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I listened to a few broadcasts of this lovely young prophetess named Lenora, full of conviction just going on internet radio, using blogtalkradio (the equivalent of youtube for audio and live radio podcasting)  to put herself out there and answer people’s requests for prophecy LIVE on the air!  Talk about being brave and using the gifts the Lord has given you!
That really challenges me, and if you are a Christian who believes in and/or has this gift, it should challenge you too.  Why not put yourself out there and offer to answer people’s need for personal prophecy?  Maybe its a gift you take for granted, and I have for sure, to a selfish extent.
The strategy of this show is simple: just put out an offer to people to get words from the Lord. . . free!  Of course this was the Family’s initial vision back in the 90’s, if I remember correctly from reading books like Blood and Freedom and other Endtimes novels.  But alas, that mantle has been taken up by another!  However, will YOU take it up again?
Another thing you can do is go on forums and find places where people are looking and requesting free prophecy, but this takes a bit of searching around.  I am going to put up an offer here on this website for free prophecy and if you have the gift or would like a free prophecy, simply state your request!
Do you feel burdened by this life’s cares?  Simply need a Word from God FOR YOU to give you relief?  Then please feel welcome to jot down your request, or even just a simple “I’m listening, Lord” will do.  That’s what Samuel used to do!  And God spoke to him.  I used to do that, when I was a kid.  I’d sit in bed, saying “talk to me Lord” and I half expected to hear a voice.
But then I learned later on that Prophecy is something very deep inside of you that the Lord draws out like pure water from a deep well, and as long as you are open to Him and allow Him to talk through you, He will.  Try also to keep your life clean and free from unconfessed sin, etc., but anyway He’ll talk to you!
key craft grandpa
I like Ian Clayton’s strategy – – – don’t’ wait till your life is cleaned up, just COME TO HEAVEN AND HEAR FROM GOD and HE’LL clean you up!  Life’s so dirty down here on Earth anyway!  He’ll send a Word from His Courts, regardless!
I’d like to put prophecies up here for people so that it is obvious how easy it is to do, and honestly I know myriads of other people who have this gift but just haven’t had much time or energy to promote the fact that they had it.
Jesus is inviting us:  “I’m excited to see what you will do with this gift!”  He says!  Let’s BOLDLY GO FORTH INTO UNCHARTED TERRITORY AND SEE WHAT HE HAS TO GIVE!  It could be anything.  I am a spiritual “meat” eater, and I like it when he shows out-there stuff, but maybe this is a chance to get more into the milk, to share verses or simple encouragement.  Anyway, let us venture forth!!!
God is actually calling to you, for a more intimate relationship with Him.  He has Israel, His people (although they don’t recognise Him yet) but He also wants a Bride.  Is that going to be you?   Don’t worry, we are all going to be His Sons and we are all going to be His Bride, so don’t get caught up in the terminology. . .   the point is, He wants to intimately be close to YOU.  He says, “boldly come to My Throne of Grace!”
flying in heaven
Very simple.  Just know that His Word, the Bible is true, and that nothing that is ever spoken in Prophecy will ever contradict the Bible, and whatever else He has said.  It’s true, and it’s truth, and it’s a rock you can stand on.  But you do need faith!
The goal here is not to draw people to us.  YOU get the gift of prophecy too, that’s the goal.   The Lord is the goal.   Teach a man to fish, rather than give out fish for free.  But the first step is to share of the abundance of what we have so far.  Maybe you have more faith than I do!  Maybe you can start a show!  But for now, regardless of whether I know you or not, if you place a request for a prophecy I will ask the Lord for an answer and post it underneath, unless it’s something private you don’t want here in public.
NOTICE:  This is a blog run by one person, who has gotten rather busy recently, so I am reaching out to other people with the gift of prophecy to help answer the plethora of requests HERE —  Try this site to get free prophecy!

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    1. Hi, My name is Wesley Fraser. I have been walking with the LORD for the last 10 years or so. I am in place right now where i need to hear from the LORD in all areas of my life. specially direction. Please if you could hear from the LORD on my behalf. I am confused as to if i am hearing from GOD or its just me.. Please please please… looking forward to hearing from you soon… GOD Bless.

  1. I am the Lord and I change not, and you can depend on Me. all things in the world change and fluxuate, and your life is on this world in the flesh, so you are forced to experience the trials and death and sufferings on this planet, but if you come up into My presence, you will have peace, freedom from fear, and an understanding that in My Presence there is Fullness of Joy. one day you will be with Me, in My Kingdom to the full (but why not start today, and turn your eyes towards Heaven!) and in that day, we will look back at the tests and trials of the Earth and it will seem like such small things, those tests which brought you closer to Me, and where the Enemy was allowed to buffet you for a time. I tell you that this time is making you more into a Son of Mine. this is the battlefield, where you are learning things you would never have learned if you had not chosen to come to Earth and fight. So fight on, and go through the confusion, but look no longer at the situation but only at Me. In My face you find perfect Sanity, the embodiment of all that is Good, and Perfect Love. Lay aside all else and come to Me.

