PROMETHEUS/ALIEN/APOLLO 18: The Truth. . . Weirder than you think!
as soon as the secret Apollo mission videos and photos came out, immediately Transformers 3 was released as “the dark of the moon” followed by a hastily put together, horribly made horror movie called “Apollo 18.”   The true story is way more interesting than either of these movies.  Fallenangelstv (on blogtalkradio) has the full story, free and available to download if you are interested.   Notice also how Ridley Scott made “ALIEN” within a few years of this discovery, back in the late 70’s, along with a very uncannily similar style art to the body which was recovered, allegedly, from the crash site.  See for yourself!  More on this later, but this is an ‘appetizer’ to get people interested in the out-there realities and worldview, and a reminder to get down to brass tacks with the New Weapons which are available to us all!
Not that this is the most important thing, but with the release of the new movie “PROMETHEUS”  I think it’s worth it to review this material.  Get a grip on your SWORD OF THE SPIRIT!

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