Spiritual Warfare Video Gamer Testimony!

Man!! I was just thinking how in the game you are a Dark Knight named Cecil… the sword of baron!!! a pawn for baron… The start of the game you go to a town and release a demon upon the land. It ends up killing a little girl’s(Rydia) mom. And after Cecil sees what happened he takes her from the other soldiers and tries to protected her with all his strength… But you were still weak and asleep in the Shadow form(even his sword is named Shadow) so then Rydia ends up getting swallowed by Levithan and you don’t see her until much later in the game and she is aged 3 times faster then everyone because she was in the land of summoned monsters. Its like the highly blessed seer women I’ve met in my life that all where attack by the enemy very early and very frequently(ussually through their father) and they end up running from the enemy and from God. But then when God rescues the seers… (I would even say that there is a sort of and aging the comes with fighting the enemy alone)…. God shows the seers in that Jesus came to free you from the “summoned Monsters” and furthermore that this aging from torment is now a sword(weapon) Jesus weilds… your shadow… your pain… your demons…. After Rydia is swallowed by Levithan.. Cecil continues foward to seek forgiveness for what he had done…(being the instrument by which baron used to steal and to murdered the innocent) You end up at the town Cecil had last persecuted to steal power.. you end up hearing a prophesy and instructions to climb a mountain. At the top of this mountain you face your Shadow while the fight your shadow. and at first you just mindlessly attack you shadow.. “ENEMY DIE!!!” but then you realize that you have to stop attacking it to defeat it. and the game makes you just stand there and take the hits. Parry/Heal/Parry/Heal/Parry. and in the dialogue Cecil is pleading with his shadow. “Please stop! why! why are you fighting me!” Soon after the shadow falls and you become a Paladin. I just really meant a lot to me now TODAY. To understand Love thy enemy as thyself. And that your shadow is the instrument by which Christ destroys the enemy. And that I am to be his bride a Child of the Light in submission. That Christ is between myself and my shadow… Weilding my shadow against the Darkness.
I could go on forever on the number of parallels that connect with me in this game. and It was the FIRST game I played at age 4. when it was called Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES. and I almost would say i felt compelled in various other times in my life to play that game through again… I never understood why that game was so important for me to remember… until going threw these past few weeks and seeing what God has done in this people. Its crazy what God can unlock in the back of your mind. I could also tell a similar story for League of Legends and Path of exile that God’s used to show me the same point. so that it would be a Solid Snake.
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