SpiritWars Journeys with Tony Floyd! (ARCHIVE!)

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Tony Floyd shares with us:
-Recent Spirit Wars “stories.”
-Getting ripped from your body
-cloaks in the spirit to hide your light
-Annunaki slave dungeons
-Horror of underground child mutilation
-A tunnel that opened up into space with children being traffic
-Working with Samson and the Spirit-Craft “Trailblazer!” to fight enemy craft!
-Traveling to a beautiful island
-a Castle… fortress for the millennial reign for when we are destroying evil from the face of the earth!
-Talk with Samson. Why did he tell Delilah about his hair secret?
-Dagon worshipers were half-angel, Annunaki. The plan was to get them in one building.
-A banquet and feast was prepared for Tony.
-Being commanded to write and tell God’s people the visions of the Spirit Wars.
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Latest SpiritWars With Tony Floyd “The Commander”

I haven’t had a chance to edit these but they are here for the open minded spirit warrior to become inspired about the vast battles taking place constantly in that realm!


Moving about the battle field my heart began to become weary of battle so I called Zeb to my side . Zeb please watch over the battle on my front I shall return my friend . Off into the heavens I turned Midnight as he flew my heart pondered the things that were happening to me in the spirit and the flesh . How the last two days so many warring Angels had come in and were waiting on deployment ,it was really getting to be more then I could handle. Midnight flew toward a garden and had now arrived and it was that fast . I leaped from his back took my battle gear off slipped into a white robe and knelt and prayed to the Lord of light . Lord please forgive me of weakness ,forgive my flesh and sins of it . See my spirit o Lord and how it loves you and wishes to serve your Kingdom . Teach me how to fight o Lord and help me into you . The Lord of light came and took me by the arm lifted me up and drawn me into the garden that I had grown to love so much .  The Lord was holding a lamb in his hands and he stroked the fur on his back with gentle hands . What is troubling you he ask me ? Lord just everything , I don’t know where I am heading or what I am doing . What are you doing he ask me? I am fighting for your kingdom doing my best to hold on to my sanity as I see things and do things that no man would believe Lord . Do you believe my son Father spoke from behind me ? Yes Father I replied as I turned and watched him walk up and stand next to the Lord of light and they became one . Midnight walked across the garden and entered into them and they all became one . I have seen them do this before and it still kind of freaks me out . Each  one then pulled out a piece of themselves held it out and said you come from us . I was so happy to see that , and it made me feel so loved and special . Lord what about the dreams I’m having I don’t understand I see Brenda Kay Floyds family on a space shuttle why is the dream returning after so many years past ? More then that Lord why am I doing such things in the spirit that I do not understand ? Lord I am really confused and I need Understanding of all of it . Father stepped out of Jesus walked up to me took me bye the hand and I was in a vision within a vision .  I was once again crashing through Lucifer’s fortress ,but tis time I was seeing it through Fathers eyes. I could see on my way in that the universe was his footstool and the place of accusation were Lucifer accuses us was the fortress and his throne. Anyway in my vision the inside of it was white as snow and put together like a igloo . I saw myself come across the universe like a comet striking the evil fortress leaving a trail across the path behind me . as I landed and rubble fell around me I could see I had crashed into a court room at the very moment in time that Lucifer was accusing me unto death . The courts of heaven were stunned but Father leaned forward on his throne with great approval . I then said to the courts without thinking I guess he had to take a piss . As Lucifer had fled as soon as he saw me as I popped the stone from his breastplate . Father erupted in laughter and the courts chimed in their laughter . Father spoke at that time , I have waited for so long to see that . Because you have dared to believe me Lucifer will no longer were the praise garment in my sight ,and he knows my sons and daughters are rising up and soon my son will take what is his . Back into the garden Father let go of my hand and stepped back. Father spoke again Abraham believed me and I counted it as righteousness to him and in no way will I let you down for it is also righteousness unto you .You have these visions and dreams for I lead you to battle . The book of Enoch is now at hand as I destroy all evil upon the face of the earth . Just simply keep believing no matter the attacks and I will be with you . Lord how I love you , how I worship you how I wish to serve you no matter the cost O Lord of light finish your work in me .
I left the garden ,changed back into my armor mounted Midnight and back to the battle I went . I thought about what Father had said and the trinity entering one another . I loved that they said I came from them it always give me a burst of energy to know that the Lord of light is backing me up .

