SpiritWars: The Revolution Awakens- Budget Videos

Compare with the original trailer. . .    It’s like our earthly efforts compared with the Heavenly realities!
“It’s real, all of it. . .”
All the seemingly legendary occurances in the Bible and even the most out-there spiritual visions as portrayed in the MO Letters, not to mention the missionary adventures of all our brethren around the world are simply not made up, but are every bit the real thing!
“The Force is calling to you. . .  Just let it in.”
Could be translated as The Holy Spirit is calling you. . .  Just invite Jesus in!
I didn’t think much of this movie but the trailer is almost better and more meaningful and even more legendary than the actual film itself.   I see so much in this–  the upside-down logic of the Illuminati that pits the Empire as God’s Kingdom and the rebels sometimes as the ones who follow the enemy’s plan in the spirit. . .  In which case you might even view the fact that the Family was sort of anaihalated when Ricky died and that was the same time the last film was released.    Now we have a new slew of warriors returning to the Lord wanting to fight and make up a new Revolution (which the Enemy looks at as the Empire of God if you follow me here) saying “I will finish what you started.”
All that deep stuff aside, the spiritual war is calling to you!   Be a Jedi for Jesus and take up the Word of God which is like your light saber only waaayyyy stronger!   Let’s fight the Enemy together in this last generation.

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