My wonderful Wonder Man, I love You so much! Thank You for this glorious day, for the sunshine and the blue skies, and for Your love most of all. Your love makes my heart go pitty-pat. Just to think about You excites me so!
I love the way You’re always smiling at me, Jesus. You always look so happy to see me. You’re so patient, forgiving and kind. You’re so reassuring and encouraging. It proves Your great love for me, because I know I’m bad, yet You don’t treat me that way.
I can hardly wait for Heaven to see what it’s like There, because if I can feel Your sweet tender love in such a real way right now, it must be way beyond this in Heaven!
Thank You, though, that I don’t have to wait till Heaven to know You and feel You and be happy. You give me so much every day. The beauties of Your Spirit fill my life and overflow on every side. You really do renew Your mercies every morning, and my cup is running over with good things. How could anyone be happier, more fulfilled, or more blessed?
I’m like a newlywed who is so in love with her husband. I notice Your every move. I wait for You to come. I want to be around You every moment. I ask You about everything. I talk about You to my friends, and I want to know all about You. I’m so very proud to belong to You–the most wonderful Husband in the whole world. I love You.
(To Jesus with Love 2)

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