The Lord had given me new orders in the spirit as I flew back , and the battle started to come back into view . Joshua was now marching around the city leading massive troops of warring Angels and wearing sackcloth , it was truly a sight to see . Joshua looked over at me smiled , said thanks for the ride Blazer , Thank you Joshua for the lessons and your love . Good luck on your battle I no you will be victorious . I watched as he marched on  and around the bend . Looking out over the city I saw that we had the battle under control as the shepherd dogs had completely destroyed the hellhounds and riders . Lord may I have some of these shepherd dogs? Of course he answered in my spirit I created them for you . I was touched and felt how deep in love I was with him . A dozen of the strange looking dogs came up to me as I was still upon Midnight . Find yourselves a place on board I will see to you later thanks for helping us out in battle.

I said goodbye to the Angels that stand .( For your information ,When I go into battle like this and deploy the warring Angels they do not leave . They always stay and fight until victory is won and that will be when Jesus returns as the lion of Judah )

Blade was loading up and I saw him loading up shepherd dogs also , I had no idea of his part in the battle but would soon talk with him . David was loading back up on the Trailblazer and he stopped and gave me a long look of affection and I felt his love for me from across the bay . I gave Midnight a nudge and off to the ship we went . His stall door opened up and in we flew landing so gently I dismounted . Brushing down Midnight I did not want to see David for I knew he would soon be leaving me as I was to deliver him to his battle . Lord I praise you for the time you have given me with David , I ask you Lord of light can I take a few days to talk with him before his great battle ? Yes but do not tarry very long . Thank you Jesus my King . Turning and heading to the bridge for my first time in the Trailblazer I was excited to fly her . The ship was now no longer a sailing vessel but was a spirit craft once more with all the colors of the light . Stepping onto the landing of the bridge I saw Map at the helm . four Angels that I had not met before were at the stations around the bridge . A very large window was across the bow of the ship and I had a clear view of space ahead of me . Sitting down at the helm I leaned her forward and off we went at a slow speed I was in no hurry as I watched my friend Joshua marching and parading around the city and I wondered what lay ahead for this city if it did not repent unto the Lord .
Into the upper atmosphere Map was watching Earth fade away as we passed the moon and stars called the watchers . We headed toward Saturn as I punched the Trailblazer into light speed . The ship reacted very well to my maneuvering of her pushing it harder we doubled our speed as the stars became flashes of light passing by . Pulling her up toward the sun we left a trail of the colors of a rainbow and glittering gold dust across space . Coming into the rings of Saturn I backed off the ship and slowed to a crawl and the ship was hidden in the rings as our colors matched to a tee , Turning the helm over to Map she was smiling from ear to ear and very happy . I was happy for her . Walking over to the window that overlooked the cargo bay of the ship I saw David moving about the floor of the Blazer with four white stallions wearing silver and gold trimmed harnesses , The reigns were made of diamonds and light as they twinkled in the light of the rings of Saturn . I turned and ran downstairs and then noticed warriors all armored up . They were of all the twelve tribes of Israel .How I knew this I did not no . There were Asian warriors , African warriors , Middle eastern , Western , Europe , France warriors from all over the world as the twelve tribes were scattered .mighty men of old with great strength and mite . I walked up to David and ask who are all these warriors and Angels ready for battle ? David smiled and said you know who they are and where we are going for you also will do as you are ordered by our Captain of host .  But I have never seen such great warriors such as these ,they towered over me and I stand six ft  two . The warriors were checking each others armor and moral was high . I walked around them and saw a row of chariots of old . David was attaching the stallions to one in the front , it was really awesome to behold a gold guide stem that turned the chariot as the stallions moved from right to left or left to right . The chariot itself was solid white with feather like breast plate on the front trimmed in gold and silver. The spokes seemed to be one gem stone twisted to be a spoke . with light as the wheels . David looked at me would you like to ride with me . O yes David I would like that very much . Step up and hold on ,David stepped up as the stallions were ready to go and I noticed their hoofs were ass fire . The Cargo bay door opened and David snapped the reins and we were off into the rings of Saturn . David I have driven sled dogs ,Harleys ,fast cars ,but I have never felt this way as the wind blew through my golden beard and my hair blew back on my neck and I had never felt so free . David was happy as well as he trotted the stallions across the space of time . David looked at me and ask me did Father tell you your genealogy ? Yes David he did about 2 years ago . Have you received it