Old and lost mantles are being retrieved, and one of these is that of MOSES DAVID.  Where is The David of the End now in 2012?  And how come so many people keep prophesying “There will be a Moses during the Endtime to lead God’s people through the Tribulation?”
It is possible for Christians to lay aside their gifts and mantles and for them to be captured by the Enemy.  I believe that one of these has been the prophecies given to the Family and the Faith of the Family individuals.  There are scores of prophecies and promises that have been lost, taken into Satan’s trophy rooms and into the mountains, guarded by dragons.  Will you be one of the people who goes in there and retrieves that which was lost?  Don’t wait for other people:  go and grab that treasure yourself!  Get your faith activated and grab it!
One such mantle is absolutely the MO Letters, and faith in the MO Letters.  The Mystery of David – Moses is here, now, about to be revealed.  I have heard from 3 separate sources that DAVID IS GOING TO COME BACK IN THE TIME OF THE END, AND DURING THE MILLENNIUM.   Already now people are starting to ask: “Who is this David of the End?”  Well, if you have the faith for it, he already came, and his children are still all around the Earth, getting into position.  The game is about to begin, and these Children of David are about to be revealed.  i have lived among them for the past 8 years, and I have seen what God puts them through.  I hardly consider myself worthy to be called one of them, because I know that the promises that they have been given are so great.
They themselves now think nothing of themselves, too, as by and large they have hardly been formally educated or blessed by this World’s Systems, having been called out and separated from the World…
Why Shadow Moses David Island?  And how does it rise?  This is a play off the old game, “Metal Gear Solid” in which you infiltrate SHADOW MOSES ISLAND.  Why on earth did they call it that?  This game had a lot of parallels to the family and Family history, and I like to ponder it at times.  This is the day of mountains flying and old things being revived.  I am recovering now from a major spiritual attack after trying out some of Ian Clayton’s “Court Systems of Heaven” and “Going into the Mountains and fighting the Dragons and retrieving the lost Mantles.”   — and what I got was both Activated, TFI people’s spiritual giftings in general and their mantles having been infiltrated and taken over by the Enemy.  So today was a day of victory, when we attacked their stronghold and showed them the written Heavenly Documents of Eviction Notice to that evil demon lord, who promptly left.  Then in the Spirit in Prophecy I got that there was an even more important treasure yet to be unearthed. . .  a mountain with a dragon in it, guarding a very important spiritual treasure – – – that is a mystery to me still, but it’s called MOSES DAVID.   And I take no crediåt to any of this as I was little more than a spectator to what went on:  the place was ransacked, the dragon was killed, and the treasure retrieved — then the whole mountain flew into the sky and changed into a clear crystal glass material.
As I was getting this at a Mister Donuts on the side of a street, there was an old lady whose back was completely bent out of shape collecting trash from people directly in front of me.  The whole time I felt compelled to go and help but others were helping her, and I wanted to finish the vision.
After the victory was recorded, I got to be blessed and walk with her, as she was pushing her cart through this rich, posh Asian neighborhood.  I left for work after 30 minutes, but for that period of time I felt that immediately God had blessed me with a sort of sign — like, “The Original Family Spirit of Serving the Lord is Back”  and “I have work for you” type deal.   So may we boldly go forth into the future, serving the Lord!  It’s only a matter of time before we get ACTIVATED!

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  1. The Lord Jesus doesn’t lie and I believe that the promises given to Father David are going to be fulfilled.


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