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When you stop and set aside your work and bring each petition before Me, I work in the spirit and bring about the desired results. As you pray, believe and know that My hand reaches out and touches those for whom you pray.

Pray quality prayers–in short, sharp shocks where you can hit the Enemy head-on and release My power to work on your behalf.

It is not how long you pray, but how much you believe. It’s the fervor with which you pray that makes the difference.

In prayer and in supplication you will find the answers and the str ength you need to carry on. As you spend twice the time in prayer, I will do double the miracles on your behalf.

Prayer is one of the great undeveloped weapons of most Christians. Only a few have used it sufficiently, and those who have are those who have become great.

You can have no action without prayer, because prayer is action. Without it you go nowhere, and My hands are tied.

Pray earnestly, faithfully, daily, desperately, vigorously, and know that I will answer each prayer. I will work on your behalf to do that which you cannot do. I will make the mountains melt away before you, one by one.

This work was born in prayer. It started in prayer, it will be conducted in prayer, and it will end with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving for all I have done for you–for every prayer answered and every victory won.

Such are your sweet prayers–they are music to My ears! Such are your fervent petitions–they draw Me and pull Me. They entice Me and move Me to work on yo ur behalf. They capture Me and enrapture Me. I am at your beck and call.

The repercussions of your prayers will be felt around the world, for it is I Who will fight for you. I will intercede on each and every count that you bring to My attention. I build a mighty force field around every person, every situation, every need which you bring before Me. I will conquer all on your behalf, and you will gain much ground.

The Enemy is first defeated and the victories are first won in prayer.

These are vital days, My loves. During these months, as you put landing gear on the era of action, it is imperative that you stand strong in prayer, upholding your king and queen, upholding each other, and upholding your Family worldwide.

As the winter snow is melted by the golden glow of the scorching sun atop the mighty mountain peak, so will the forces of Satan melt away and his loathsome scoundrels be set back on their heels, in shame and disgrace, and you will prosper. I will melt all barriers that lie before you according to the intensity and the fervency with which you pray.

Prayer is your link and hotline to Me. When you pray, the line is activated and gains heat through its use, enabling you to partake of a marvelous gift that I, the God of the universe, have bestowed upon you–Heaven’s help for mortal man. Daily strength, unlimited supply of answers to needy situations, courage for the trials, and the warmth of My love poured out to you in abundance.

If you merel y choose to call upon Me in the hours when you feel the most need and you use not this gift to the full, the benefits will be much more limited. But if instead you open a channel to Me, an uplink, no matter what you’re doing, the strength of our connection will grow and gain new speed, and the downloading of My spiritual rewards will be marvelous.

You can utilize prayer more fervently in your life by tuning in to My wavelength to see if there is a need somewhere in the world, or right in you r own Home. I may bring someone to mind, or cause a situation to remind you of something or someone that desperately needs Me to come through and help them right then. You can turn those thoughts into prayers. While you’re taking public transport, or washing up, or going for a hike, for example, take a minute to tune your thoughts Heavenward and see who I may lay on your heart to bring before My throne.

Prayer is a state of mind. It’s a position of your spirit, a desire of your heart. When y our heart is toward Me, your desire is toward Me and your thoughts are stayed on Me. When you walk in the state of prayer, when you take on a prayerful attitude and spirit and state of mind, your prayer receptivity is heightened, your connection is strong, and we’re able to communicate back and forth with greater potency.

Prayer is the union of your spirit with Mine, and when this happens there is great, great power and great potential. This great potential of prayer is yet a vast, untapped universe. Man has only discovered a small portion of the great and awesome power that lies in prayer–the great power that is possible to unleash when you’re truly strong in prayer and one with My Spirit.

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