Rachel Weeps and Bashers Bash! MP3 and Video

On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love (Jesus) Gave to Me. . .

  1. Douglas Dietrich
  2. Michelle Carmela
  3. Ginny— Brooks!
  4. Praying Medics
  5. Robin Mains
  6. Fringe Christians
  7. and a whole lot of ha-te maaaail!

On the Second Day of Christmas, My True Love (Jesus) Gave to Me. . .

wait how does this song go again?


Anyway listen to our Christmas Bash (MP3) against the Anti-Christ (and let’s not forget the Dear Lovely Laura Solomon who helped produce this show) as we say Yippee-aye-kay-yay Mother F#*er to the Pedophiles who are STILL in high places.  Rachel may be weeping for her children this Christmas (the true story of Christmas was violent beyond belief) but we Bashers will die hard, if we ever die.  Douglas, Michelle, Laura, Ginny, and myself went for a 4 hour marathon in this broadcast.

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