Run to Me! (Adult Content)

9. (Jesus:) There is always the danger of My New Church falling into the patterns of the Old Church. It’s so easy for it to happen. In fact, it’s the natural course of events for those who don’t fight to remain called out, free, radical, young new
bottles in spirit, and in the habit of stripping off their clothes before Me. If you don’t put forth that spiritual effort and fight, each of you‚ My brides, gradually drift toward becoming like the Old Church in spirit. It’s so easy to cover up and put on the clothes of compromise and pride.
10. That’s why I do so much in each of your lives individually, and in the Family as a whole, to keep you stirred up, to try to motivate you to change, to fight, to see things as I do, to stay flexible and willing to strip off your clothes before Me in spirit, to be wholly Mine.
11. Sometimes these things I do make you uncomfortable, and your natural reaction is to clutch your clothes tighter to your body, rather than letting go and baring yourself before Me. But realize that when you feel that way, if you let your pride and resistance to change and to My Spirit dominate you, you are in very real danger of becoming like the Old Church.
12. These are hot and heavy words. This is the spiritual reality. Last year, the Family wasn’t ready for this message. Too many individuals had made too many “Old Church” decisions. It has taken quite a bit of shaking up and exposure before My brides are ready to hear this passionate and emotional call from Me‚ their Husband, naked and horny for their wild and free loving.
13. But now is the time. The midway point of the renewal is My time to give this call‚ because many of My brides have made great steps for Me; they have changed and grown and are ready to see things in the spirit as I see them.
14. So I now send My call to My wild and free brides, and you who hear it in the spirit will come running. I want you to realize once again how much I love you and long for you; I want to set you free in a way you have not felt for many years. I want you to again realize that I am still your passionate Lover, your free and sexy God. You need to hear My great desire for you—for that deep‚ burning love is the only motivation strong enough to see you through the difficulties of the days ahead. (End of message.)
15. (Mama:) I’m so thankful that we can pass this message on to you now. I’m so thankful that the Family is getting to the point in the spirit where the Lord doesn’t have to tell us to hold back His beautiful, free, sexy words. I’m so thankful that He loves us enough to reveal these spiritual realities and bare His heart before us, His bride. This is a beautiful picture of what the Family of the future will look like in the spirit, as we fight to make the changes the Lord is asking of us, and as we hold on to our crown! This is why He’s asking us to make these changes—because He wants His beautiful, sexy, free bride back!
16. I believe this will give you increased motivation to obey the Lord’s personal counsel to you. It will make you so thankful for the gift of hearing His fresh Words—both through prophecy and through the GNs. It will make you hungry for more, and desperate to obey‚ so that you can become His young, alive, free‚ beautiful bride once again.
17. Before you read this beautiful message, take a little time to praise and love the Lord and get into the spirit. Sing a song together, or listen to a song or two from one of the Loving Jesus tapes. Lift your hands in praise to our Husband and tell Him how much you love Him and want Him. He wants you!
Forever yours and His, naked and desirous of our Husband‚ Mama
18. (Jesus:) I love you! Oh, how I love you‚ My dear brides! How hot and passionately I love you! How I love you now as a new bride, a fresh love, a new and passionate lover. How it pleases Me that you are willing to undergo whatever it takes to regain your place at My side. You have no idea what the sound of your voice has done to My heart. I have leapt up from where I was sitting weeping, I have cast aside My garments, and I have come running to meet you.
19. Oh, My dear one, I will not make you come all the way to Me, no, no, no. I am not as a husband who in pride will wait for his wife to come begging at his feet before he forgives her. My beloved, I run to you. I come running, naked, and I wipe My tears away as I run because of the great joy you have brought Me.
20. I have heard your voice in the garden, searching for Me‚ pleading with Me to search you out, and begging that you might once again come to My side. Oh, My love, the moment I heard your voice I jumped up and I ran in search of you to make it as easy as possible for you to come to My side again. I love you so much, and the pain and emptiness at your distance was gone the moment I heard your voice in My garden of love. The moment you entered our garden and called My name, I jumped up and I said, “Yes, My bride, I am here! Come to Me! Let Me find you! I have forgiven all that was before in My great love for you!”
21. I knew you came with weeping and great pain as you saw that you were not as I would have you to be. I know you humbled yourself, and now I am calling to you to cast aside even more of your garments. You had put on these robes thinking that these were the robes I would like, but now you have heard that I only want you naked.
22. You dressed yourself and beautified yourself in the hope that you would find favor in My sight through these robes. But, My love, you have now found that I only want you naked, that I expect you to strip off even these clothes that are see-through and close to what I want, but are not exactly what I want. You so painstakingly dressed for My pleasure and thought that you were doing a good thing, when in fact you were only covering up the natural beauty I had given you.
23. Now, My love, as I run to you, I have stripped off all that I had on. I stripped off My
royal rank and garment. I stripped off even the beautiful clothes that My Father had given Me. I stripped off everything so that I might feel your naked, warm flesh against Mine. I long for nothing else but to feel your beloved body so closely pressed against Mine. I will be happy with nothing else.
24. So now, My loves, take from you even that which you thought was beautiful. Remove the gaudy
ornament in your hair and let your hair blow wild in the wind! Remove these silky gowns, which only hide the warmth of your body from My skin. Strip off the bra, which keeps your breasts from showing to those around as you run. Take from you also these panties, which form a barrier between your wet pussy and My hard penis. Strip yourself as you run to Me. Strip off all that would come between us so that only our naked flesh might come together. Let nothing come between us, not even these things that are a semblance of beauty. I want none of them. I only want you, naked, warm‚ and soft.
