My Love, I thank You so much that You understand me and You love me. I thank You that even when I don’t know what to say to express my love and thanks to You, You understand and You have compassion and mercy. Your mercy is so great, it is incomprehensible, it is indescribable, and it is renewed for me every morning.
Every day is a new day. You don’t remember my past sins; You don’t remember the things that I’ve done wrong. You make every morning new, every day fresh, so that I can start over again and continue to love You.
I thank You that I don’t have to be worried about what I have done in the past-the times I’ve erred and strayed and haven’t loved You like I should. Thank You that You forgive, and that I can just do my best today and love You with all of my heart. Thank You that You make it so easy for me and that I can simply take it one day at a time. I don’t even have to worry about the whole day; I can take it one minute at a time.
I love You so much, and I want to spend time with You. I want to love You and be with You always.
(To Jesus with Love 2)

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