    1. Hi, Theodorah! I’m sorry I was so late getting back to you, but anyway here’s what I got for you and I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in your life! Let me know how it goes, and if you have anything you want me to pray for. God bless you!
      —- For Theodorah—-
      As the dark storm clouds are churning above your head, and it is raining and very confusing, it’s easy to forget who you are or what you were doing before it all started, but I have put My seal upon you and I have a plan for you, and I have not let go of you throughout this time of storm. In these times you do not have to figure out everything you need to do and make plans for your life, but focus on clinging to Me day after day, not letting go, because I am in control of your life. I have your dreams in my heart and I am not going to throw those away, but I will allow you to go through some refining so that all the dross may be cleared away. When you have had enough, you tell me, “Enough!” And I will make a way of escape for you. But always know that I am purifying you and allowing this for a purpose. It’s still never My will for you to stay where you are and not have a future. Know that I have an expected end, a good plan, a hope for you, and the more you choose to look Me in the eyes rather than these problems and storms, the easier that will come to you. I will make My will and plan clear to you little by little, line upon line, Bible Verse upon Bible Verse, but there will be a lot more than only this. Get ready to see Me move! Miracles are coming, and you need to open yourself up to this possibility. I want to pour in to your life My Kingdom in such abundance you won’t have even room to contain it all! My love will encompass you and provide solace for you, and in turn, you are going to shine so bright that you will be able to attract others to My light, and comfort them with the same comfort which I have given you.

    1. Hey Derrick! Thanks for writing in, I’m honored to be able to take a chance to hear from God for you, and here’s what He’s given me for you
      My precious and dearest child, you are never lost, if you ever feel that way it’s only the enemy whispering those deceits to you. No matter what happens, you are always presented with a choice, in the midst of the battle you are to look at Me and receive My Perfect Peace, for I am the Prince of Peace and not the author of confusion – that’s the Enemy and you know it! As this world becomes darker there will be more times of great anarchy among the children of men, but I would have you come and abide in Me, and abide as a branch in Me, for I have destined you to bring forth great fruit. Reread the part of John’s Gospel where I talk to My disciples at the Last Supper. I was about to die, but look at the peace I was exuding. This is for you.

    1. Hi, Hannah – I am thankful for your message, and wanting to hear from the Lord for your situation. I am newly married and facing many things with my family, and the one thing that has really helped me during the dark and seemingly hopeless times has been the Lord’s Spirit and His Word. I will ask Him for a Word for you!
      My precious love, Hannah – you have gone through so many things since you left the Halls of Heaven, and were by My side. I have never left you, even when you felt I did. I have always been right there by your side just as close – in fact closer – than since when you were in heaven with Me. I have allowed some things in your life to try and to purge and test you, but I also call you to Me to receive absolute and total complete healing, rejuvenation, and abundant joy. I give you this Word: In place of sorrow and heaviness, I will restore a spirit of joy to you. But it is contingent on your endeavoring to praise Me. If you can focus on this weapon of praising me for everything, I will supply back into your lap 100 fold. You will find a spirit of lightness around you as you give everything in your life and recall the blessings also in the form of Praise to Me. I want you to come before Me and praise, no matter how much it hurts and no matter how many things you feel are weighing you down.
      And know this – that I have all your tears recorded in My book, and they are counted before Me and I am looking at your situation and how to resolve many issues, both those with your husband and others. I see your past and I see your future and I smile because I know the good plans I have for your life.
      Of course My Word is the safe zone for you, and I always call you to spend time in My Word and in communion for you, as this is your life saver and this is what will save and preserve your faith through every storm, but now I tell you to focus on this absolutely powerful ability that you have to praise Me. The Enemy is trying to pull you away from Me in all the ways he possibly can, but praise is one of his greatest weaknesses. There is nothing he can do to get you down once you make up your mind to praise. In all this, remember how much I love you and that I will never leave you or forsake you. I am going to see you through each storm.

  2. please send me any words you may get for me and if God has anything to say about my sister thanks also do you have an email address if so what is it?

  3. Hello,
    I’m seeking a word from the Lord, also my prayer request is for the best inventors to locate, contact, and invest in my Partner and i.

  4. hello…could you please send me a personal prophecy to my email address…i would greatly appreciate this sooo much!! Thank you and God bless you forevermore!!

