FOOD FOR THE SOUL IS IMPORTANT TOO & YOU’VE GOT TO FEED IT OR YOUR SOUL IS GOING TO DIE!  Absorb these Words and feel the Raw, Naked, Sexy, Powerful White Hot Energy of the Heavenly Power coursing through your spiritual man!  Don’t stop there, though.  Use it in battle!
I’ll try and post some quotes on the following:
1.The Word
4.Loving Jesus
5.The Keys
6.Spirit Helpers

Here we go….
1.The Word
11. I WONDER HOW MANY MORE SCRIPTURES YOU CAN THINK OF WHICH RELATE THE WORD TO LIFE? (Maria: I am come that ye might have life.”) (Jn.10:10.) That’s a good one. The Word came that we might have life. How do we get the life? Through the Word—Jesus!—And His Word, both the Word of the past & the Word of the present. Life. I was just thinking of another one when you quoted that one, that links the Word & Life.
12. WELL, EVEN THAT ONE ABOUT “THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD”. (1Pe.2:2.) There’s a picture of a babe who must have the mother’s milk to live. Without the Word they will die spiritually. That would be an interesting study if somebody had time to find how many ways could you relate those two words in the Scripture & Scriptural meanings, how that the Word gives life. It says, “The entrance of Thy Word giveth light”‚ it certainly gives life too. (Ps.119:130.)
13. IT’S THE SEED WHICH BRINGS FORTH THE FRUIT OF A NEWBORN BABE IN CHRIST. We sow the Word, what do we reap? We reap souls, new children in the Lord. That sure is life, just like babies. The father sows the seed, the mother nourishes it & brings it to life. The seed is likened to the Word, the Word is likened to the seed. What does the seed do? It brings forth life. Right? (Maria: “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed thereto according to Thy Word.”) (Ps.119:9.) Amen. TYL! But I’m trying to relate particularly the Word & Life. How does the Scripture picture that the Word actually gives life?
14. THE WORD IS THE SEED & THE SEED IS THE WORD! “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground & die‚ it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (Jn.12:24.) In other words, it brings forth life. The seed, the Word, brings forth life. And if they become alienated from the Word they become alienated from life, spiritual life, from the Lord, because He is the Word. They become alienated from His life & His spiritual spark, you might say in a way, that which gives life. The Word is life.

15. THAT SCRIPTURE ALWAYS IMPRESSED ME: “THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO YOU, THEY ARE SPIRIT & THEY ARE LIFE”! Think of that! They are Spirit & they are Life! They’re real things! They’re really something. They are Spirit & they are Life. These are things you can’t see, you can’t touch, but without them everything would be dead, totally dead. And without the Word, those people become completely dead, just dead, without life.
16. SCIENCE STILL DOESN’T UNDERSTAND LIFE. Five minutes after you’re dead you’re still all there physically, materially, everything’s there—but something’s gone that they can’t see or feel & which has no weight. They’ve weighed bodies right after they died to see if there was a difference in weight & all that kind of stuff, & it makes no difference in weight. There’s just some spark there‚ there’s some electricity there, there’s some life there, there’s some spirit there that is gone which gave that body life. The Spirit & the Life. And without the Word, which is the Spirit & the Life of Jesus, they’re without Him, without His fellowship, without the Word.
17. I’M CONVINCED IT’S BECAUSE THEY GET AWAY FROM THE WORD. If they live in the Word‚ I don’t think they’d ever get away, they couldn’t get away, because they’d get so full of the Word. That’s why our children are so spiritual, we just baptise them & fill them with the Word! My first family just lived in the Word, memorised the Word‚ & all the first disciples, that was our main thing was memorisation & study of the Word, just get full of the Word so you can’t get away from it. Because “the Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit & they are life.”
18. JESUS IS THE WORD, HE IS THE SPIRIT & THE LIFE‚ & YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DOSE OF HIM EVERYDAY, really, & have a good feeding & feasting & drinking. Just like you have to eat in order to have physical strength, you have to eat of the Word‚ drink of the Word to have spiritual strength. And I think that’s how they get so alienated from the life of God they neglect the Word, they get away from the Word. “Without me ye are nothing.” (Jn.15:5.) They get away from the Lord. They don’t lose their salvation but they “follow afar off” like Peter (Mt.26:58), to the point where they could even deny Him, like Peter.

2. Praise
It’s very important Here in Heaven, and we praise the Lord all the time! It’s very natural. It’s part of being Here and what we do. When you see it from this side, you see how important it is and how much you want to do it. It’s beautiful to hear the praises of the Lord that people give. It’s beautiful to hear the many ways to praise the Lord Here, and to see that all things praise the Lord. It’s beautiful! It’s wonderful! I can’t even explain it.
And as you praise, you partake of this Heavenly atmosphere, the atmosphere of praise that we have Here! You partake of it and you participate in it. It’s a link between you there and us Here.