25. My beloved‚ come find Me in our garden. Keep calling and listening for My voice‚ so that we may find one another. Keep running toward Me as you strip away these things that stand between us. Oh, tear away those things, so that only you may remain. For it is not the clothes that I love. It is not the beautiful jewelry that adorns your hair that enhances My desire for you. It is you alone‚ standing before Me naked and bare, that will heighten My love for you.
26. If you want Me in full, then you must strip away all that comes between us. I wish to fuck you so fully with My penis that your body is enraptured by the strength of My body, the touches of My lips‚ the caresses of My hands. I wish, nay‚ I long for your naked body more than words can tell. I am as a lover ravenous with love for the object of his desire. I am as a madman! I would gladly run through the streets naked in search of My love so that I might not be encumbered with anything that could cause delay when I find you.
27. I wish only to touch you and feel all of you. I do not wish to be delayed by the stripping off of clothes. I have no patience; I want you so badly. Who cares if the world sees Me naked? Who cares if they mock and scoff at Me for My love for you? I do not care; I wish only to find you and to fuck you, even in plain view of all who would criticize Me for My wild love for you.
28. Come to Me now, My bride, for My thoughts are only filled with love for you. I am crazy‚ wild, and mad with love! I am drunk with the sound of your voice. I am obsessed with the remembrance of the scent of your body. I am crazed with the memories of our love for each other in the-early days of our passion.
29. I am running to you; don’t be ashamed to run naked to My side. Don’t be ashamed to come without cover-ups to your Lover, craving to be entered by Me. Do not let your passion be covered up by anything, even those things you consider beautiful. Let there be no shame in you at all. Let your wild and naked body run toward Me, free from all that would obstruct and cause any moment of delay before we are united as one flesh.
30. Let your juices run hot for Me, for Mine run hot for you. Let your heart pound out each step that brings you closer to Me. Let your steps be swift and your thoughts be of none other. Let only My loving be in your mind, for then you will run without shame, and you will run swifter than the wind to My side. I desire you above all else‚ I hunger for you above all that is Mine. And I will put on such a display of our passionate love that the world will know I have loved you.
31. There will be no scoffers in that day when I come and am united with My love. They will not laugh at you; they will only be ashamed that they do not love Me as you love Me. They will only be filled with envy at My loving, and they will beg to be loved as I have loved you, and will find it not, for they are not willing to run to Me in such abandon. They are not willing to love Me without any cover-ups. They hide behind their robes of sanctity and fake holiness, when all I want is their naked bodies, warm and wet for Me.
32. Oh, the nations will know of My love for you, for I will fill you with such power and love that they will hear the echoes of your orgasms all through the night! The time of darkness that approaches will be filled with the sounds of your ecstasy as you are loved by Me over and over again, till there is nothing more important than My love deep within you.
33. Run to Me, My love! Although it may seem as if I do not appreciate your efforts to beautify yourself for Me, know that I only want you, and that in the moment when we are united you will be glad that there is nothing that will impede My loving. Such pleasures will be yours, that none—I say none ever upon this Earth, nor in history—will have experienced the ecstasies of My love as you shall feel them!
34. Come, for I am searching for you as a madman and My desire has overcome Me! Come, that I may love you till there is no more time in this world. Let Me love you all through the darkness and into the morning’s light. Let our orgy of passion be revealed before all, and let all hear the sounds of our rapturous lovemaking. For My passion is such that it will not be satisfied by a mere touch or kiss—I must have all of you completely! I must have every fiber of your being! I must ravish you in My intense desire, so that all that is left is our love! So that your head spins with ecstatic feelings of love for Me! So that nothing in this world matters but My penetrating seeds and passionate lovemaking!
35. In that day, there shall be none to disturb our loving. No matter what others say, I will continue our lovemaking. You will know of nothing else that surrounds you‚ and any criticisms will only serve to drive you more powerfully into My thrusts‚ and the reward of each trial will bring greater ecstasy than the one before. Every battle you face will be as a thrust toward Me that will end in such magnificent pleasure that you will not resent or fear the trials; you will embrace them and let Me love you with growing passion till you explode with pleasure and ecstasy at the trials that have brought you even closer into My embrace.
36. Oh yes, My love, the excitement wells up within Me‚ and I am getting closer to you. Even now I can smell the scent of your perfume, and it arouses Me and drives Me forward to find you. Even now I can hear your voice calling to Me, and the passion is unbearable. I am driven! There is nothing else in this world for Me but you. I have nothing of interest anymore. I have dropped everything in My mad quest to find you.
37. Let Me find you and ravish you with My love. Let Me embrace you and fuck you till the sun rises‚ and we will yet be loving. Let the sun’s rays glisten and shine off our naked bodies. Let Me enrapture you with pleasure! Let Me ravish you with My love till the dawn of a new time in which we shall never again be separated, and the night shall never again creep upon us. For in that day there will only be light. There will only be gladness and unity between us‚ and never again shall any separate us from one another.
38. Oh, what a day, what a day! I long for it‚ I look for it. This passionate loving we will share now is the beginning of that day. When My love for you overwhelms you, this will be a telltale sign of the end of this world. For My love for you will cause you to get out the message of My love as never before‚ and so will your mission be complete, and this world will come to an end. My love for you will cause this world to end and a new world to begin. I will love you through the end of this world’s hours and into the dawn and birth of a new day. That morning will find only our love. All who mocked us and persecuted us will be washed away, and only the beautiful sunrise of My Father’s love and Kingdom will greet us.
39. Let Me love you through all that is to come, through the ending of this world and into the next, for that, My love, is My goal—to see you safely home into My Kingdom. All around us will change, but still will our embrace be strong, still will our passion run in our veins, and yet more passion will come to us as each new morning dawns and as the sun shines on us forevermore to strengthen our love for each other forever.
40. You will be My bride forever. Come to Me‚ for My love is crazy for you!

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