into your spirit ? I have but yet I do not understand . That is why you keep seeing them enter into one another you know . No I don’t know I don’t understand it fully but I guess I will one day . I just trust in them and love everything they do and say . The Lord hath hidden his seed in man throughout the generations of man ,and in these last days he will pull his seed unto himself and make sons and daughters from them . Let me show you some things and places you will go for the Lord of light our great love . I spotted a piece of leather like material with a loop in it I placed my hand in it to hold on as David turned the stallions in flash of light we were headed back to earth . Smooth I said as we danced across the night sky of space and time . Fire from the hooves spread out each time a stallion would leap . I watched the terrain as we entered the earths atmosphere North I knew it I thought to myself , we galloped across the day sky as snow covered the high places of Alaska . We flew across this vast State and I watched UFOs crisscross in a grid like fashion looking for something . They were massive sized ships dark as night and I could see the sons of darkness flying them with humans beside them as a team . I wanted back into the Trailblazer and come here now and fight . David saw the fight in my spirit and laughed soon he said soon . David continued to speak on the genealogy  of man . People say the elect are all Jews but I tell you God chooses those who he calls elect . Those who truly love him with all that they have all the hopes and dreams of this evil world those who will lay down all and love him those are the elect  and will be called sons and daughters of God . He will pour out his spirit on them and they shall drive evil  out from beneath the earth as David dove into a hollow place in the earth . The chariot and horses hoofs rumbled as we past chambers of evil . I beheld evil at its worst as people were bound in chains as demons had there ways with them . David pointed to a chamber amongst them and glittering stones and many other treasures were there . David how can the treasures be of more value then the people I ask ? They are not worth what the people were worth to the Lord of light but they chose to go in the path of evil and were bought for a very low price . What you see upon the table are gifts given to men by our Lord and evil has hoarded it up for themselves . It belongs to the Lord of heaven and he wants it back . Bye taking it back you strip evil of using these blessings mint for man . The evil sons of darkness use them in great numbers to deceive many . Also as you retrieve them you set captives free of such great deceptions and truth is replaced in them as they come to the Lord of light . I was looking around trying to find a way back into here but there were evil guards all about poking the lost souls back into burning pits . I have learned to ignore most of it as I come here from time to time like this . Study your enemy as David turned his chariot toward the exit that seemed so far away as the stench and sulphur smell were getting to me . No matter how I try to not let it get to me it always does and I find myself shaking . I was ready to go back to the ship and David took me there .

SPIRIT WARS a vision of the millennium reign
David said on the return to the ship, I have more to show you if your up for it . Yes I said I will  be fine . But why did we not take the blessings back while we were there . David replied sternly man gave it away by the hands of man shall it be taken back .

As we turned toward Earth again I could see it was changed , a great light shined from within and I knew it as love our Lord of light . There were great numbers of very large Angels surrounding the atmosphere  around Earth singing praises to him that sat on the throne . We entered into time and past through the great tribulation to beyond into the millennium , I saw children fishing . They had simple fishing poles carved from wood ,and all were catching fish from a stream so clean and pure to drink from it would be glorious . Animals walked with the children and they seemed to talk , I could not see that well for I was looking through time in the Holy Spirit . Not one dead blade of grass , no dead limbs or tree’s . Closer we came till I had clear vision and sound and the children laughed and played with no fear of injury or harm what a awesome sight . And we moved over the tree’s to a village of people gardening with the juiciest looking veggies and fruits . They were gathering them for a feast and trade . The men of the village were busy with wood making  like rocking chairs ,toys and such all for trade with other villages . The Lord sat above them looking down teaching them love and kindness as he was there light . Singing and dance before the Lamb of God broke out as people worshiped before him and his love poured out on them as bowls of liquid love . The people danced and traded as many villages had come to share their daily harvest and works . Upward we flew on David’s chariot as the window closed I was silent . Then I prayed Lord please let my children and there children live to enter this kingdom to come , let them live in a place so pure and full of love .  It will be a day I will never forget as I travel through the vast universe that Father has created for us , we must fight to take it back . Just believe upon his name receive the things he speaks to you and join us in Spirit Wars .