45. BUT YOU ARE THE CONNECTION between the two, and it’s your prayers that make the connection, and so you have to pray for them and make it specific, see? You don’t just say, “Oh, those poor little girls, they’re so beautiful and so sweet and they’re so hungry for love and I feel so sorry for them.”
46. YOU KNOW I WAS SITTING DOWN THERE in the living room that night the first time I saw that picture of the two girls on the Bilitis album, and I was sitting there thinking, “Oh, those poor little girls, they’re so sweet and they’re so hungry for love that they’re even loving each other, and it’s so sad because they can’t find enough love.”
47. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT JESUS SAID TO ME? I’m a good operator and on the job, so immediately I got the message: He said‚ “Well‚ why don’t you pray for them! I’ll send them some love. If you will pray for them I will get through to them.” Isn’t that beautiful? And so Maria and I prayed together for them. That’s the difference.
48. YOU’RE LIKE AN OPERATOR, YOU GET THE MESSAGE FROM GOD and He puts it on your mind to think, “Oh, they’re so sweet and they’re so precious and they need love so much and they want to hear this call, they really need it,” and then you hang up! Isn’t that crazy?
49. INSTEAD OF TRANSFERRING THE CALL onward and plugging it into their number, you just say, “Oh well, okay, that’s too bad‚ I’m sorry.” It’s just like you’re telling God, “It doesn’t matter, I’m sorry but that’s too bad, there’s nothing I can do about it.”
50. THAT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN PRAYER. You don’t believe in the power of God. If you would believe like I believe‚ then you would send that prayer, forward the call. The operator has to believe that the message really comes from God, and has to believe in the message. And then you have to believe that you can plug in and get through to them, that’s prayer.

4.Loving Jesus
9. (Jesus continues:) I am not as a man, one who would lie or deceive or trick or lead on his lover only to get what he wants, and then dump her and reject her and leave her hopeless and penniless and brokenhearted. I am not only your Husband and your greatest Lover, but I am also your Lord and King and Savior. I rule the universe‚ and all power is given unto My hand. My Words to you are true. My promises to you are perfect. Some have been fulfilled, some are being fulfilled, and some will yet be fulfilled.
10. But not one of My promises will be without her mate‚ just as I am not without My mate, and you are not without your mate [Me]. Just as you and I are complete and whole in each other, so will each of My promises to you be complete and whole, each one with her fulfillment.

11. Your love has moved My hand to work in many ways—some you see and some you do not yet see. But I am constantly working for you, serving you, honoring you. I know your every need, and nothing escapes My vision. My passion and love for you drives Me, compels Me, pushes Me to attend to your every need and desire. For I am not as an unfaithful husband whose love has waned and who plays around behind your back and is unfaithful and untrue and deceptive. But I am your Husband and your Lover today, tomorrow and forever! Nothing will separate us. Nothing will lessen My Love for you. Nothing will cause Me to lose interest and to go seeking someone new, someone different. For you are the Bride of My dreams, and I will take such good care of you—pamper you, spoil you, honor you so before the people—that you will never regret marrying Me!

