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I think the beginning of Art of War 4 is an important read to anyone who needs to get their prayer habits going.  I have a new vision of prayer:  not just requests and constant asking the Lord for things, but more like our soul’s daily position with God and the substance which allows us to use all the other weapons.  You could almost insert “Communication” into prayer.  Prophecy goes hand in hand with it, praise, and the keys, all of these are prayers.  I would also include spirit helpers and loving the Lord intimately.  Gosh, include SEX into your prayer life and how can you not want to do it more?  This is one of the most controversial but I would also say effective points of the Family’s Theology:  the hook is sex, but the substance is always the Word.  Even for yourself!  So get into the Word, and do whatever it takes!
I was watching HACKERS on youtube the other day, and found the same theme in this Illuminati inspired movie: sex used as a ritual introduction to the Devil’s evil world.  Well, sex is a good thing, and the Lord made it— why can’t we also have it at the gates of intimacy with God?  And the interesting thing with a lot of the stories I’m hearing about insiders in Hollywood and even the government is a kind of introduction to the whole club through sex rituals and especially homosexual ones.
Of course there is nothing goodly in such initiations, but my point is that prayer and praise and prophecy and intimacy with the Lord would all fit with this, if it was done in the direct control of the Holy Spirit and in a beautiful, Heavenly way!  It just goes without saying.  I’m going to come out and say this: the Lord approves of sex, and even sex with Him for those who can believe it and recieve it, and . . . even with your personal angels, if you have the faith for it!  It isn’t the ONLY thing to focus on, but it is a tool, and it can be used towards the Kingdom of Heaven, I kid you not.  Now, of course this is deep stuff and only believable if you have had some kind of indoctrination of the MO Letters, but hey— isn’t it a little added incentive to check them out now?  I think so!
Wow. . . now actually putting this stuff into words feels kind of scary, borderlinely heretical in a lot of ways, and I’m sure it would offend many people (hey, but this IS the “Offensive”)   however I would like to say here that I know or am just one or two acquaintances away from over 10,000 people worldwide who all believe this, accept it, and just go on about their daily lives and business as if nothing was extra ordinary or strange.  And these are very, very, orderly and balanced people who live by faith, and prayer, and all the good old fashioned Christian principals!
So the point is, this doctrine and teaching hasn’t really caused much of a stir among the people I have known to believe it, although their attitude toward sex is much more free as a result.  Also there is the weakness of course of falling into a more worldly crass humored attitude, but for the most part sex exists as a normal part of human life, functioning as a necessary ingredient and not something to be so embarassed or shameful about.  Actually it’s a lot like the Japanese’ view on sex.
All that to say, try not to be too shocked by some of these concepts, and just realise that in day to day life it translates into a very natural course of things, just as the person who is unmarried might think of marriage to be nothing but sex for breakfast lunch and dinner…  but ask any married person and they won’t make a big deal out of these private matters, except to say it isn’t anything like they thought.  But it’s still a good thing!
The spiritual is just as natural as the physical, if not even more so.  It’s just a scary land because so few Christians ever venture out into that territory.  So get your prayer fires burning and see what kind of things the God of Sex has to show you!  And pray!  Pray and pray and pray, it’s not a monotonous act AT ALL.

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