Let’s look at some scripture , and lets look at it through our Spirit eyes not our fleshly ones . Matthew 14 verse 26 And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled , saying It is a ghost! And they cried out for fear. ( Now water in the new testament is always the Holy Spirit living waters . So Jesus was walking on the spirit or with the spirit ) verse 27  But immediately Jesus spoke to them saying , Be of good cheer ! It is I , do not be afraid . ( So Jesus was in the realm of his Kingdom in the Holy Spirit water.) verse 28 And Peter answered him and said , Lord if it is you (see Peter tested the spirit right there ) command me to come to you on the water. ( Peter was asking to come to where Jesus was in the spirit in his kingdom ) verse 29 So he said COME. And when Peter had come down out of the boat ,he walked on the water to go to Jesus . ( Pester got out of the boat entered the Holy Spirit as he sored above and out of the earthly realm into the spirit realm ) verse 30 But when he saw that the wind was boisterous (excessive ,powerful , Holy Spirit holds all power ) he was afraid , and beginning to sink he cried out saying , Lord, save me  (He was in the kingdom realm , yet his doubt overcame him . (And I know this feeling as I have also sunk and had the Lord pull me back into the spirit )   verse 31 And immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him, and said to him , O you of little faith , why did you doubt ? ( not words you want to hear from our Lord of light , he wants you to believe this and I will show you another example . )

Matthew chapter 17 verse 1 Now after six days Jesus took Peter ( Peter’s second visit in the spirit in a very short time period ) James and John his brother , led them up on a high mountain by themselves, ( Now what Jesus does next is so awesome and remember Jesus was not crucified yet he was flesh as you and I . )verse 2and he was transfigured before them . His face like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light . ( That’s why I call him the Lord of light . Jesus became light in his Kingdom realm and brought these three to see what they could become if they simply believed in him. That you could live in heaven as you walk earth by faith .) You should read the rest of it and think about what Jesus wants to show you , go beyond the pages of the bible dare to believe him for so much more. You are creating your own chapter in the word of God , what will yours say ? Ask him for forgiveness repent and come to know him in his kingdom today God bless .

Coming back aboard the Trailblazer , from the ride with David ,I would long remember what I had seen and heard him speak . I sat down at the controls of the ship swooped upward and out of the rings and into darkness once again . Catching the light of Saturn I pulled up and left  a trail across the vastness of space . David joined me on the bridge and admired the view and the operations of the ship . I think my chariot is much easier . Yes I said ,but its not complicated ,runs on my fingerprint made from Father .  I don’t know how it works but it does ,laughing as I said it . Do you know where to go he ask ? yes I do , I responded . I was wondering one last time before you go King . Yes he said .

As we came into the Mediterranean sea, I sat the Blazer down twelve hours out , from his arrival point.  Walking to the deck of the now wooden vessel again with sails hoisted and sailing toward shore . David took a sword from the rack and I also took up one . We were wearing white and it was to be a peaceful match amongst friends . Standing facing him I thanked him for every moment the Lord of light had given me to learn from such a great king . Gazing in his eyes I saw the love he had developed for me . He struck out his sword and my sword met it ,back and fourth we spared using blocking and attacking methods as he taught me more . Looking over his shoulder I saw four of the twenty four higher Angels come on deck and say it is time . David’s chariot was on deck now and all of the army of the twelve tribes ,and many legions of warring angels were arriving to go with him . Towering Angels one hundred feet tall and even bigger ones . I rushed to David’s side gave him a tight embrace as we said together see you later brother . David said look into the night and see Michael for he has been fighting endlessly for the land of Israel . David snapped the rein’s on the Stallions and off into the night he rode singing psalms 91 . His troops thumped against the shields making joyful sound to the Lord .