21. (Jesus continues:) Those who have loved Me intimately, I have helped and strengthened and blessed in an enormous variety of ways. Victories that have been won, lessons that have been learned, tough decisions that have been made in My will were all part of My reward, My blessing. But the greatest reward, the greatest gift‚ is greater intimacy with Me. As you have learned to love Me intimately‚ as you have lain in My arms, received My kisses and caresses and seeds, so have you learned to be attuned to Me. You recognize My Spirit and My voice more easily. You feel the nudges of My Spirit more obviously. You sense the direction that I am leading. You discern My will and My way more completely.
22. Just as it is with earthly lovers, as they spend more time together and share their hearts and learn to know one another deeply and intimately, they become attuned to each other’s desires and needs and ways, and with time they are as two hearts that beat as one. They think alike and act alike and are alike. So it is with us—you, My dear bride, and Me. You have learned to recognize My needs and wants and desires. And as we have spent many precious hours in the secret place in passionate lovemaking, so have you become more like Me—thinking My thoughts, reacting as I react, feeling as I feel, and loving as I love.
23. You who have loved Me intimately have allowed My penis to plow the soil of your heart and I have planted My seeds deep within you. You have received the bursts of My seeds in Heavenly orgasms again and again and again. I have caused these seeds to pour forth from your mouths as you have been My channels and My witnesses.
24. You have exercised your gifts of prophecy. You have grown in faith, and My seeds‚ the results of our lovemaking, have poured forth through your mouth in the form of more specific instruction, more abundant message. For as your desire to receive My seeds and My lovemaking has grown, so has your desire to hear My personal, fresh, Heaven-sent Words increased as well. Your increased ability to hear from Me‚ to receive help from Heaven, specific answers to your immediate questions through My living Word for you is a direct result of your loving Me and receiving My seeds. You love Me and I fill you to overflowing, and My truth bursts forth from your mouth and heart and spirit.
5.The Keys
95. The power of the keys is based on the scriptures in Matthew where I told My disciples that I was giving them the power of the keys of Heaven, that nothing was impossible to them, that all power was given to Me in Heaven and in Earth, and that whatever they would bind on Earth would be bound in Heaven, or if they loosed it on Earth, it would be loosed in Heaven (Matthew 16:19, 17:20, 18:18, 28:18). If you take these promises literally, everything else that I have shown you about the keys merely expounds upon that foundation.
96. I have said that I chose to reveal the secrets of the keys of the Kingdom to the children of David, and that I had reserved this knowledge for you. This does not mean, however, that you are the only ones who can use it. I want you to teach others about it as well. The full power comes only to those who yield their all, who give all their hearts to Me, and there are many conditions for its use, which I have laid out to you in previous messages. There are others, those not within your circle, who will be drawn to you, and who will want to be one with you in spirit, and who will be willing to give their hearts and spirits to Me, and to whom I will grant the use of the power of the keys, all to varying degrees.
97. I have said that you will be known as the people of the keys, and the only way this will come about is if you tell others about this power, teach them its meaning, and teach them how to use it. This is the destiny of the children of David—to become those who hold the power of the keys‚ who are known for its power, and who teach others to believe and accept and use this power.
98. It is through this power that you will become the leaders of the Christian world in the Last Days. They will need this power to make it through the Tribulation, as you will, and they will know and see that you are the ones well versed in it, who understand it, who have experienced it, and they will come to you to learn of you. As those who are My children and who are worthy of the power of the keys humble themselves to learn about it from you, I will grant this power unto them as well. (End of message.)

6.Spirit Helpers
158. You will need to have a strong connection not only with My Word and your Father David and Queen Maria and your shepherds‚ but also with many from Here who will be able to help you as situations arise—with new projects, new ministries, with feeding the flock, with the young people, with a renewed emphasis on childcare, with preparing My children for the difficult days ahead—the days in which I ask everyone to have a close connection with Me, to walk close by My side, and to stay immersed in My Word, drinking deeply of My Word! Thus, they shall stand strong against the fiery darts of the Evil One and against those who wish to smother and put out their faith.
159. I place great importance on your connection with Me and your communication and closeness with those who have gone on before you, and those who have been Here always. There is so much they wish to say, so many experiences to speak of! There is so much they wish to pass on, and they are lining up in preparation for it.
102. (Jesus speaking: ) Open your heart and the Spirit will flow in, the Spirit will flow in, the Spirit will flow in‚ in all its power. Open your heart, open your mind, open your ears, open your eyes, open your soul. Open your channels to Heaven and receive the flow! Receive the steady stream of My Words that I will pour down upon you.

103. My Words will give life and power and will be as refreshing waters to those that thirst—not only to your children, to the children of David, but to My lost children in the world. They are all My children, and I love them the same, and I wish to feed all My children. I will give in different styles—one for My children of David‚ and another for My children of the world. Nevertheless, all are My children, and My Words will speak powerfully to those for whom they are intended.
104. Therefore hold not back the flow of My Words. Be not of little faith. Doubt not yourselves. Doubt not your channel or your ability to receive these words from Me—these new words in a new form, in the form of stories. You just need to be My little receivers and hear the words that I give, and open your mouth and let them pour forth.
105. Be as John the Revelator who sat still, quietly, and communed with Me; who lifted up his eyes to Heaven, who saw My visions, who heard My Words, and who wrote them down, who recorded them. And lo, they have been published for the world! The Words which he did hear, the visions which he did see, write and record, have spoken to millions and millions around the world. So will these stories be‚ for they are mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven—words from above, stories from beyond—and they will inspire great interest.
106. They will touch hearts and lives, and they will draw My sheep closer to My fold. And for the children of David, for your young ones, they will be an inspiration and a joy and rejoicing to their hearts! They will be that which they have longed for, that which they have searched for, that which they have desired, that which they have hoped and prayed for—the secret desire of their hearts. For I wish to fulfill all their longings.
107. So remember the children! Think about the children! Their needs and their desires and their longing for these special words in story form from Me will compel you to take time to hear from Me and to receive these words in prayer. For the children will be so thankful! It will enrich their lives and satisfy their souls, and I wish for them to have this special treasure. (End of message from Jesus.)

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