Prophecy on the Effects of Prayer

The Ripple Effect
74. (Jesus speaking: ) The depth and height and breadth and width and length of the effect of your prayers will never be fully realized in this life‚ but in the world to come you will see. Then you will be able to see the full measure and results of your prayers. You will be able to see how far your prayers have gone.
75. In that day, when all is revealed, when you join Me in My Heavenly Kingdom and the full impact of your prayers is revealed for all the worlds to see‚ the brilliance and the shine of this great revelation will be too much for your eyes to behold. You’ll be tempted to say, “Lord, I cannot look. The majesty of it is too great for such a little one as I.” But I will lift you up and say‚ “No, My loves—all this glory and splendor is rightfully yours, for this is the fruit of your prayers.”

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