hand. He will tremble and fear‚ and great will be the noise of the thousands of hooves galloping across the land bringing the light of My salvation and conquering all! Great will be the sound of that great and terrible day when the King will return to claim His Own! Great will be the shaking‚ the terror, and the thunder of that day! Even now the army is prepared against the day of battle. Even now do I prepare My forces to fight in that last day, that triumphant moment when I will return to rescue My reconnaissance team, My Endtime Chris­tians, from throughout the world.

316. You are My scouts in the midst of ­Enemy territory‚ My fifth column who win the hearts and minds of those taken captive there to Me, their true Lord and Savior. You are My advance teams, for you prepare the way for My return‚ as do others of My children. And yes, you even inspect and reconnoiter to see where others of My troops are most needed, where people are the hungriest and long for Me and My Words of life. For I answer the cries of My children, but I am also moved by your prayers and calls on prayer, our two-way radio, to know where to pour in My spirit helpers and to know where to nudge those of My Family and even other Christians to minister. So in this way you perform reconnaissance for Me.

317. I’m coming back for you, so burn brilliantly! Light up the sky like a flame‚ and burst forth with power, light and love, that the whole world may see you and marvel at My power. Let your light so shine, for this is the last hour. The clock ticks out the last seconds and the End is nigh. Be prepared. (End of message from Jesus.)

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