Spiritual Fiction(?): Meeting Mother Mary in Heaven!

From TKR4
Jesus began to set off, “I’ve gotta run, I’m commissioning you to spend time with my Earthly Mum, because if she sees Me standing here she’ll never let Me go.   I seriously do have some urgent matters to attend – –  regarding Eleneth!  Will tell you later!”  And he was off, jogging back to the transporter.  That’s what it looked like, however soon His body disappeared and there was a streak of light zipping up through the sky, into the clouds and up to the Apex (Annette imagined)  . . . The Celestial Palace of the Lord!  She was then greeted by a very sweet, very tall and beautiful woman.  For some reason, though, Annette was surprised she seemed also to be so normal.   Wasn’t the Mother of Jesus like, a Nun or something?
We won’t describe all that transpired at that time, needless to say there was a lot they had in common, and never before had Annette felt so at home with anyone in her life, at least with a female.   She was offered a bed to sleep upon, and a “job” to work with for a few weeks, and gladly accepted.  During those weeks Annette learned many things about the City, and about Jesus’ earth life.   Mary told her about the future, too, and about her search ‘for a good wife for my son!’  but of course, now this was kind of a joke because indeed Mary herself was not the creator of Jesus, but His creation, too!   She represented the Humility of God, always, since He had come inside of Her as a child and lived as a human under her care on Earth.
“I don’t want to see Jesus stuck with all those typical Christians you see everywhere, claiming they love God, but from such a distance!  He can have these as followers/worshippers, but that doesn’t beat having a real vibrant lover who will go anywhere with Him and do anything with Him, anytime, for any reason, just to please Him.   You realize how few these kinds of brides are?  I heard you are a part of some kind of revolution now, with Enoch?   You know, I was once a part of their little group too!  We did some pretty cool stuff in some other worlds, and Enoch is quite out of this world!  But now the Endtime battle is here.   You know, they could really use your help and you should definitely listen to my Son, do whatever He tells you.  Don’t ask questions.   That small band is going to take over the whole Earth one day!  And THAT’S the kind of sexy bride I think He deserves!  You are!  He really likes you, you know.”
Mary would go back to her other job, sometimes, leaving Annette with the house and the little farm duties here and there.  There was absolutely no weariness in Heaven, except when you wanted to sleep, but that was only for the joy and blessing of sleep.  So needless to say, farming in Heaven was fun!  It was like a game.  There were little patches of all kinds of things being grown by Mary and her neighbors in both the foothills and next to the marsh, as well as a few hidden ones up in the nearby mountain.  Some plants only grew under certain circumstances, and so they had a complex network of fertile soil producing quite a few rarities, even for Heaven’s standards!  This had been Mary’s hobby on Earth, which she had enjoyed, and so it was still her hobby in Heaven!   Despite its quaint nature, though, Annette was quick to find out that this was a very special place, and almost the model village for all other villages that engaged in any kind of farming in Space City.  The layout was very similar to the place Jesus grew up, and had a quaint tightly fit, neatly-built aspect to it.   Annette just loved it, and would take many early hours walking around meditating on things she had learned since her arrival there.   She found a little library in Mary’s living room which was then also immediately shared with Annette. . .  she held nothing back from her, even telling her some of her own most personal secrets.
Also Mary was quick to answer any questions Annette had.   In some of her quieter times there Annette took to the Bible and some other ancient Scriptures, to further her understanding of the Spirit and what was going on!  She was still quite new to it all.  One day she opened to the book of Ephesians and was astounded at the way the Holy Spirit seemed to open up the Word to her, making her see things in this new Heavenly Light.  She sat in the small study just outside her room and poured over the Word, recording some of her own notes in her latest diary
The type of experience Annette was having here in Heaven was very relatable, enough that she could have still thought she was on Earth except for the fact there was no sorrow or pain or evil anywhere to be seen.  Everyone was healthy, happy, and attractive!  The air was filled with peace and everywhere you went you’d find something that reminded you about the Excellency of the King of Grace, and how much Love He has for everyone.  But when Annette read the Bible in Heaven, it was definitely a very special experience.  She turned the book around, facing the light of the flickering lamp, that emit wayyy more light than your normal everyday lamp, and flipped through the pages, seeing that it had many more pages than it would normally fit inside such a small book.  Mary explained later that this was The Bible as it always was meant to be, and it contained not only the traditional King James Bible, but if you were to look closely, you’d find the complete prophecies of the prophets, and all the lost books chronicling the kings of Israel, plus many of the books of Enoch.  It was hundreds of pages long, Annette realized, and really seemed to come alive in her hands.   She was reading English, but she noticed underneath the English were Hebrew and Aramaic characters, plus Greek or whatever other language they were originally written in.  However the language you were familiar with would manifest itself above these characters, and the original scripts would fade into a kind of gold background lettering, sort of like decoration.  Here in Heaven also there was an immediate reaction in your own body when you read the Word of God, and it was literally a thrill, like you were sipping the finest wine and that wine was not making you more drunk as you drank it, but opening new regions in your ‘inner man’ so to speak, allowing for greater clarity of thought than ever before possible.
Mary pointed out the language the books of Enoch were written in.  Upon closer inspection, Annette realized they were not any recognized Earthly characters, although they resembled Runes and Hebrew and Chinese pictograms, or at least the very most ancient form of these, that are more similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics than anything else).
