Shakeup 2018 Initiated!

Jesus speaking:) On this oath, My faithful __________, receive My promise. I swear to carry, to uphold, to anoint you for this new day. Therefore receive this new anointing from My hand. I grant you this day greater strength, greater conviction, greater dedication, greater wisdom, and greater power. Stand tall, and hold high My banner of truth, righteousness and love. Receive My promise, for I grant you, My faithful one, deliverance from the hands of your enemies that you might serve Me in love and in righteousness all the days of your life.
387. With this oath, let it be known that as you give Me your all, so do I give you My all. “All for One, and One for all.” Let the world hear our pledge. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will always be at your side, for I am the One Who reigns and lives to give you My all. Because you follow and do My will, all that is Mine is yours also–My power, My strength, My life, My love, My Kingdom. This is My promise, My pledge, the holy oath by which I swear to you this day. (End of oath from Jesus.)
(More on the Shakeup 2000! [#3262])

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