SpiritWars with Gabe Iowa: We Agree Together!

Very blessed and honored to talk with the mighty Gabe Iowa! Pheebs comments:

What an insightful interview! So true about labour pangs increasing in wave and intensity in relation to the coming day of the Lord. Before the birth can be a period of transition where it can seem to come to a complete stop, and then suddenly things move quickly. This passage in the Bible, among others, alludes to the possible fact that the church will be taken “pre trib”…that is a whole other (controversal) topic. The MOST important thing is to keep our lamps filled with oil, staying IN Jesus, searching the scripture, planting the seeds in people’s hearts, etc. Exciting times!!! God bless you guys! Thank you so much!!!

…5G is very invasive on a social, cultural, mental and molecular level; it is both alarming and interesting how the dark spiritual network works in and through the physical realm of “material gods”. Makes the concept of flesh vs spirit much more tangible.

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