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Messages from a dear friend who is helping to bring out the hidden history of the NWO vs. Japan over the years.  Since he’s posting so many important videos recently I’m going to add his channel to this site (until he stops posting!)   Pray for him, and pray for Japan!   His messages are worth the read:
The first thing I will tell you is that I have a history and Political science degree. I have studied history and politics which most people NEVER DO so I look at the whole of any situation. Most people just know what school, TV or lying politicians ( like Obama, Bush and Clinton ) tell them. Don’t worry about offending me I have studied real US history and know how bad the evil rich people in America have done damage to the world. During the early 1900’s America had many military troop in Latin America and by the late 1920’s and early 1930’s the American Gov. start to change its policy and start to give lots of money to Latin American Gov. instead of trying to force them with US troops. Now in dealing with Manchuria the Japanese military did understand that the US was switching its foreign policy towards spending huge amounts of money and buying small countries Governments. So when the Japan Military went into Manchuria the league of Nation pointed to Japan and said Japan you are bad. Japan saw that the US and YES the League of Nation and the US were hypocrites. How did Briton get India, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The US was treating Japan like it is treating Iran today. The US before the WW2 was using China to offset Japan in the region. America used China against Japan to weaken Japan just like in Viet nam. Now America is using Japan to offset China power. I don’t worry about Korea because Korea is just the new West Berlin. If anyone attacks South Korea America can say we are going to war. You are right War is BIG BUSINESS for all the rich. The rich peoples children do not died in these wars only the children of the middle class and poor families. China has many problems but the Chinese Gov. biggest problem is the Chinese people and if they don’t have jobs or food they will attack the Chinese Gov.. America is trying control China and the Chinese economy by controlling world oil ( Oil = Energy = Economy ). The war in Iraq and the aggression towards Russia is all about Oil. After any war America and American big business will be happy with all the money and control they will get. Well I could talk more but this is getting too long. Have a great day. I must tell you that it is nice talking to someone who knows the truth.

Japan had rescued Jewish refugees. Manchuria had rescue for public Ashkenazi Jews. Those actions were the message for U.S. not to fight against the U.S. and to stop the Sino-Japanese war. FDR and American Jews in privileged layer gave their priority to the war to crash Japan. I feel that they needed the Jewish victims for next stage. The history of Japanese rescue for public Jews has been erased. It has been recorded as the achievements of only individual contributions against the Japanese government. It has been recorded that Japan was only evil. 1/2 Thank you for your advice and response. I do not have my website. Actually, I do not like social network by “their” side. Shamefully, I have not enough skill and knowledge about that, and English level too. Despite my situation, the reason why I uploaded all movies in last five months is because I feel that East Asia is in danger now. I am really glad if you share my view after your verification. My movies are all yours. As for Illuminati, Freemasonry, before and during Meiji Restoration, they would have influenced Japan so much. Signing Anglo-Japanese Alliance would be accomplished by Freemasonry During Russo-Japanese war, Motojiro Akashi pushed Russian revolution. He would be also Freemasonry. The Network was in Japan with merit and demerit during WW2, then now. So, accusing only U.S. and China would not be fair. So, I would like to point out one Conspiracy in Japan. Those guess would be rude. Some people doubt Isoroku Yamamoto. He had been in U.S. before. In 1930s, there had already been Controversy about Pacific war between FDR and Yamamoto, throught Hector Charles Bywater, military analyst. Some of Japanese doubt why Yamamoto was only admired. It was the Him that forced the attack on pearl harbor, despite low possibility of success, and despite many objections. His boss, Mitsumasa Yonai seemed to be strange too. Yonai had been in Soviet Union for 2 years. In 1937, Shanghai incident happened, When KMT Commander Zhang, Zhi-zhon, who was also with CPC and Soviet, did sneak terrorist attack against Japanese district in Shanghai, Yonai, the Navy minister, quickly ordered counter attack and expansion of full scale war by his own order without government approval. There was Japanese Marine Corps (Navy), not Army in Shanghai. Japanese Navy started full scale sino-Japanese war. Tactics by the Japanese Navy was terrible in WW2 ※【Book: For That One Day: The Memoirs of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Commander of the Attack on Pearl Harbor Paperback – by Douglas T Shinsato (Author), Tadanori Urabe (Author)】 So, some people doubt that both Yamamoto and Yonai would be Freemasonry too. Japanese Navy model was United Kingdom. FDR was with Stalin. So, Was Yamamoto with FDR? Was Yonai with Stalin? 2/2 Japanese Navy (learned by U.K.) and Japanese Army (learned by Germany) were not good relationship, such as rival companies. and It seemed that Japanese army also had two powers with different thoughts: (ex, coup d’état in Japan, such as 226 incident on Feb 26th in 1936 and Kyūjō incident on Aug 14th in 1945) ※Expanding war for Peace in East Asia ※Prioritizing domestic growth by cease the war and withdraw from Central China In addition, there were false peace activists in Communism who intended Japanese Revolution after being defeated like Russian Revolution by expanding the war against not only China but also the U.S. to make Japan defeated. There were the records that “they” intentionally interfered with peace negotiations with China. Japan is still defeated Nation, so the Network is still alive. Do you know GHQ that controlled Japan for more than 6 years. Do you know WGIP (war guilt information program) by GHQ GHQ had so many communists. Their first plan was to make Japan weaken. U.S. Democratic Party also threw away KMT china in same way. But, after Korean war started, U.S. recognized “RED”, then purged some of communists and made Japan strengthen There was and is something beyond each nation. I am really glad if you share my view after your verification. My movies are all yours.

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