Jesus show me new things in Your Law!  (This session began with Psalm 2)

PSA.2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

<Jesus> do not imagine a vain thing, but let your hope be in My Word. Walk in My Counsel and truth and you will not go astray, even if a thousand false-prophets and a thousand vain doctrines pop up, you will be set on My Word.

PSA.2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

<me> Lord are these only the kings of the physical world?

<jesus> Not only. The Enemy in the spiritual dimension is the one who says this, but then at the end the kings of the 10 nations of the Beast will say this.

<me> Oh IC. Against the Lord and against His anointed, are we going to be Your anointed in the future?

<Jesus> You already are, start acting like it.

<me> I’m going to be needing some better aftershave! Help me to walk with this knowledge even though I don’t have any pastors or leaders or shepherds or denominations, Jesus.

<Jesus> It’ll be easy if you just keep your eyes on me, and even if everything in the world falls away and all you have is Me, you’re set and good to go. The world will set itself against you and they shall fight against you, but they shall not overcome as you stay strong in My Word.

PSA.2:3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

<Jesus> Bands and cords are the mystery here. Meditate on this.

<me> OK, Meditating, Lord.

I’M IN A WOODEN ROOM, feels like something in the countryside, fire gently flickering from the fireplace. Big sofa, with a quilt covering it. Hot chocolate freshly prepared in front of me. I sit on the couch and feel the expectation of wonder like I haven’t in a long time.

A woman I know as Annette walks in briskly setting the hot water on the fire and turns to me, her expression is one of relief. “Oh, I thought you’d never come. I’m your caretaker this trip, Michael. Take it from me, going to Heaven as a child is way better than as a mighty warrior. Let it be said to you, ‘come here’ to the honorary seat lest you be humbled after coming there yourself without being invited.’ Drink up!”

I DRINK THE HOT CHOCOLATE and sit down, noticing a small Bible on the coffee table in front of the couch. It’s super small in my hands.

<Annette> Once you finish your drink you’ll be small enough to read the book.

<me> Oh so Alice and Wonderland style Heaven, eh Annette? I’ve done this before, leave it to me I know all about it.

SHE CHUCKLES AS I FINISH THE CUP, and indeed I shrink down to a few feet tall and am able now to read the book quite comfortably. Outside some kind of fun adventure awaits (Heaven is practically made for the children, although I feel my intellect and wits still about me, my character isn’t really any different but I’ll probably not be going to any Mike Parsons or Ian Clayton meetings this trip!)

<me> What do you think the bands and cords mean in Psalm 2:3, Annette?

<Annette> Let’s head outside and see.

WE WALK OUT TO A LANDSCAPE OF PURE CRYSTAL and at first I thought it was a bunch of icebergs, but they were so clear and pure and it wasn’t unpleasantly cold. . . music echoed from the land itself and the reflection of the stars above and the golden city hovering behind us was almost impossibly beautiful. I saw then these huge rings, almost like chains but they were also made of some kind of light material, and Annette drew something in the ground in front of the cottage.

<Annette> New Jerusalem has these x shaped chain light bands around it. It’s still in journey mode and hasn’t been manifested to the Earth yet, but once it comes these will be what anchors it, as well as the giant literal anchor on the bottom.   We’re on one portion of the crystal sea now.

<me> What about the cords? I don’t get how those are a big deal.

<Annette> They are God’s equivalent to a “soul tie” as the term has been popularized recently by Christians.

<me> OK. . .

ENOCH COMES ON HIS FLYING HOUSE SHIP WE LIKE TO CALL DALLAS, and out come 2 horses. One is his nicknamed “Prancer” and one is my Elyrian “Esper.”

As always, he makes a big show when he makes his entrance, wearing his inter-dimensional armor and having a big ol Spanish style sword hanging at his belt. The horses neigh expectantly, waiting for us to ride them, beckoning us. It was perfect for this landscape, as the crystal sea spans the equivalent of several Europes in landmass, and has the job of being a protective shield for the New Jerusalem.

<Enoch? Let’s go for a wild ride on the wild side, Missie! Michael your horse awaits.

<Annette> Mm-hmm, thank you very much sir I think Micheal and I will be riding together.

<Enoch> Well what do you say!

<me> Fine by me, sorry Enoch looks like I win. We’re only 3 verses into Psalm 2, want to help?

HE JUMPS ON PRANCER and I’m lifted by Annette and set on Esper. Annette sits behind me and holds the reins and we’re off.

The sea of glass speeds by and I take this time to ask Enoch and Annette more about their relationship. Also, the words to the Psalm seem to be guiding us as we ride, the golden letters in Hebrew appearing in front of the horses/Elyrian.

<me> SO how have you two been lately? I have yet to complete the whole timeline.

<Annette> Oh you know, it’s up and down really. I’m so busy now it’s hard to really focus on emotional matters.

<me> You sound like me!

