Prophecy from Jesus and a Cathar

(Jesus speaking:) The Cathars’ main testimony to the System of their day was their free love and spirit. They loved each other, they cared for each other, and they loved Me. This was their strength, and they seek to share the special treasure and freedoms they were given with you too. But that doesn’t mean that hearing from Me in prophecy or other things that they didn’t specifically mention that I have shown you are not important or are now less important.
62. Living the Law of Love, which is the main message they are proclaiming, includes all things in the life of a true Christian. The Law of Love is the basic guideline and standard by which each of you should live, and if you do, then you will be fulfilling all the law and the prophets. You will preach the Gospel out of love for lost souls. You will help those in need. You will give love to those who are lonely and destitute. You will hear from Me and confirm My will, so that you are able to perform that which I would have you to do, and so that you hurt no one through unwise or unloving actions. And on the list goes.
63. So you see, My children, the Law of Love covers everything. It does not focus only on sexual sharing or that side of the freedoms you’ve been given. It is all-inclusive, all-encompassing. It presides over all things. So endeavor to live My Law of Love and you will receive tremendous blessings. (End of message from Jesus.)
64. (Cathar speaking:) Thank you for asking us to speak. We have so much to say. We have spoken with your father many times. He listened to us, to our guidance, to our words of love when he was there with you on Earth. He was attuned to our instruction and to our guidance.
65. We helped him to stay dropped out. We helped him in his battles against the church system. We helped him in his discovery of the truth. We helped him in his interpretation of Jesus’ Law of Love. We helped to give him the grace for the many sacrifices that he made when pioneering what you call Flirty Fishing, leading your great Family into such freedom and such light.
66. We were with your Father David from the beginning, instructing him and helping him and giving him courage and strength to stand strong against the status quo; to stay dropped out and revolutionary and radical and extreme; to be the iconoclast that he was!
67. We were helping and observing and supporting and directing and encouraging him, because we knew how important it was that he received the revelation of the Law of Love, and that he stayed strong in his conviction, and that he’d be faithful to pass it on to his children, who he knew would receive it, believe it, act on it and live it.
68. We knew that David’s children would live it as we lived it. We knew that your parents were searching for a life of happiness, freedom and love just as we were. We knew their hearts were soft and tender to Jesus’ voice, and they were willing to give anything that He would require of them so that they could be closer to Him and have more of His love, more of His Spirit, and more of His freedom; so that they could please Him and obey Him. We knew their hearts had this receptive soil to receive these precious seeds of the truth of God.
69. We knew that your Father David would be a faithful caretaker, that he would receive the Words, and that your Queen Maria would faithfully care for them and guard them and protect them and pass them on to the hungry hearts that would cherish them. We knew this precious truth would not be lost with your Father David and with his faithful, loving handmaiden, Maria.
70. So we have been amongst those Heavenly counselors round about you–helping, instructing, encouraging and strengthening. And so do we continue even now in your hour of need. We are at your beck and call, and it is our desire to continue to strengthen the hearts and minds of the children of David–to strength¬en you through our words, through our presence, through our testimony. To encourage you to keep fighting and to keep trusting, to not compromise, to not let down the banner of love, to not let go of the freedom that you have been blessed with from the hand of Jesus. To not lose sight of the precious riches that have been entrusted into your care in the Words of David.
71. For these are the Last Days, and this is the greatest battle! And you, the children of David, must be stronger than ever! You must be purer than ever, in your thoughts and in your hearts and in your desire. You must be more dropped out than ever, hating the System more than ever and loving Jesus more than ever!
72. It is not a time to compromise. It is not a time to take into your hearts and minds and souls the thoughts and ways of the people of the world. It is a time to reject them more than ever–to separate yourselves so that you may stay strong and clean and close to Jesus, because the battles are great and they will be yet greater! There will be demands placed upon you that will be so great and so fierce, that only by staying close to Jesus and strong in the power of David and mighty in the ways of the Word, will you be able to withstand and conquer in the battles that are ahead.
73. So we say to you young people that it is a time to awake out of sleep! To awake out of compromise! To awake out of the lethargy and laziness of spirit, and to take your place among the ranks with your parents, with the faithful ones, with those who have proven themselves and who have been willing, as we were, to lay down their lives for the truth.
74. Don’t you see that your parents have already given their lives for Jesus? They’ve already stood strong against the System. They’ve already been willing to be made of no reputation and to be mocked and scorned because of their great love and their great freedom. Their hearts and their minds are one with us. Though they may weaken in the face of the Enemy’s vicious attacks, still they hold to the commission Jesus has given them, and they have faith and conviction that the calling they have been given is right and pure. Though they become weak, they do not poop out, but hold on to the Lord. When He sees His children weak and still holding on through their weaknesses, He sees soldiers who are becoming strong, waxing valiant in fight, and He is proud of them.
