Prophetic Dreams and Spirit-Travels!

Some times dreams are obviously missions that we are engaging.  I like how the Lord calls some of these “scoping” or “sniping.”   Don’t ever doubt that the Lord doesn’t use you when you dream!

Dream 1:
I was in a great big hall with a bunch of other Christians and the enemy was lining the walls around an arena where tons and tons of his actors were getting ready to do a satanic ritual.  I went tearing through there in a ninja turtle costume yelling praises to God, upsetting them.  They tried to attack me and stop me but I was too fast.


Dream 2:

I was in China, on a mission to get into the deeepest level of its communist gov.  It was sort of CONTRA style and for a while I saw two guys, fighting their way deeper and deeper in, with guns and everything, but after level 4 (there were 5 levels) the gov caught us, and made a huge announcement that anyone who allowed me in was the highest criminal in the land.  Some seemed to still just ignore me, but when I got the main entrance past a bunch of other offices and areas these soldiers started coming out and doing weird ancient chinese dances and even goofy looking rituals to stop me.  It seemed I was really officially caught, but then they let me go on this big wide open range that was a sort of empty desert area with lots of facilities everywhere, and I was able to drive a motorcycle as well.  I met Joy and the girls, and they told me the news.  I was sort of like an Edward Snowden case for China now as the publicity had gotten really big, and they didnt’ exactly know what to do with me because there were foreign editors writing editorials about my situation and it was becoming a big international issue.  They basically called me the Edward Snowden of China, and I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but that was the situation.

They day before I had dreamt of seeing a big military hanger in Taiwan with new looking jets and weapons, and I was showing a family member saying ‘look see what they have’ and it had a really cool sense to it. Both of these dreams had big hangers, big open lobby areas and sort of like conference or trade show feels, with lots of people coming and going, and the china one had a big office area where I had to try and get through the office workers without being seen or noticed too much.  They seemed to overlook you a lot but then after getting to level 1 it was like, ‘uh uh’ and it was no longer easy to blitz your way in, or at least they tried everything to slow me down.  I wonder if we’re on to something here!  Let’s prayer snipe and infiltrate China!   Yeeeehaaa!

<Jesus> In all these dreams acknowledge me and I will direct your steps.   also do not forget Tony Floyd who also helped to direct you into higher combat zones with me.   Pray for him at this time also, and help uplift his soul.

The Planet X issue is going to increasingly become a big deal.   Why not scope that out as well?  Do not set your heart or mind on this earth, but once again, enter into the spirit realm and walk with Me.   Walk with Me and I will bring you all the other gifts again.  Bring a notebook today and glance at it when you have the chance because I want to start another phoenix quest…  one that will take you farther and deeper into the spirit, now this time with your sisters and brothers too.  Become My bride and allow Me to love you intimately.  Give yourself to Me once again this morning, dlet you life be a testimony of My presence in a human life. There will be no limit as you continue with Me, and I will bless all those around you who are opening to Me.   My whole infrastructure is coming to this planet, and it will operate largely different than this world, but still in some ways follow similar practical patterns of fellowship, togetherness, family, taking care of children, and finally government.   there will be no end to my government, and you will see it increase and even take part in it as I continue to train you along.   In this time you are in a constant state of battle, but you will overcome all through my power.

I DREAMED ALSO of the Arcangel Michael, and I had some kind of tags online that featured a warrior picture of Michael, that was frikin awesome!

<Jesus> Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.  Call forth all the squad to help protect Trump, you have the authority now and the mandate to go after what dark occult forces will resist him.  This case will be settled in Heaven and not on earth.  Call for more, call for more, and open the gates.  Open all the gates wide and you will have no limitation.

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