Setting a new course we headed North , going below deck , there was the heaven hounds laying ,and walking about in the cargo bay . I thought o yea the dogs . Moving faster and faster across the sea we lifted and off we went into the early morning fog . Rising above I could see Michael swinging a huge sword and striking a giant scorpion in the back splitting it into . Looking at me he smiled as he struck a dark figure , I could not see but his sword lit up in a flash . Turning to me again he blew out a breath of wind and we took off in overwhelming gust of wind that took us into orbit . ( I will say , I was also pushed to wright this story. I Have considered stopping the wrighteing but when I do Holy Spirit comes and says more . So hope you like I do and I want more of him and his kingdom thanks for reading .

Turning my focus to the Sheppard hounds that the Lord had created for me, I moved down to the cargo bay floor to get a better understanding of what I had here . Walking up to the one I deemed the Alpha male ,He spoke before I ask anything .God created us before time for you . He knew your love of the hunt as a child ,your love for hounds . Holy Spirit also knew you would need them for these times and days that come upon man and earth. Wisdom I cried out this sounds like you , I turned to see the spirit of Wisdom beside me . They will track demons for you, go into holes in the earth and drive out evil . They are capable as you have seen to swallow up death and evil , They can swallow up the fouled blessings and deliver them to the Purity for purification . They will deliver the demons to the bag into hell where ever you would have them held awaiting judgement from him who sits on the throne . Take these Sheppard hounds your sword and armor , take the Trailblazer chase the demons across the land retrieve the blessings given to the departed ones and bye doing so you break the chains of bondage and curses upon the family’s whom the blessings belonged too. The demon depression is running across the land ,hate , murder , drugs , and many more . Capture them remove them from the battle ! Wisdom then removed himself from the room .  I have duty for six of you hounds of protection decide amongst you who will guard my family and crew (.Also remember each hound had a cat like side kick , I still do not no why , but the Lord will revile it in the future .) Six hounds stepped forward we are the ones . Up the steps I went to the bridge and sat at the controls turned the Blazer toward Alaska and into the night we flew leaving o purple dust across the sky .A bible verse came to mind as I flew , 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 52-55 Ina moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet . For the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed . 53 For this corruptible ,must put on incorruption , and this mortal must put on immortality . 54 So when this corruptible has put on incorruption , and this mortal has put on immortality ,then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written; Death is swallowed up in victory . ( I live by this promise of God . One of my fav’s , and I believe it .)  Coming into Anchorage, Alaska I opened the cargo doors and four of the Shepard hounds leaped down , one to each household of my family and one for Brenda Kay Floyd who fights hellhounds in the flesh and the spirit really needs this one the Alpha male will protect and help you hun . Next I turned South East and headed out to Texas . Map was standing of to the side ,but she was still like a cardboard cut out there yet not there yet . I prayed for her to see and believe for the Lord of light had chosen her . I knew in time she would come alive in her spirit . Her home came into view I opened the doors and two hounds leaped down onto her property ,with the Angels posted there now . They wasted no time in checking out the property and her sisters as well . Off into the day sky we left into the darkness of space .