75. And now we proclaim the day of challenge to you young people. Are your hearts and minds one with us? Are you, too, willing to live and die for love? Is love that important to you–freedom to love one another and freedom to love Jesus? Does it mean enough to you that you are willing to die for it? Or are you willing to let the System steal it away little by little until you become blind and numb and you don’t even notice that you have lost the love and freedom that you once had, and the love and freedom that your parents and those who have gone before you were willing to give their lives for?
76. We have helped your Father David and your Queen, Mother Maria. And we have helped your parents in their hour of need. We strengthened them because we knew their hearts’ desire was to believe and to follow and obey and live a life of love, no matter what the cost.
77. And now we are willing to help you. We will help any who call upon us, who need our help, and desire our help. No matter how weak you feel. No matter how incapable and lacking in love, and selfish and tainted and polluted by the System of the world. No matter how bad and sinful you feel. If you will call out to Jesus for strength, if you will forsake your ungodly and wicked ways, you will find strength. We will be amongst your Heavenly counselors who will help you and give you strength that you know not of.
78. We have been in the war room with Jesus and with David, planning the great battles ahead. We know the battles and the choices you will face. We know the dangers and the temptations. But we also know of the great victories that are in store for you and the mighty exploits that you will do if you will only call out to Jesus for strength and power and anointing!–If you will only kneel before Him and yield yourself completely, in mind, body and spirit, and let His Words and the Words of David wash you clean of the contaminants and the pollutants, the dirt and the filth and the evil ways of the System. For they are many, and it is slowly sucking the very life out of some of you–you young warriors who should be the strongest and the most valiant, the most dropped out and the most dedicated and the most in love with Jesus because of the training that you have had, and the wonderful privilege that you have had of reading and feasting on the Words of David.
79. But instead some of you are weak and your lights are dull. Some among you are confused because you have not chosen the ways of David, but you have rejected them, and in rejecting them you have received strong delusion. And now many go about believing a lie, living a lie, weakening day by day. And these who have rejected the truth of the Words of David will not have the strength that they need for the battles ahead.
80. Therefore take heed to these words of warning. Prepare yourselves for the day of battle. Forsake these evil ways, these distractions of the Enemy, these lies of the Evil One, these weaknesses of the flesh, these carnal thoughts, so that you can find strength in Jesus. If you will call upon Him in your hour of need, we and many with us will be there to strengthen, encourage, support and lead and guide you as we did for your Father David, and as we are doing for your Mother Maria and your servant king, Peter.
81. Some of you may see this Law of Love, this freedom of love as a small thing, insignificant in your eyes, but we know how important it is! We know that it is a key in the Endtime events. Therefore this truth and this light must be preserved in all of its purity.
82. It is better that there be a few children of David who are willing to live this truth completely and wholly than many children of David who live it only halfheartedly or not at all. For it is not in the numbers that there is strength, but it is in how each one lives the truth of the Words of Jesus and the Words of David.
83. Your key place in the Endtime is dependent upon your faithfulness and loyalty to the truth. You have been given so much truth, and it is your responsibility to stand strong for that truth–to protect it, to speak it, to live it and to let it be a testimony, even if it costs you your life. For when you receive the truth wholeheartedly you will grow to love it, and then you will know that it is worth it to give your life for the truth, for this precious, precious freedom of love that Jesus has given you in these words of the Law of Love, in these words of your teachers and your faithful shepherd David.
84. As you receive it and as you live it, you will grow to love it, and then you will see how important this is, that this very freedom, this very Law of Love is what makes the children of David what they are. For there are many, yea, multitudes who are willing to love Jesus. There are many who are willing to praise Him and worship Him and even tell others about Him, but there are so few who are willing to live His love to the full and be a testimony of His love and an example of His Law of Love–living love to the full, loving even when it hurts.
85. This is the truth that the Enemy hates the most, and for this reason he is doing everything in his power to destroy it. So take up this truth and eat it and receive it and cherish it in your heart. Do not let the Enemy steal this treasure that has been given unto you from the hand of David and the hand of Maria. For you have been more blessed than any people on the face of the Earth because of this abundant truth. So take it, receive it, cherish it and love it!
86. There will come the day when you will die for this truth, just as we did. But there will also come the day when you will rise again in victory and you will go on to your reward, just as we did! And then you will know that it was worth it, that you made the right choice in living your lives in love.
87. So live in love! Love and live! Love and serve Jesus! And eventually you will die for love, but you will rise again to love forever in His Kingdom of love! (End of message from a Cathar.)

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