Spirit Trips Weapon! Remote Viewing?

No, I don’t think it’s remote viewing.  Remote Viewing is something that is so exact, and so detailed and based around this present life that it doesn’t seem to require so much faith, it’s just one of those extra-sensory abilities that many humans have, in fact more and more seem to have this.  The military even utilizes it.
Spirit Trips is similar, but I think it is more of a spiritual thing and doesn’t always mean you are actually there experiencing it, except by faith.  You know what, though?  They may intersect and overlap at times.  Who knows?  The Realm of the Spirit is so mysterious.  I’ve written down things that I felt I was imagining that later on came true– and so I really can’t say.
Why not take a spirit trip into the Lord’s Kingdom today?  To stay down on the Earth and “remote view” all this stuff in the dark realm doesn’t make any sense.  You can meet the Lord!  You can ask Him to show you how all the other weapons work!   He will prove to you that He is real, in little ways, but they will seem big to you!  Ask for things!  What’s your house in Heaven like?  What are your spirit helpers doing?  What are the NAMES of those helpers and what do they look like?  It doesn’t matter if you can’t “see” into the spirit, just exercise your use of prophecy and see what pops up!  This is an extremely personal, intimate thing, and can lend to the use of literally Every Other Weapon.  So do not hesitate, go for it!
Jerry Lee said something about many of his revelations that put things into perspective faith-wise for me.  When you are recording a kind of spirit trip, remember that you don’t have to keep the whole pressure of the entire experience being accurate on your shoulders.  As long as it’s not contradicting the Word, you’re ok, but think of it like ‘parables.’  If you realise you’re not seeing the whole picture, but only a fraction of it, then each word you record or each detail you can picture becomes precious.  It’s beautiful!  The “Heaven’s Children” Trip is beautiful, but I don’t think it by any means fills all the gaps up of what Heaven is actually like.  So is Rick Joyner’s vision.  All of these are trips which can be very feeding to read, and shed a lot of light on the mysterious Spirit Realm!  I will post Rick Joyner’s vision later, but for now . . . read what ever you can find– Journey to Tricon is one of my favorite trips (will post)  and “The Game” by Dan Free is absolutely a Must-Read, but I am unable to post that.  Please email me if you wish to read it!
Happy Tripping!
Here’s a Key Promise:  “Spirit Mapping” which may be the link between Spirit Trips and REmote Viewing after all.  This may be the conection to allow us to engage the Enemy in this realm, or at least to see which areas need prayer.  It may just be ‘fantasizing’ until you realise that you are really praying for situations and people, and seeing effects in those people’s lives.  So don’t give up!  Do whatever it takes, make the light of the truth shine forth!

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