Prophecy for the Little Ones Suffering in Iraq

Jesus and Keys
“These are the things you need to keep and watch, watch and pray that yea enter not into temptation the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, My Children,My Children are very precious to Me they suffer and I’m with them in their hour of trial, I’m being crucified with them, and I’m calling to the rest of My children to not slumber in the dark to be diligent to pray for the little ones those that cannot defend themselves, for as much as yea have done unto one of these little ones My brethren yea have done it unto Me. I plead My children around the earth to be sober and vigilant and claim My promises, those that need comfort are the ones that remain, yet the ones that are with Me the beheaded and tortured ones for My testimony, they gave their lives for My Name so they are held in high esteem, and now they are here pleading for the rest for those that carry the pain and the uncertainty of not knowing where to go that you uplift them in prayer”

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