Cruising around the Texas area looking for a trail  , the shepherd hounds were running about tree level  when they hit the cent of a demon . The lead dog let out a long bellow , Strike my dog I screamed out to the heavens our first trail . All six of the hounds let out a sharp short howl the chase was now on . I mounted Midnight tucked my legs under his amazing wings wrapped in his long main that was alive ,he raised up flapped his wings and leaped from the stall and toward the hounds . The hounds ran him up the Highway toward the Northwest part of Texas . Moving over the border into New Mexico the trail was heating up as the hounds were bellowing louder and louder with excitement in the air I laughed and praised God for this precious gift , I was so happy to be a part of such a Kingdom as the Lord’s . As the love of Christ flowed through my veins this night . I could see the hounds turn toward Taos New Mexico I called three hounds off the chase , ordered them to hunt a certain demon in Taos which I had great interest in treeing . Midnight flew ever so smoothly toward the hounds staying back 500 ft or so not to interfere with the cent of this fowl demon  . Howling longer now , which means in hunting terms they were close to him and I bet he never saw anything like this on him I laughed with excitement . Then the sound I was weighting to hear a long and steady howl . Tree my dog Lord I yelled out to heaven . Land Midnight I shouted out he flew down and came up to the shepherd hounds I jumped off him and ran to a big pine tree as the dogs had surrounded the tree scratching on it . One of the hounds opened his mouth and I stepped onto his powerful lower jaw and he lifted me up I jumped over onto the back of another hound   and stood on his head as he raised up onto the large tree . I pulled the Justice from it’s sheath yielded it up into the dark branches and I saw him as he let out a loud his at me . A Reptilian I said out loud , as the light from the Justice lit up the tree . Who are you he screamed out at me and what are these dogs ? I am in control here you turd ,and you will answer my questions I replied . I reached up and stuck the sword  to the side of his scale like skin and it burned him as the sword turned red . Smoke rose from it as it burned threw the scales. Who are you I ask , I am A quartermaster he replied take the sword away he screamed I will tell you . No you demon I replied as he burned what is a quartermaster I ask and what do you do ? I collect the stones and gifts from those we deceive he replied and laughed . I pulled the sword from his leg placed it on his inner thigh and  he screamed out and hissed at me as I hit him with my elbow in the face . I looked and saw a bag behind him pulled my dagger cut the bag open as fowl living sins came pouring out of it , falling it hen turned into the blessings and stones that the resurrected Lord had given to people at birth . A hound opened his mouth and ate them as they fell . How many of you are there I demanded of him and he hissed at me and I heard the voice of father saw tare kill him , so I pulled my sword from his thigh and stuck it through his heart . His head fell limp and his odor was as Sulphur and death I heard father say cut his head off I pulled my sword from his heart and with one strike his head fell from the tree and a hound swallowed it up . His body then fell and the other hound swallowed it up ,and off they went one to the Purity one to a worm hole in space and the other to the pits of hell to give them a gift and a notice of my arrival .

The Lord then took me in a instance to a part of  the Middle east . I didn’t know what was happening , Jesus reached out took my shield from my hand and replaced it with another sword , now I had two . The Lord said there are ten of them see there next move before they do and slay them . He then showed me in the spirit where they were and the captives they were holding , yes Lord I said . As I came down onto the roof there were six of them on it . Holding the Justice in my left hand and the sword in the right that the Lord had handed me . I held out the one on the right and it took off the head of the first as I passed bye him striking down with all the power off my left arm the justice turned red as it struck the one in front of me in the middle of the head and split him in half .Spinning around I cut one across the chest and he bent over to hold it he lost his head . throwing the Justice across the roof and moving to catch up with it , it struck him in the heart and I pulled it from him so fast , moved under the one next to him and slashed him across the back . He spun around just in time to loose his head . The one left turned to run as I moved so fast across the roof he had no chance and he also lost his head . I walked up to the one who still had his and then he had it no more . Moving down the stairs I saw the captives laying on the floor sleeping all women of middle eastern decent I could tell bye there garments and tan skin . four more I thought then I shall come back up . I moved silently down the stairs for I knew where the next two were , I crossed the swords stepped through the door way swung to right and left at the same time two more heads roll . Sheathing one sword I pulled my dagger out two guards out side one bye the door one taking a piss  bye a Humvee . walking out the door I stuck the dagger in the middle of his forehead and threw the Justice deep into the back of the one pissing . I walked up took my sword as Angels came down from above  . I was then at once back at the tree with the hounds . I called for the other three to return and they did so . I would say my first hunt was awesome and cant wait for the next God bless all who read this goodnight .

As I returned home from the hunt , I was hit by a hoard of demons . Demons of self pity and regret of the choices I had made at the wall . I looked up at the clock and it read midnight , I’m tired and going to bed I thought to myself . Standing and turning off the light I headed to bed . At once Midnight came into view swooped into the floor rose up and I was on him . Off into the night sky through the walls of my home. It was wonderful and I love Midnight so . This time he had two light purple slashes going down his back , I sat in between them with my heels clasp under his wings and I laid across his neck and hugged him as he flew to a new place that I had not seen before . It was covered in smoke with red glows , as we got closer I could see lava running all about it making puddles of fire along its path as it made its way around .