  5. hi pleased mail me my personal prophecy to my email address coz i’m seeking a word from my lord on what’s god’s plan for my life? be blessed thank you!!

  6. Please pray for me- and I am asking The Lord for a word- and many miracles. All of my bills are due and I do not have the money to pay them. I have to find a place to live in less than two weeks- and I do not have the money for that either. I have two kids who depend on me. I am facing being homeless. I am asking The Lord to deliver my marriage from the spirits of divorce- and to deliver my husband from adultery, alcohol…and porn. I am asking God to speak to me. To give me a sign concerning my marriage- I am losing hope and it is making me sick

    1. Dear Rebekah – praying for you and sharing your message with other Christian brethren! Don’t give up, and remember “He won’t allow you to be tempted more than you are able” … you must be a stout soldier for this to happen, but trust me the storm will pass and i will ask the Lord for a miracle and also a prophecy, which I will send to your email if you like, otherwise I can post it here. Bless you dear Rebekah!!

  7. Im in such need of a breakthrough for a much better job and such strong desire for a husband. Prophetically speaking, does 2014 look any better for me than 2013? My God, I want a breakthrough.. .
    Thank you

  8. Hello,
    Thank you for your ministry in the Lord.
    I am wanting to know more about my calling in Christ. I really want to know how to better position myself in His will. If you have any prophetic insights, I would be very appreciative of this.
    God bless,

  9. Hello im in a very dark season in my life and I need specific direction from God, I don’t know whats gonna happen with my marriage future nothing please pray for me, my email is [email protected]

  10. please i need a word of prophecy concerning everything about my life. im soo confused and desperate. pls send it to my email, thank you

  11. Hi?may God bless you for what you are doing am requesting a prophecy coz i feel frustrated because am waiting on the lord to give me instructions but i feel like time is running out.what does God want me to do in terms of my destiny and how to help my family Av also been praying for a job forever.i appreciate you.thankyou u can reach me on [email protected]

  12. am request a prophecy in my life i dont have a job for one year six month and am prayer zambian lotto but i have never won a jackpot prophecy to me and make every thing posible for my life thank you.

    1. Hey sorry you sent this request to the wrong person because i am also requesting a prophecy from the same website…just go back to the website and look for the right address.

  13. Hi …I realy need to know what must I do with my future ….I know God have new doors to open for me ……..

  14. I have some person in mind for marriage. I would like to have a word concerning god’s will. Also about my career.

  15. I don’t know what to do anymore. My marriage is full of problems. I need physical and spiritual healing . I’m too depressed to even socialize. Please help me God i’m hopeless without you!

  16. I desperately need to hear from the Lord about decisions I have to make.
    I love the Lord so much but sometimes I think that in the past I used to have more spiritual gifts than now.
    I need a miracle in my life: spiritually, physically and financially.
    I got so many prophecies in the past (many years ago) that haven’t been fulfilled yet and sometimes I wonder if the Lord changed His mind about me and His call in my life!
    I know that the Lord is Faithful but maybe I hurt His heart!
    Please pray for me!
    P.S-My email- [email protected]

    1. Bless you beloved of god this what the lord says for he has not changed his mind and the reason why your gifts are not exerciseing like they use to is because god says their is an season for everything under the sun and now is not the time for one gift says the lord you have been seeking encourage my child says the lord and be of good cheer for i know the thoughts says the lord his thoughts are of peace joy and an exoected in.
      Be blessed

  17. I need immediate help, I have many problems right now and I don’t know what to do. I need a word from the Lord.
    Thank you!

  18. I am facing discouragement and temptation in my life and have been for a long time. Could I have a Word from God?

  19. My name is phillip and i come seeking a word for the lord i need to hear what the lord has for me im at a cross road in ministry

  20. thank you for considering me for a prophetic word but i am going to seek god for myself because it doesnt take long to hear from the lord and i noticed alot of people on here has not been answered and they are reposting for an answer and god is not an selective god i applaud you for your efforts and what you are doing but i think i will seek god for myself and also seek god for others who are in need that he would speak to them because we are in sometimes where people need the lord and they are reaching out and i know god will hear their cry.thank you

  21. I have been going through intense spiritual warefare for a very long time now. I now need directions and revelations from God to overcome my chronic depressive situation. Please i need someone help now.

  22. I am seeking confirmation for a ministry. I am believing God for a word through you concerning this season and His calling on my life. Thank you.

  23. Hi, pls I need. directions and God’s intervention in my current situation. My whole life is in total destruction. God bless You

  24. Please kindly email me a prophecy with a date when I will get my due money and when I will be at home with my family.Thank you.Tsepo. In the name of Jesus.


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