Some thoughts on the Weapon of PRAISE


For me, the Weapon of Praise has worked wonders when feeling ‘out of it’ and not wanting to really do anything spiritual.

“Enter into His Courts with Praise” – It sometimes has helped me to just start listing off things I am thankful for, in a ‘Dear Lord, thank You for this day. . ‘ format.  He loves all kinds of Praise, I’m sure, and it’s not always going to be easy to FEEL thankful, but if you just start thanking Him for things all the time, then you get into the attitude of praise which is very valuable and powerful, and the Devil just HATES it!  You can feel his hatred for it, because it’s exactly the opposite of all he is.  It puts you in a humble position, especially when you do it in the Spirit of the Bride, or like a little child!  It goes so against the ways of this world when you praise!

Extreme Praise is very valuable too, for those situations where it’s not easy to naturally do it, or when you feel everything around you is just going wrong.  I liked the whole ‘praise keys painting the target for the Heavenly Bombers’ promise because it gives you a sense of this being a major preliminary attack.

I’ve had a kind of vision/ prophecy of some of these bombers, and they are sleek, very fast craft capable of getting in there and getting the job done real quick!  I would envision them as sort of the Stealth Bombers of the Spirit, (the ones from the Cold War are coolest!)

Dang I’ll have to go and retrieve that whole prophecy, as it was very special.  You can also have a ‘Praise Angel,’ which I would recommend spending some time to get to know.  Of all things, I had “Vashtiiva” as a praise angel, who turned out to be the queen that didn’t dance in the book of Esther!  I had no idea about the name “Vashti” until later on when reading the Bible a bit more thoroughly.  I guess she learned her lesson about dancing for the king by now!  I used to get prophecies from her, but you know what? In my laziness I haven’t done it in a looong time.  This blog is just as much an effort to jump-start my own Spiritual Life in pertaining to these New Weapons as it is to help create an awareness for others to start using them, too!

I lost the prophecy, but once I was determined to learn all about this praise angel, and she told me some of her experiences after leaving the king during those days, and explained her stance a little bit.  Unfortunately my faith in my channel was so shaky I threw away all my prophecies from those early days in Miami when I had begun using it more in detail!  But it is deep down in my memory somewhere, and I know she still helps me.

Ah, yes!  Once I saw her at a sort of ‘praise station’ which would allow her to unite certain situations with the power of praise—problematic situations in my own life or others lives, and on one screen there was this situation but another screen had the crucifiction scene, with Jesus defeating all sin and everything wrong, and she was focusing on this scene, then his resurrection, and simply thanking the Lord for His Work for us, for the depth to which He had gone for us to be victorious!  Then she would channel that energy of gratitude over the situation in life.

This whole event took place on a ship, hidden within a cloud, with many spirit helpers attending to many offices, applying them to the spiritual warfare (at the time this vision took place I think I was living in Orlando with a bunch of fellow Family Members!)

So Vashtiiva sort of had her ‘cubicle’ although it was more like a turret attatched to this battle station, in the sky!  That whole vision started with meeting Aaron, (David’s son who died) but that’s another story.

All of this sounds crazy, but hey–  why not?  The Bible sounds crazy!  See how far your faith will take you!  Use the weapon of Praise in your life!

Another good way to use this weapon offensively is to go for walks, or runs during which you can get into an attitude of worship and praise the Lord, either with music or just sing a tune yourself—as often the adrenaline of the run will help to make you not care about how you sound…  then picture the darkness in the neighborhood or street you are going through, and the light piercing through that darkness accompanying your praises!  This has worked for me, and is a very thrilling experiences.

You’ll notice a lot of these experiences are a bit solitary.  Of course the most powerful time to praise is with fellow Christians, but we can’t always have that! So think of this as excercises in praise you can do until you do meet up with other Christians, so you’re not just waiting ‘for that next Church Service’ or fellowship gathering or whatever, instead, YOU ARE THE CHURCH!,1.jpg

(like Judge Dredd.. . “I am the law!”  har. .. )


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