Some Pretty Terrific Sexy Bridal Praises to Her Lover!


(To Jesus:) I love to feel small before You, because You’re so powerful. I love to feel weak in Your sight, because You’re so strong. I love to be desperate for You‚ because You know just how to satisfy me. I love to desire the fullness of Your love, because Yours is a love that nothing in this world even comes close to. I love to make love to You, because I can never get enough of Your awesome power.

— * —

19. (To Jesus:) You’re hotter than fire‚ cooler than ice, sweeter than honey, and better than my wildest dreams.

— * —

20. (To Jesus: ) Jesus, sweet Jesus, thank You so much for the priceless gift of being able to love You intimately. I’m so thankful that I can enjoy this special connection with You. It gives me so much peace and comfort. Help me to avail myself of this wonderful privilege a lot more. Help me not to do it just for my own sake‚ but above all because I know it pleases You.

21. Please let me desire to please You as a wife does her husband. I reach up to You now, my Love‚ and run my fingers through Your hair. I shower gentle and loving kisses all over Your beautiful‚ handsome face. I look deep into Your gentle eyes‚ that look at me with all the love that is in the universe, and I whisper to You, “Take me, my Lord, and carry me to Your secret chamber, where we can lie in each other’s arms and make sweet love together. I want to bear everlasting fruit for Your Kingdom. I am wholly dependent on You, my Husband, my Lord, my King, and my God. Do with me as You will.”

— * —

22. (To Jesus:) Jesus, it’s been a long, tiring day. I want to come now and just relax and lie by Your side. It’s so soothing and comforting when I get to lay aside my burden of the day‚ to put it down and slip into the bed of love with You. I know I should have done this ages ago, but I’m not going to focus on how slack I’ve been. I want to leave all the cares of the day behind—the problems, the lacks‚ my trials. I’m going to leave them outside of our bedchamber and come and rest beside You.

23. (To Jesus:) Sweet, sweet, sweet, precious Lord, my sexy Savior! I kiss You gently on the lips, as I say, “Good morning, my handsome, heroic Husband!” Let me start the day by spending time with You in Your bed of love, in the inner chambers of Your heavenly palace.

24. Let me lie here with You, loving and adoring You, spending time with You, looking into Your eyes, drawing strength from lying totally relaxed and at peace in Your everlasting arms, which are not only under me‚ but are caressing and stroking me, reassuring me that You are ever so close to me, to be my Provider and Protector, guiding me through this day.

25. My Lord, help me not to serve You out of duty today, but out of passionate love for You. Help my times of prayer not to be something I have to do but something I love to do‚ because I’m thrilled to spend time in loving communication and conversation with You, drawing on all the heavenly resources You have placed at my disposal.

— * —

26. (To Jesus:) Thank You, dear, sweet Jesus‚ precious Love of my life, that we are lovers! Thank You that we can meet together at any hour of the day or night and be instantly united in heart and mind. Thank You that we can steal away into the privacy of Your secret room, where we find ourselves enraptured by passionate lovemaking! Thank You for the blessed privilege of being Your bride, Your lover, Your love slave. Thank You that I can humble myself to love You, to meet Your needs, to bare myself completely before You. Thank You that in return You love me and fill me and thrill me as no one else can!

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  1. Wow! reading this and listening to the Loving Jesus songs really make a nice ” Quiet Time” Loving Jesus intimately!! Thanks for posting this selection of wonderful words hmmm . Love you Jesus so much, I’m so yours!!

  2. Is’nt it interesting how women have no problem allowing Jesus to be a polygamist? Would really love if you could share more how you are ok with this concept and revelation?


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