I looked to a ridge and there was the Lord of light with a great glow about him . Midnight turned and headed for him . We got closer and I saw that he was leading many horses all saddled up with brittles and bits . Midnight came in and I jumped down ran to Jesus who was setting on a horse a white stallion and his white robe covered the stallion down his hind quarters , Jesus had a crown on ,the one in my photo with three golden balls across the brow of the crown . He was holding the reigns of another white stallion and said take them and follow me . I mounted the horse and trotted after Jesus who had already gone ahead of me . I caught up with him and began to walk my mount just a little behind him and to the side . I watched him as he sat straight in the saddle and I knew he was a master at riding and leading a army . At that I turned to look behind me and saw countless horses walking along with us but no riders just walking with us . I started to ask the Lord what it meant ,but as I turned back around we were stopped and I saw the valley of the shadow of death that I had walked . This time the valley was lit up and the path was clear . Jesus walked forward as we headed down into the valley . I looked to see what I could not see before . Off to the side of the path was a rough terrain that horses could not walk on full of thorns and giant cactus ,but they were all withering up as small blades of green grass were popping up . looking upward I saw towers where the enemy once watched the path and now they were empty . Towering cliffs were all around us and there was no other path but this one . We walked through a divider that closed up on us so that only one horse at a time could pass in single file . As I came out of narrow path I saw puddles of volcanic lava all around . The Lord of light stopped and said in these puddles were the souls that you led to me as you walked the path , each and every one of them will be with me forever more because of the choice you made at the wall . A tear fell from his eye fell to the ground and a flower sprang up in this ugly valley ,and for the first time I could smell his fragrance of life . We walked on until we came to the narrow bridge , once again we crossed single file and the other horses also followed . smoke billowed from bellow and the smell of Sulphur , screaming could be heard as we crossed it . I could see along the path places that I had stopped at to talk with wisdom and others . They were marked with small patches of green grass . We came to the cross and the tree and Jesus looked upon himself on the cross as we past it . I could feel the pain in his heart as it was also in mine . We walked along until we came to the wall .

As we came up to the wall from my mount i could clearly see over the other side . i saw men and women trying to pull there bags over the wall but they could not . Many had turned around and were walking back toward the world and it’s goods . I looked and there lay my bag on the path . My heart sank as i thought of what was in it . Jesus looked at me with tears pouring down his face , he said you can go back and I will love you know less ,but before you do look at your work . I turned to see all the horses disappearing before my eyes , Trailblazer was also vanishing and all it’s works . I turned to the Lord and said no please Lord finish your work in me no matter the cost i have made my decision already take me from this place please Lord . The Lord at that moment took me to another place in time and there was a great big cup . Under the rim of the cup was a entrance guarded by two Angels all dressed in armor yielding swords . People were in line trying to go in but the angels turned them back one at a time .At that moment Midnight appeared under the opening raised up spread his wings and flapped his mighty wings and blew everyone away from the opening . Jesus said to me this is the cup that Father has poured for you and no one else can drink of it . I slipped off my mount walked up to the Lord of light touched him and said i know of the pain in the cup and i also know of the glory in it , Lord i will drink of the cup that father lay before me .  I was so happy that Midnight would be with me on this journey and it gave me great courage and strength to see what lay ahead for me . I ran to Midnight he knelt and let me slide onto him as the angels heled their swords high as to say this one is now closed . Midnight flapped his wings and into the night we went Midnight take me to the Trailblazer I ask . Yes Blazer he answered and I Am so glad you chose the cup that I AM has poured for you .