Mary was really humble about herself, too, as Annette soon discovered from further investigation into some of the ‘Infancy Gospels’ which showed Mary’s childhood and told about her miraculous life.  She had great faith, and was a very very high level Spirit Being now, although she retained her human qualities from being on Earth above her higher abilities.   “I just couldn’t leave all those faithful people who keep crying out for me, even if they aren’t exactly 100% on the ball as they could be.  I learned from my Son how important it is to be gracious.  Therefore I do my best to assist any who call on “Mother Mary” in whatever way I can,”  Mary explained, after they had done a little Bible study together.  The walked around the pathways outside the house, during the quiet ‘dimming of the Space City’ which was the closest thing they had to night here.   There was rest, but no night.  If you wanted to go somewhere dark you could always go outside the city— plenty of darkness to go around out there!  The starlight filtered through the windows to a greater extent during these times, and they seemed to all be praising the One who was Here, sending their gratitude and adoration as this massive pyramid and Her fleet passed through the Heavens.
“Ah, I see.  That makes sense, I think!  I never really got into Catholicism when on Earth, but was around it enough to know how much people appreciate you.  Hey by the way, who’s Bible is that?  I have never seen the likes of it, even on Enoch’s craft!”  Annette
The two really bonded to the point that Annette was sad to have to go.
“That’s my Son Jesus’s Bible. . .  he is always leaving it here, although I tell him to bring it with him, sometimes he doesn’t listen!  They have the Treasure Store deep within the Main Citadel on the top, which contains everything, but sometimes it’s hard to have everything in this form, so conveniently compact and yet not technological.   This Bible is infused with the Spirit of the Word Herself, which is one with Jesus, and so It is alive.  You mentioned Enoch didn’t have this— if he were to know about its existence he might be even tempted to come here and take it!  He is a pirate, in that way, a real seeker of treasure.  Don’t tell him about it!   Ahh, I guess he’ll probably get it out of you anyway, as knowing him he probably has you all wired up to share your discoveries with him.”
“Why that . . .  he is so!!…..Howdarehe!”  Annette attempted not to say anything inappropriate, as she was indeed with Mother of Jesus Mary herself, ha!  But the fact in some ways made her think about what leverage she might have with Enoch, if he was also so intent on keeping this close link with her.
“So you don’t know much about Catholics, do you?  Well you may find out soon enough.  But our dear Enoch is somewhat of a Jesuit, in the Heavenly Kingdom.  He’s very controversial, and a bit of a renegade.  But he’s still a Heavenese person.  He has a very good heart.  And quite a big family!  You should get in touch with his son Melchizedek, if you have the chance.  He is also quite a character, but quite unlike his father.”
The next day, it was time to go, and Annette was very hesitant to leave. . .   but the call was coming, and her “time” was running out.  After a breakfast with Mary and some of the neighbors, making contact with a bunch of other saints and famous people which we won’t get into right now, but, yes ok we will just a little:
Mary always seemed to be entertaining guests, and especially had a lot of work to do reeducating Catholics to stop worshiping her!  But they would somehow never lose their devotion and still want to come visit her often.  She always politely accepted each offer to have ‘an audience.’   But the majority were so used to extolling her very highly, and needed to see her within the context of the Citadel, with all of the formalities. . .   as they were not yet ready for her more down-to-earth-style life.  That was part of the reason she was often called up to the Citadel, with her Son, to mainly just have mass ‘audiences’ with the multitudes of saved Catholics who came to see her.  It was remarkable how Heaven was so caring about people and bringing them up from where they were in their beliefs.   However, the more ‘advanced’ Catholics, usually saints and others, were the ones who would come here and have a good ol’ time with her, almost like a bunch of hobbits in the Shire!  This was her truest nature, apparently.  Mary told Annette too, that one of her other main duties that she attended to up when at the Citadel and working in direct close proximity with the Trinity was to broadcast her own loving and sweet spirit through the Holy Spirit, to the millions of people who were constantly calling on her.
One of these guests there today was Mary Magdalene, and they had a long and intricate discussion about Jesus’s life on Earth, too.   These two Marys came and took Annette to the outer flower garden in front of the house to see her off.  Annette was pretty emotional to be leaving this, her new ‘home within home.’
“You don’t need to be sad, for this is always your home, here, my child!”  Mary hugged Annette, the kind of deep hug that means so much.
Annette did a hail Mary, just as a joke, but Mary put on a “I am not amused!” kind of face, jestingly.
“You have no idea how many people do that.  It’s enough!  I’m just a servant of God, just like you!   But, yes, ok . . .  here is my blessing,” and she extended her hand out, in jest, bidding Annette kiss it, which she did.  They both laughed and hugged once more, until finally it was really time to go.   A special key was given to Annette, which was for her own house.  “This is your house as much as it is mine,”  Mary said.  And yet the key’s purpose was not entirely clear, for any kind of robbery or theft was impossible in Heaven. . . in fact, nobody used keys here!  Except for other things.
“Try it one day, and you’ll see!”  She said, cryptically, giving Annette another light squeeze.   “And take care of my Son for me!”
As she waved goodbye, Annette had the realization that this was in many ways a physical manifestation of what the Holy Spirit must be like, full of charm and beauty and grace, wisdom, you name it . . . the whole caboodle. . .   and that would make sense as she was Jesus’s mother when on Earth.  But surely the Holy Spirit would be somewhere else, too. . .  She communed in her heart about these things as she walked, making her way to some of the other places she had been told by the Lord were a ‘must see’ while here in Heaven.
Once again she took this opportunity to practice flying again, and thought of the bamboo forest with the hot springs Jesus had mentioned.   She immediately flew into the sky, and was given another grand view as she slowly made her way to this area. . .
Continued in The Kingdom Romance Part 4

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