<Annette> No seriously, back when I was a student on StarLion just reading books all the time it was easier to dream. Now I have so many duties and as you have seen, in Heaven there hardly exists a time without children surrounding me. This is Heaven, though. Both my career Enoch has helped foist upon me of spiritual missions and the child care in Heaven. One of my biggest responsibilities is the child you saw. Feel free to come join them and play again, they love you.

<me> Oh, huhhm, I’m busy too, you know. . . got stuff to do.

<Annette> Sure whatever! Enoch will come too, right Enoch?

HE WAS HOLDING UP HIS ARM, CHECKING SOMETHING. I saw the Hebrew change, and suddenly a new chapter opened in front of us. All around was this sort of dancing swirling mist blowing from the Crystal Sea of Glass. The gold city hovering above us was absolutely surreal to look at.

<Enoch> What was that? Oh honey look at this. Psalm 73 also contains the same words, Bands and chains! Similar thing, but it was only when the Psalmist (not David) was looking at them from an earthly perspective:
73:3 For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

73:4 For there are no bands in their death: but their strength is firm.

73:5 They are not in trouble as other men; neither are they plagued like other men.

73:6 Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.

<Annette> Yep I got it.   Interesting find there.

ANNETTE WAS SO BUSY STARING AT THE WHOLE CHAPTER THAT APPEARED in the air in front of us she forgot to look where we were going and the horse seemed distracted as well, so that we had to skid to a stop to avoid smashing into a big wall.

<me> Woah, who put that wall there!

<Enoch> Looks like we’ve arrived!

HE GOT OFF HIS PRANCER, gallantly walking towards the near-invisible wall, built out of the same crystal material the rest of the sea was created from that was simply unable to have been from Earth. Annette helped me off the horse as well as it wasn’t easy to move around in this form.

I wanted to say this structure reminded me of an igloo but that would not be entirely accurate. There was a certain quality to the cuts in the stones that almost seemed like a pyramid or as if they had been created with sound waves.

<Enoch> This is a control hub, should allow me to hack into the New Jerusalem.

<me> Woah, you guys! What are you doing??

<Annette> Don’t worry, bub. You’ll be seeing some secrets of Heaven very soon. It’s going to be for the greater good, don’t worry.

<me> What is this some sort of secret society you guys have started?

<Enoch> You could say that!

<Annette> This is also where your job comes in.

WE WALKED INTO THE DEEPEST CAVERN of this strange structure, that I just couldn’t stop thinking “megalith” when I looked at the stones. It became a pool the deeper we went, and the pool narrowed into a small tube.

<Enoch> Did you bring any breathing gear? Oh, what am I thinking this is River of Life water you’ll be able to breathe underwater.   OK mr, your turn! We’re looking for a key, so I can activate the whole systems of this place.

<me> You can’t be serious.

<Annette> C’mon, please? You’ll never regret it!

<me> Then, I get to keep some of whatever it is you guys are after.

<Enoch> 10 percent.

<me> 60 percent.

<Annette> He’s Chinese, look at him.   Michael, you can share in my inheritance. That’ll give you 10 plus 50. I’m splitting it with Enoch. You can take 10 percent of his.

<Enoch> Fair enough.   We can’t have just anybody wield this key. It’s one of the lost Keys of the Kingdom that your friends misplaced.

<me> Yep, I know. The Key Wars were a crazy time, they’ve all been but lost. What a waste.

OK Lower me in!

ANNETTE HELPS WITH A ROPE, with a weight on the end. I am put into the crevice which I must say is beautiful but a sense of claustrophobia does envelop me for a moment as I can barely fit through the tube. She beams courage into my eyes from her spirit as I lose sight of the both of them into this blue glowing tube. The water of life fills my lungs and I can actually breathe better down here than up there! The journey continues for what seems like just a little bit too long, as I start thinking “what did I get myself into, what if we get stuck here, etc.” and then suddenly I’m in a slightly larger container, one containing tons of jewels and artifacts.   How they could have fit here I have no idea, as they were bigger than the tube. I see crowns, swords, scrolls, books, and a chest. I open the chest to find a glistening scintillating key inside, which I manage to clip to my belt.

Suddenly a yellow and blue alternating light starts to flash everywhere, and I realize an alarm has been set off. Wonderful.   I run back to the tube to see the rope is already being pulled back. At the last second I manage to grab it and am pulled back through to the surface. Some new face greets me as I come up to the surface. “Heaven Police” is etched across the woman’s uniform. At the end of the cave leading to the surface I see Enoch and Annette being led off by a couple of buff looking officers.

The female officer who is now grabbing my shoulders and keeping me from getting free holds me there for a moment. I get a second to check and see her name on the vest, “Abaigeal” is the officer’s name. She immediately confiscates the key after tying me in a gold light.

<Abaigeal> Don’t worry, I am just going to have to take you for questioning, young renegade!

