Reaching out to all those Super Soldiers. . . (James Rink, Michael Prince (aka James Casbolt) ETC.

There are many super soldiers, and many it seems who are being used in these top secret ops involving time travel, teleportation, and black satanic rituals.  Well!  I have some words for those who are hurting my brothers in this generation:  I CALL ON THE KEYS!  (Satan hates that)
[Key Promise 64:3]
I have had multiple dreams in which it was confirmed to me personally the Enemy’s absolute helplessness and terror before the Mighty keys of the Kingdom!  So don’t doubt them.
James Casbolt, or Michael Prince, and James Rink (Super SOldier Talk on Youtube) have reports of some of the most horrific stuff going on underground, and it just breaks your heart to hear them picking up the pieces of their life and still doing their best to fight back, despite it all.  I am praying for them, knowing the power of prayer to help out these guys who are involved in military operations that go out to the spiritual dimensions.
Douglas Dietrich pointed out that a high ranking military commander admitted that all sciences have been covered, but what remains, and what the wars of the future will be fought through is the spiritual technologies, or what most people would call the paranormal.  So that includes aliens, clones, hybrids, shapeshifters, ghosts, angels, demons, heaven, hell, ufo’s, time travel, teleportation, and a lot of other stuff!
For Christians we should be utilizing the weapons of prayer, praise, and loving Jesus above all to combat the enemy!  Call on the Keys, also, for they are the major power for this new era.  Absolutely nothing is impossible to those who call on the Keys, in faith!

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