Resident Evil 6 Illuminati Masonic Icky Exposin' It!!!!

115446-large  sherry_birkin_resident_evil_6_by_softlady-d57cv8b sherry_birkin__resident_evil_6_scene__by_thegallerychronicles-d5icezi      tumblr_matajqDD9U1r4neo2o1_400  resident-evil-6-ada-wong-screenshotsCapcom did a good job with this last Resident Evil game.  I’m always amazed at how much goes into the series, right from the very first game until now. . .   of course I didn’t realise it way back in the late 90’s that these Japanese Video Game artists were actually trying to tell us a very intense truth.   What truth?  The truth that there is a secret network of Elite Families ruling the governments from behind the scenes and having numerous underground bases and high tech research centers where they perform all kinds of heinous crimes involving testing on humans, and satanic ritualistic type stuff.    How much more obvious could it have been?  They spell it out so easily a little child could understand it.  The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and elite European banking families have these kinds of things right underneath their giant ornate mansions.
The movie series gets nowhere near as close to this expose as the games do, but also give you a picture of how a giant high tech company like Umbrella Corporation can do these kinds of things from their massive underground bases.
Resident Evil 6 takes the exposure of the horror that really exists behind the scenes of our system to a new level.  Right in the first scene (with Leon), the president gets infected, and Leon Kennedy yells “Stop, Mr. President!  Don’t get any closer!”  after which he is forced to take him out!  Could this also be symbolic of the way the United States is crumbling and has a ‘walking dead’ leadership?
After this, Ada Wong (the hot Asian Babe) is explaining “We are up against those who REALLY run this country!”   which of course is another blatant reference.  They are really saying, “hey guess what, the Illuminati have already taken over the U.S.!”
The best expose lines really come from Ada Wong, who then combats her clone later on.  The clone tells her in a voice full of pride:
“My plans aren’t failing, they’re THRIVING!  And soon this frail shell of a society will collapse.  After that, do you know what will be left of this world?  Nothing!  Hell will rise, and chaos will reign!  And I will be queen of this new world!”
I think that all these bio terror games and movies are really getting to this climax:  that they are reaching into Hell and bringing demons and hell into our world.
Will you join the STARS team of the Spirit?  Become a Disciple today, and learn to wield the New Weapons of the Spirit against the New (yet ancient) enemies of God!  Let’s gear up for the real war, which is a spiritual war, but which is also gearing up to break out into the physical soon!
Already the war is raging underground, but we will see it’s final unveiling in broad daylight soon enough.  If you are interested in the true history of zombies, you can simply look up Douglas Dietrich and hear him talk on zombies.

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