Sodobrating “Love!”


This footage was taken from the “Color Party” in Taiwan a couple years ago during the celebration of the gay marriage passage…  I thought about how everyone is celebrating the whole gay marriage thing and how anyone who even thought about a connection to Sodom and Gomorrah was instantly vilified.   After discussing the subject with a friend who has been actively resisting the armies of pro-gay marriage people I thought it would be interesting to make a FB profile “celebrating” the true origins of this whole movement.  Sodom and Gomorrah!  If you think that Bible event is a myth, watch Ron Wyatt’s documentary on the actual nuked-out location.


The horrible tragedy that hit Taiwan I feel was really symbolic, representing the tangibility of the spiritual forces at work in this country.  I am not against Gay people, I just report the facts and the fact is that this took place during the celebration of gay marriage legalization in the States.  You are free to believe whatever you want!  Pray for Taiwan and for the victims.  rainbow-party-taiwan-3

so here’s to “Celebration of love” as they call it. . . you’re not allowed to use the word Sodomite anymore but until recently that was the term for it.pride-2pride-1rainbow-party-taiwan-2

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