Back on board the Trailblazer I rested in the Lord for three days as he showed me my next mission , and the plans on how to attack I just needed to know where. I had an idea of how to find it , that is the place where I will find where the quartermasters take their loot for log in . If I could somehow intercept it at this point I could destroy many quartermasters as they unloaded their loot . I stepped out on the deck overlooking the cargo bay ,and said come shepherd hound . The hound responded to my voice and came close . I ask do you know how to run A silent trail ? Yes Blazer he replied . Good can you tell the difference of the cent of quartermasters from other demons and such ? Yes! Okay I want you to strike a trail of  quartermaster run him silent until you find his den follow him home . I will put another hound with you to come back and report for I have another to catch while you trail him . Okay Blazer I will do my best for you , I reached down and rubbed him behind the ear and kissed his nose . I will tell you when to jump . Okay he replied . On the way back inside the bridge I passed Map lol . I poked her in the side said you may wont to wake up for this one . All at once her eyes moved and I laughed at her for I knew that’s all she could do for now . Good job Map keep it up at least now you can see how mashuga I really am lol .

Walking back and setting at the controls of the Trailblazer it was time to play a little on my way to hunting grounds . I would continue where I had treed the last one New Mexico . I ask a angel on the bridge to move Map over to the window and secure her maybe this would help her see or at least give her a better view now that her eyes were open lol . I know when she finally arrives on board she is going to kill me lol . I turned the Blazer upside down and did loops opposite of the way planes do them instead of inside g I went out like a rollercoaster , it was awesome down up around leaving a trail of awesome colors in my wake . Maps eyes were big know with fear . She was scared of highways wonder what she thinks of this , I was absolutely having fun with this .

I pulled Trailblazer back onto course put  the commands I wished the ship to follow put the cardboard cutout of Map at the helm laughed and went to Midnight’s stall . Provisions met me there , also Zebadiah was there and I spoke with him about what I thought was coming and to muster us some troops as we had no more aboard . He replied yes commander Blazer and he laughed and walked away . Provisions was busy dressing me in my armor and making sure all my gear was secure . He looked at me with caring eyes do be careful Blazer we need you alive in the flesh to accomplish the things in the spirit . Provisions never really tells me things such as this so I would ponder this for awhile . I called to the hound I had spoken to and ask you ready ? yes ! Okay lets go on Midnight I mounted and off into the night we went all six hounds in toll . I told four to head to Taos and pick up the trail of this awful demon and his workers, run them until you tree them hole them I don’t care where you run them just corner them and I will come . Off into the night  they ran and before I could do anything else I heard a loud baawhooo strike my dog Lord I said as I laughed with joy . I turned and led the other two hounds to the tree we had been at before said good luck ill be here for a bit then ill catch up .Off into the night they went and I was ready for information . I sat there under the tree listening to the hounds bellow as they ran the trail from home to home in Taos looking to corner this fowl demon and I had decided to let the hounds have there reward tonight on this one , I wanted nothing to do with him are to touch him either just watch him die and be removed from the world and this end time battle that was soon to come . ruff bawhoo the trail was heating up as they ran him around the mountain silence fell on the mountain and I knew that the demon was backtracking on his own trail . This was a chance to see if the dogs were as smart as I think they are . Silent ten minutes now the trail may turn cold soon if they don’t hit it and figure out what he did . Ruff Ruff bowlll they hit again are right those demons will pull that one on these hounds again the trail heated up fast as the howling got louder and louder and more frequent in time . I moved forward on Midnight came close to the hounds as they ran the demon down the main street in Taos I laughed at the first glimpse of our pray . Running and excuse me for telling as I see it but I think I have to tell the truth as I see it . He was running down the main drag naked and with a hard on a perverted demon and his crony’s .The hounds rounded the corner behind them as I yelled the pray is yours feast on their fowl sins and in gulp them as the bible says sin is swallowed up .   The shepherd hounds reached out and grabbed the demons ripping them to shreds  and never slowed down the lead demon the one I was after looked back as he ran and all the terror he had imposed on all his targets was now coming to visit him JUSTICE . The dogs were eating all the lesser demons with him as I rode Midnight beside that demon  ,The hounds turned their attention to this demon now and I screamed kill him devoir him at that one leaped into the air came down on him grabbed him bye the neck and slowed so the other dogs could grab on also and they tore him to shreds and all the others . I ordered them to deliver the pieces and the spirits to the wormhole and return to the ship . I turned and headed back to the Trailblazer as this mission was over and I pray revival to this small mountain town  of Taos , New Mexico may the Lord of Light shine upon you . God bless goodnight .

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