Random and Interesting Dreams


For some reason, I took the covid vaccine. Waited to see if any effects, didn’t see any but thought ‘my goodness this is goign to start changing my dna”

I met PewDiePie. Was in an office meeting room that was kind of dingy. An atheist was asking me something about God and I knelt in front of my chair, saying that in the spirit I always kneel before the Lord but it is also good to order your body to kneel to direct your physical everything in worship to God too.

Somehow this helped and Pewds came up to me after and asked how I knew this or how I knew what to tell him, and we ended up talking for a while, I followed him to the parkinglot sharing with him as an older brother some spiritual tactics, enjoyed talking with him. I was going to leave outside the first floor but ended up walking all teh way to his car as we enjoyed the time but both had lots fo other stuff to get to.

Hung out with a bunch of people including Leonardo dicaptiateo. Titanic had actually just happened. I went to get us some drinks and he asked me to get him a pack of cigarrettes. the store was hard to find, I ended up having to walk far away to another store.

Tyler from NCA had passed, it was dubious circumstances, and I was messaging a bunch of people about this.

THere was a huge shootout in a stripmall, total danger everywhere and thugs, white scrawny thugs with guns shooting and killing everyone they could total tragedy. I took a handgun and took out a bunch of them. the sense of danger was immense and I was amazed I didn’t get shot.

I was in a military camp, and was to play Trump’s role. We were going against the Japanese and when the mission started I realized I was totally out in the open and unarmed, so i went back to my tent or room and got my knife, strapped it to my belt and headed back out. I looked exactly like Trump but it was sort fo a disguise. However after this I was in trouble and had to answer to some kind of court, as they thought I had gone AWAL during the mission. I made some new friends and even met the real Trump. They told me the 5 steps of how they were goign to round up these Japanese enemies and then take them away to camps, and the whole thing ended up being totally non-violent, as the Japanese all complied very peacefully. In the end they understood I was not going against orders but simply did not understand what my role was, also I didn’t want to get shot and be unarmed in the middle of a battle.

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