Sharon Rogles Testimony and Heavenly Visitation: SpiritWars

THE ANCIENT WAYS HAVE RETURNEDED!   How is it we speak with those who led armies of warriors in the past?   Sharon Rogles was and is connected to some of the heavy hitters of Christendom, yet comes out with this very personal and humble talk to start off a saga of talks in the future.  Our dialogue includes Heaven, multiple expansive revelatory life-giving kingdoms under our Lord and God,  and much muuuuuuch more.   I sound giddy because I totally am.  In this virgin broadcast with sister Sharon Rogles, we pick the mind of one of God’s secret generals.   Get ready.    Oh did I forget details??

We don’t have a public website yet, but please pray for Sharon’s “Tribe” called The Sacred Rebels!  Are you one of them and you just don’t know it yet?

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