PTL and pass the ammo

Thank You for another fresh start today. The most important thing I want to do with this day is share it with You. Before I do anything else, I want to sit right here, at Your feet, and listen to what You have to tell me today. If You want to tell me anything, here I am, Lord. You have my undivided attention. If You have any direction, counsel, guidance, words of wisdom–or maybe even some practical tips that could help me to make it through this day–or any of Your sweet Words of love, here I am. I’m listening.
This is my favorite part of each brand-new day, this time in the morning when I can put aside the cares of life to listen to You and find the strength I need to make it through the day. Thank You for this time. I couldn’t make it through the day without it. Just knowing I can wake up and sit here and listen to Your soothing voice is my strength.
Thank You for this blessing. Thank You for this treasured place–my quiet, holy, trusting place, right here at Your feet–where I can give You my full attention. And that’s not all; You give me Your full attention as well. Thank You, precious Jesus, for whispering Your directions for the day in my ear. I love You, Jesus! Thank You for this brand-new day.
(To Jesus with Love 2)

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