SpiritWars 000000024: Douglas Dietrich on the Revelation of the Magi LIVE NOW!

JOIN US!!  We discuss:
The 12 Sage Kings of China, the Star Child and Universal Religion. The revelation of the Magi in Ancient Christian Apocraphon.
Vatican library, Coptic monasteries “Copts” (one of the first to convert to Christianity as an ethnos)
Assemani – 18th century Orientalist who worked for Vatican Library.
Adam – Star – Tree of Knowledge
Sons of Set (a millenia ago, est. in Asia)
DD’s Cleavage to Byzantine Serbian Orthodox Church
Jesus Sutras

Behold a Pale Horse the second most stolen book after the Bible!
Hunger Games is secretly about instigating an uprising in China and is therefore set in the USA so that Chinese will read it!
District 13 is Taiwan!
Some comments:

Michelle Carmela Saldana16:09sent from Spreaker.com

There is a movie about the Japanese Jesuits coming out in America. Douglas probably knows about it. I just saw the commercial yesterday.

Fringe Radio Network16:10sent from Desktop

I was just about to mention that.

Michelle Carmela Saldana16:12sent from Spreaker.com

Basically listening. My ex husband’s brother was deemed as a national treasure for his artistic talent and knowledge. Douglas should be so titled -maybe global treasure or some such for all the knowledge he contains and shares.

Fringe Radio Network16:15sent from Desktop

that’s beautiful and I’ll certainly be saying that!!

Michael Basham16:16sent from Spreaker.com

It’s a crime more people don’t know of Douglas. But Heaven knows!

Michelle Carmela Saldana16:17sent from Spreaker.com

That is what I teach! Everyone is safe; born free no longer enslaved. Jesus died on the cross -we are redeemed due to Jesus death. We are restored in our relationship and in heritance by the resurrection. Jesus restored our inheritance of god’s on this earth. Our right to Eden. Hence the name Once Upon an Eden.

Fringe Radio Network16:20sent from Desktop

That’s right! Jesus finished the job… Thank You Lord!!

Michelle Carmela Saldana16:23sent from Spreaker.com

Discernment has been coming up the past few broad casts.

Fringe Radio Network16:32sent from Desktop

So crucial for these days.

Michelle Carmela Saldana16:36sent from Spreaker.com

I have some comparative reading and other homework as a result of this broadcast. 😄

Fringe Radio Network16:37sent from Desktop

Me too! Garsh…. “Jesus Sutras” here we go!

Michelle Carmela Saldana16:42sent from Spreaker.com

I met the Chinese Minister of Education in 2000 or 2001, I forget which year. She was a Christian and asked my son and I to pray for her family. Her sister was the Minister of Health (overseer of the One Child policy). She was afraid of the curses that would come upon her sister and the family at large, let alone the country as a result of her sister’s participation.

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