I hear Annette call to me from far ahead, “don’t give them the key!”
And Enoch is also trying to talk them out of it. It’s quite funny to watch although serious. Once we’re all outside I see even the horses have been apprehended. There’s a hovering craft with the insignia of the New Jerusalem government on it. What is going on??
<Enoch> We’re going to have to trust you on this one, buddy. Find the others and get that key. You’ll know what to do. There are several other hacking stations.
<Officer> Enoch, that’s enough! We have to get you to the proper court.

<Annette> Sorry Michael we were just too slow to get here.

<Abaigeal> Michael’s coming with me for questioning, lady Annette. You are also wanted for many breaches in the Law!


<Me> I don’t know what they were doing, trust me. I’m just along for the ride!

<Abaigeal> Oh? Then how would they have known about this place and to bring you down to size to get this?

SHE HELD UP THE KEY and as she did the light from it created a map in midair.   There was a location pinpointed not far from here that must have been the place Enoch had mentioned.

<me> Why don’t you help me find out what it was so we can get to the next point? Who sent you guys anyway? It seems like you’re from “church Heaven” or some part of Kat Kerr Heaven that doesn’t believe in sex or something.
<Abaigeal> How dare you! By my father’s house, I will certainly have you questioned for much longer than originally planned.   You will go through shepherding and deprogramming classes – I don’t know what Enoch has been filling your mind with, or his girlfriend!

<me> Neither do I, I hardly talk to them. C’mon, you’re a babe! Let’s do it, I’ll share my portion with you.

WE STOOD in silence for a few minutes, and I was amazed to find it possibly working. The Heavenly Police craft had left with Enoch and Annette on board, but the officers had possibly underestimated leaving her alone here.
<Abaigeal> The next craft will arrive shortly. You will be arrested on charges of not only participating in an illegal act, but also tempting an officer! I’m very content with where I am in Heaven now and do not wish to hear any of this gibberish.   We are here to maintain the order and stability of the Law as it is presently understood by the saints.

<me> You know as well as I do that the Lord allows us to cross past the traditions. Be careful that you’re not guarding some churchy tradition and not the will of God.


<Abaigeal> Very well, you have my permission to go and investigate. I will not have anything to do with this, however. You will be brought to my office for specific questioning after the verify you no longer have any threat to the order. I will “forget” I left the key in the bottom drawer of my desk and how you are going to escape the police station after that is anyone’s guess. Just make sure you still show up for the classes and “deprogramming.”   That’s going to be my class and I’m interested to know more about what you guys are doing.   Feel free to program me instead!

SHE THEN TIGHTENED THE CORDS AND BANDS AND PRANCER AND ESPER BOTH WINKED AT ME and waited patiently. The craft set down and took us all on a fast paced trip back into the City.   The joy of the Lord was everywhere and there were seriously no hard feelings, like, seriously. I almost felt like these police were playing a big game they had invented for some sector of Heaven that was still trying to maintain the Churchy doctrine of keeping the Law. In that case, they would definitely have a big issue with Enoch and Annette, especially after what happened at StarLion.

So, mission. . . accomplished? Abaigeal, like Sapphire was back in Eleneth ten years ago, might be the real key. I prayed for Enoch and Annette but I knew they’d be fine. They must have been allowing the cops to find them anyway.

<me> I’ve never been to classes in Heaven, come to think of it. I rarely even stick around for those court sessions people are always talking about.

<Abaigeal> You haven’t? But that’s what everyone is talking about! Every mystic who knows their stuff knows that you’re supposed to rule from a throne!

WE GAZED OUT THE WINDOW, seeing the glory of New Jerusalem and its many inner cities and impossible structures and marvels. Everything was compact and had its place, although there was also a sense of wildness and creation, as though the Christians and saints who were coming to live here were all able to enjoy messing with their inheritance. Jesus gave you your hearts desire according to how you delighted yourself in Him, then he seemed to turn you loose! That. . . would probably explain these police units. Siiigh.

<me> Are we there yet?

<Abaigeal> Silence!!   . ..   (then she spoke into her wrist-radio) Jebuel, are we there yet?

JEBUEL, the pilot seemed to be enjoying the view a little bit too much too, so that we were taking the slow route to the station.

In the back Prancer laughed.

<Abaigeal> Tell that horse to stop making fun! We’ll be taking him to the normal Heavenly horse stables to train for Armageddon, just where he belongs!

<me> So you guys like to play spiritual police, eh? I’m curious about this, I’ve actually never seen this before in Heaven, but it would make sense such a thing exists in the lower areas.

<Abaigeal> Lucky for you, little one that you were just below our corner of Heaven, so that we could rescue you before you performed a really dangerous act. That key is not authorized to be put into the hands of your friends, and you should know better!

IT FELT FUNNY GETTING LECTURED by Abaigeal here in their transport craft, when surrounding us was the atmosphere of Heaven and the joy that never ceased for one minute. There was a sense of humor here as well. I continued to humor her and the others though, until we made it to the station and I was brought into the police office. It was a legitimate police office, but for what, who could say?   For certain they were hunting down weird people like Enoch, that is certain. I’m also certain that he enjoyed that kind of thing.


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