Spiritual Manifestation Dream Feat. Keenu Reeves

Dreamed that there was this multi storied complex sort of like a university you’d find in Asia, where they were trying to conserve space but it was built for a lot of people.   There were tons of famous people and not famous people walking around, all spiritual people. I recognized Justin Abraham and some other Mystics as well as some writers. One of them may have been C.R. Oliver because he reminded me of a wise old man I had heard of but didn’t recognize his face.   He gave me a book that was so old it was bound into a leather bag and told me to take very good care of it, and he’d need it back.

The entire complex reminded me of a Heavenly Outpost similar to Balamb Garden from FF8

I promised I would and said I’d take photos of each page right away, and another man with him said “I wish we could make this as famous as Trump” and I said, “yes but it would take a lot of money” and another guy said not to worry about that.
Then I went to a meeting where either Nancy Coen or Robin Main was conducting a prayer session and they were having spirits manifest everywhere. It was a new phenomenon where you could literally physically see them.
There were apps that showed you where you could see a manifestation and tons of kids were using this to run to the locations, sort of like Pokemon Go but they were actually visible.
The spirits were very special and saintly and some of them reminded me of medieval art, in fact they would at first appear that way, and you could walk through them and get some kind of anointing if you saw one. They would disappear into you and give you some blessing or anointing.
These sessions would occur in quiet places, so you had to go find one away from all the hubbub of the complex – although walking around I found it quite beautiful, and took pictures even of the sunny atmosphere and the beauty of the trees. . .I was staring up at a tree and just one leaf seemed to contain so much beauty from the sunshine, I couldn’t stop staring at it and some of the wise people walking around saw me and joking commented on this but they were also respectful. I went up to a restaurant and found a bunch of Japanese people in a traditional old fashioned restaurant, and peeked inside to see one room full of ninjas and samurai dressed as though they were about to do some kind of show, some of them had makeup on, but who knows, maybe they were real ninjas!   The restaurant was hard to get into but I saw an old friend, and grabbed her and said “Ikuko!” (her name) but she turned away, not recognizing me. I figured I had made a mistake and decided to go back to the serene spiritual places people were invoking spirits at.
One was a temple or a cathedral but Keenu Reeves was putting on an act, releasing all the rage he could find in his heart, and this attracted tons of demons. I saw the demons and other spirits rush to the scene like flies to garbage, and soon the whole wall was covered with demons all spectating this. There were also physical people who were running there to meet the demons.   Keenu seemed to be demonstrating this. (ha, DEMONstrating) and was acting but the rage was real and was effective. His hands were bloody from breaking stuff.   My phone showed me so many people running here to witness it, and there were different colors for the physical people and the spirits that were arriving.
One last note was a number of the missionaries who were walking around I recognized. Literally everyone there was someone I would have loved to interview, and I kept saying over and over to the people “I should have you on the show” so I think it was a place in the Spirit, a Heavenly place for the most part but very unusual and special.

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