Some Wild Prophecies from 1.5 Years ago that came TRUE!

This was from November 2015, during a very busy and intense teaching schedule I had out in the countryside where I was able to share a ton of New World Order info with high school students.   Little did I know the Trump Train was coming, and those messages would no longer be deemed fringe.   And little did I know I was about to get in touch with Johnny Iron of the Iron Show and be invited to Fringe Radio Network.   Now as for the StarLion spirit craft stuff, that’s up to anyone’s faith, but the Lord talks to me about that a lot, maybe because I LIKE it!

Lord I pray for a new country, and a place of freedom and Your presence and Law.   No more evil vaccines or corruption.  For Godly people to operate systems of freedom with new energies from Heaven, and Your Angels working with us.

The sense I got from the StarLion how it is able to take in many right off the bat and show them the Kingdom.  It is also able to house so many spirit helpers and military operators that can work in close communications with soldiers on the ground, and inside its “guts” has interdimensional lands and even oceans.  It’s huge!

<Jesus> Keep marching forward, as there is so much to do and so little time.   Operate the StarLion yourself as you saw once before, and don’t only spend your time strolling through it, for although you can do that too when given the time, it is far better that you wrestle an fight and pray in the spirit to overcome the Enemy.   This is how to truly get things done!   The beauty of the Earth is similar but a mere shadow to the Heavenly places I have waiting for you up above.  The constructions of man are toys compared to the things I have waiting for you and ready to go at all times .  . ..   so get in gear and get ready with your troops and helpers.   Win souls, train disciples, and share the message of the Kingdom.   Expose the lies of the Enemy and dismantle his operations one by one.  I will give you new platforms to share truth from, so you are not always speaking in a box or a little closet.

<me> Okay, Lord – now who are we targeting?  Is there someone you want me to pray for?   Those pop stars recently. . .    can we pray for them too?  Silly question. Give me your heart for them, Lord because I don’t know what to think and the videos I’ve been watching are certainly a little bit churchy.

<Jesus> Sure.  Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montanna, or her true name that only I know is one of the tools being used by the Enemy to corrupt young people.  It is not her you should be focusing on in battle but her controllers.  She has certainly been whored out and given herself to this prostitution of Babylon the Whore.  The spirit of Babylon the Whore is not limited to America but has more depth and breadth and influence, and you must fight that spirit wherever you go, even in the place you are in now.  Don’t worry about which country fulfils the prophecy, wehter it be only Jerusalem or Saudi Arabia or America’s Cities…  For the Enemy likes to tie you down to believing it’s only one.  It’s a mystery and a spirit and you can fight her even before she is destroyed by the A.C.  The A.C. is coming and will appear righteous on the outside. 

Now feel My love for this poor prisoner  and see that I originally had a plan for her that was glorious, as poor as she became now.  She is in a decrepit state and there isn’t as much you can do by reaching out to her physically as there is spiritually.   Conquer the forces around her that are perverting young people by praying and sending teams to go and work in the lives of her staff and agents.  Tehe enemy has large sectors of his kingdom underneath that entire music industry that must be targeted.  You can do this and fell them all with one sure sweep if you will focus prayer in that direction.   Call on recruits too for this mission as it will be a good opportunity for people to learn the art of prayer warfare.  Read the AOW on prayer before engaging, and use the names of these stars as hashtags to gather attention of Christians who are in the sidelines but who are waiting for the chance to get involved.

Remember the Beast that the Whore rides is the main target, not necessarily the whore Babylon herself.  take out the beast in the wilderness and you’ll bring her down.   She must be destroyed before all the other events can take place.  However you are to focus on setting free the poor souls who have been corrupted by the spirit of iniquity that has been working through hers and others like her music.   Kesha and others, Lady Gaga are all still young enough they can have a change of heart.   You can pray into Madonna and even folks like Marylin manson and slip not, for though they are in the Enemy’s camp now, I can retrieve them as I did Aspen.   Think fo them as ex-members and pray for them like that, for the Enemy likes to get them into his camp and make them lose all hope.  It’s a dark place so you will need to bring Heaven with you – I commission to you the StarLion to go forward into this quest.

When you call on the keys, the powers of evil lose their sway; sin, disease, and fear give way. Satan’s power cannot withstand the power of the keys!

HERE WE GO!!   Commanding the keys to target those held by the music industry now!  I just taught a class on Miley and Kesha again, now let’s pray em’ out!

“You must seek first the King & His Kingdom! Then shall all these others be added unto you by His power & His strength & His Kingdom & His might & in His time, if you give first place to Him!”

This verse was confirmed!


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