Shane Coyles of Prank Call Mafia | Psychology of Channeling | Catching Child Predators + Prank Calls

In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Shane Coyles of Prank Call Mafia as they discuss The Psychology of Channeling, Catching Child Predators, plus Prank Calls at the end! Shane Coyles is a man who wears many hats, from making people laugh with his hilarious prank calls and numerous voices to catfishing “would be” child predators and catching them on camera. During his Facebook Live streams Shane usually brings in thousands of viewers watching his show ranging anywhere from thirty to fifty thousands views after a two-hour stream. Amazingly, Shane is able to switch back and forth between his characters at will creating dialogue between sometimes up to 5 different personas. During the interview I asked him about the back stories of the characters and if that came along with their identities. After a minute of pondering Shane said “yeah, I guess they do”. In the back of his mind he has created back stories for each of the characters most likely ranging from where they went to school, grew up, favorite foods, music etc. This intrigued me so much because I grew up doing characters and making prank calls as well. I also brought up the topic of channeling and how people claim to be able to channel foreign entities or deceased celebrities and the similarities between these two fields are almost seamless. 

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